We are all a part of the web of light, the flower mandala of creation. Each one of our voices contributes particular, unique energies into the cosmic symphony of All That Is.  Your voice cannot be replaced or replicated, we need your heart song! We need your magic! 2017 is coming. It is time for us to RISE from the ashes of this past year and shine our light with LOVE for all to see.


Even if you feel like you are too young or too old, or you don’t have enough training, or enough experience, there is a vibration that only you have.  Within the tiny seed is encoded all of the information that the flower needs to blossom. You are the one you have been waiting for. The time is now.


As long as everything you do comes from the purest heart offering you can give, it is the right thing.  You can’t get it wrong. There are no mistakes. You are not a victim and no one has ever done anything to you.  Stay connected to your heart, it is the sacred Starseed within you. Move from here. Speak from this place, sing from this place, dance from this place, be of service from this place.  If you do this then all that you offer will be in divine alignment.