Keepers of Frequency | Carriers of Sound Medicine

We are so proud of these graduates of the Shamanic Star Sound Certification program.

We created this resource page so you can connect with them & their work as Certified Sound Healers.

Please find the Shamanic Star Sound Healer closest to your location and get in touch with them for a powerful Ceremonial Sound Healing experience.

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Anne Kristin

 Nordland, Norway

Calm, Balance, Presence

Healing with the use of Sound, Nature, Meditation, Essential Oils and Seed Nutrition


Connect with Anne:  @the_sound_of_jasmin

Criselia Rendón

Texas, United States 

I am a multi-dimensional being with a multi-modality way of sharing my love with the world.

I create and I heal.

Now taking clients for 1 on 1 sound healing sessions.

Connect with Criselia:  @criselia_rendon



Catarina andrade

Lagos, Odiaxere, Portugal

I believe that our impact has nothing to do with how much we do and everything to do with the frequency we hold as leaders. When we lead from an aligned place – doing the right thing, at the right time, in right energy – that’s when big shifts happen.

Connect with Catarina:



London, United Kingdom

Priestess of Sacred Alchemy ⚕️Intuit Soul Salon

 Enabling Ascension | Empowering Warriors, Sound Alchemist, Theta®Healer

Connect with Minal: @minal.narayani


Rebecca Rankin

Bellaire, MI, United States

Rebecca creates sound journeys for her local community and private groups where she weaves movement, meditation, yoga nidra within a sound experience.  As a reiki practitioner, Rebecca also combines the healing benefits of reiki with sound for intimate therapeutic sessions both virtually and in-person.


Connect with Rebecca:




Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Jenn has a deep spiritual connection to Source and her Spirit Guides that she’s been communicating with since she was a young girl. She brings this connection through during her sessions as she is able to see, hear, and have a knowing of what is needed in that moment for each person’s growth and healing process.

Connect with Jennifer:


Jasmine Saint

Adelaide, South Australia

Sound and Crystal Healer / Reiki Master / Holistic Counsellor / Lemurian

Honouring and nurturing the healing, expansion and awareness of our being, the landscape of our lives and our connection to the Earth and Cosmos.

1-1 sessions & group sound journeys.

Connect with Jasmine:

Jessica Valor

Atlanta, GA, United States

Jessica Offers Sound Healing and Experiences in 1:1 sessions, for groups and events as well as New and Full Moon Sound Ceremonies in person and virtually. She weaves her connection with Benevolent Beings into her Sound Medicine as a beautiful transmission of Ascended Healing that awakens the Love living within. Jessica is a Divine Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Visionary Healer, Intuitive Astrologer, Shamanic Sound Alchemist, Ceremonialist, best-selling author, and Founder of The Healer’s Academy™.

Connect with Jessica:


Mark Wilson

Belmont, VIC, Australia 

Lemurian – Energy Alchemist – Space Holder – Experience Creator 

Leader – Visual Merchandiser 

Connect with Mark: @mark_p_wilson


Marjorie Bratt

Orlando, FL, United States 

I use sound healing as a way of honoring a person’s true energy, shedding the layers of unconscious invalidation and pain to open the space of loving and clear communication with their own spirit. 

Connect with Marjorie: @marjorie.bratt


Rachel Jamiro

Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Embark on a transformative journey with me as I craft soundscapes that bridge the vastness of the macrocosm with the delicate intricacies of the microcosm. By interweaving the resonance of the planets with the living energy of plants, I create a space for profound rejuvenation.

I believe that our life’s quality is profoundly shaped by the energy within us. In working with healers and leaders, my goal is for them to recharge and refill their cups, enabling them to shine, serve, and elevate the collective with renewed passion.

Each session involves a curated blend of instruments and essential oils, specifically chosen to align with the day’s healing intentions and rituals. Using Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls®, gongs, chimes, and more, every instrument and oil carries a unique vibration. Guided by the client’s birth chart and/or personal intentions, I select those elements that resonate most deeply with the energy and vibrations required for the session.

Connect with Rachel: @racheljamiro


Stephanie Guerrero

Woodlawn, MD, United States

 Shamanic Priestess|Intuitive Medicine & Journeys | Sacred Ceremonial Space- I work with Energy to bring you back to Harmony ♾️ Higher Self


Connect with Stephanie: @divine.cosmic.empress


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