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Originally from Kentucky, with a past life as an Acupuncturist in San Francisco, and now living in Maui, I’m a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, and Sagittarius Rising with Mercury on my Ascendant, conjunct the Galactic Center, and a penchant for run-on sentences. (I blame my Mercury in Sag). 😆

As a 5/2 Emotional Projector, with Innocence Motivation and the channels of Structuring & Synthesis, the more deeply I enter into my experiment, the more the seemingly disparate parts of my life are finally starting to make sense. Let me see if I can structure them together in a succinct way…

When I was 17, I wandered into my parent’s closet and found a book on Astrology and began weaving the stars into my daily life. After college, I went on a Vision Quest  up in Northern Canada that combined Native American practices with Jungian Therapy.

It was here that I first learned & experienced the death & rebirth process of the Hero’s Journey, as  I healed myself of an incurable autoimmune disease. Returning from this experience, I began studying the IChing & Aromatherapy in 2005 with my first two teachers, Christine Mikel of Sage’s Botanicals and Harry Gallagher of Holistic Health.

My Story…

Then I was guided to move to San Francisco where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and became a Licensed Acupuncturist in 2012.  I maintained a private Acupuncture practice in San Francisco until 2015, when I transitioned to teaching online classes and guiding ceremonial experiences.

Then in 2012 I heard about a system called the Gene Keys from my new friend Adam Apollo. At the time, my mom was getting into Human Design, but when I found out that I was a Projector and had to wait to be invited, I was not into it, so I dove into the Gene Keys.

In 2013, I met and began mentoring with Erica Sandstedt.  As a Shaman, Astrologer, and Sound Healer, Erica had a powerful influence on my life, and I am so grateful for our connection.  Much of what I share around Energetic Hygiene and Ceremonial Facilitation came from my studies with her.  During this time I also received the support of amazing business mentors such as  Willo SanaLinda Yaven, Marie Forleo,  Nisha MoodleyHilary RushfordSarah JenksBrian Bugh, and Ashley Burnett.

After a series of crazy coincidences, I started dreaming about began dreaming of a land with red dirt & waterfalls, without knowing that any place like this existed.  I was guided to visit the Big Island of Hawaii, and afterwards began mentoring with Kaia Ra (author of The Sophia Code) to support my integration and next steps.  When it was clear that I was to move to Maui, Kaia connected me with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi and I began to activate my Lemurian memories & gifts.

After moving to Maui, with zero singing experience, I received an activation in the ocean that unlocked my voice and brought forth the most mysterious tones.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but when I shared them with a local Sound Healer, Mikaya Swabb, he instantly recognized their power and invited me to sing in his Sound Bath, sing on his Sound Healing album, and within a month we were hosting ceremonies together as Opulent Sound, hosting Sound Healing Ceremonies for over 85 people.

I also created my own EP of the Lemurian Tones of Awakening & Remembering.

In 2018 I set out on my own, and resourcing everything I’d learned about the shamanic nature of the Hero’s Journey, guiding meditations for my Acupuncture clients, and Astrology, put together my first Sound Healing training.

It was at this same time that the Lemurian School of Remembering was born, and from 2017-2023 I built the full curriculum of the school out into 3 levels:  Remembering Lemuria, Rising Lemuria, and Lemurian Leadership.  It was through this curriculum that I found the space and the courage to begin teaching about Astrology and offering 1:1 Sessions.

The school was an international success, with students from 36 countries, all different types of backgrounds & ages.  Growing my business & living my life as a Lemurian Priestess was a profound & essential part of my evolution. 

Even though I’m currently focusing my energy on being of service through the lens of Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys, everything I do will always have a magical, Lemurian essence to it.  

For a while I was happy, running the Lemurian School, Sound trainings, and Astrology classes, but at the end of 2020 I experienced a major burn out. I continued to limp along in my business for a while, but the truth was I was exhausted.

In 2022, I learned that many Projectors experience burn out when they turn 40, (exactly what happened to me), and thus began a deep dive into the realm of Human Design. In 2023, I started offering sessions that combined all 3 systems of Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys (the 3 areas that have consistently guided my own personal transformation), and it finally feels like I’ve struck gold.

 I also love free diving (I’m a mermaid at heart), Cha Dao (Chinese Tea Ceremony), and geeking out on all things Astro/HD/GK all the time (I’m a REAL Esoteric Nerd).

Recently I’ve started making my own bread & cooking more which is soul nourishing. It’s my goal to be in bed most nights by 8:30/9pm so I can read anything by Sarah J. Maas for at least an hour.

I hope my story somehow inspires & empowers you.

In love,

Magical Details



  • A Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, with a Sagittarius Rising.  My North Node is in Leo, with Jupiter & Saturn at my Midheaven.
  • An LLRR 5/2 Emotional Energy Projector with the channels of Structuring & Synthesis, and the LAX of Prevention.
  • My Top 5 Strengths (from Gallup’s The Strengthsfinder 2.0) are: Maximizer, Strategic, Learner, Activator, and Futuristic.
  • My Entrepreneurial Strengths (also from Gallup) are:  Creative Thinker, Confidence, Relationship-Builder, and Promoter.

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Professional Bio

Rakai’el is an internationally known Astrologer, Lemurian Sound Alchemist, Teacher, and Student. She empowers her clients by offering playful yet transformational experiences synthesizing Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys.  She also offers an online Sound Healing Certification, as well as individual sessions & mentorship. 

As a Projector with the channels of Synthesis & Structuring, Rakai’el has a special gift for seeing the latent potential in someone and providing the most appropriate guidance to unlock this potential.  She is passionate about empowering those who have come to create innovative solutions during this time of transformation on our planet and supports her clients in sharing their gifts in ways that feel inspiring & sustainable.

You can follow her on Instagram, and learn more about her offerings at Rakaiel.com

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