Liana Russo
Mystic Healer, Philadelphia, PA

I signed up for Remembering Lemuria because it just felt so aligned with my soul purpose. I knew I had to do it, even though a part of me felt scared. I was so nervous and excited in my physical body, and felt like I was jumping into a new sparkly timeline where I was assuredly going to step further into my power as a multidimensional being. I use to brush the feelings, images, and memories off as coincidence, fantasy, or just a vivid imagination – but after taking this course I’ve learned and gotten familiar with the particular “feeling flavors” that accompany past life memories coming to the surface. I’ve learned to bring more of my Lemurian self into my daily life, to own my stories and not to be ashamed of them, and to use what I’ve learned about my Lemurian Priestess self and integrate it all into my healing practice for my clients.