Are you ready for a little Sunday morning #realtalk? I’ve been thinking about this for a while – about the spiritual journey of purification that walking the entrepreneurial path is…. It’s a trick you see.  

You think it’s about business. You think it’s about building your list, sharing your skills & talents, developing your brand, networking, and having some really dope photos for your website.

But it’s more than that. And the further into the game you get, the more you realize – it’s SOOOOOOO much more than that.

Being an entrepreneur is about putting your fucking HEART AND SOUL out there every single day, and shouting to the world, “Hey I’m AWESOME!!! I totally know what I’m talking about, and you should buy from me!”  (every – single – day) Even when you’re secretly freaking out on the inside, even when your website crashes mid-launch, even when you have next to nothing in your bank account – you show up on Instagram/your blog/your newsletter/Facebook, etc – saying “No, but really, I’m freaking AWESOME”

Flames of purification

But you CHOSE this. With every single cell in your body, you chose to walk through these flames. You decided to leave behind the mundane, unconscious, “easy” path of: get up, go to work (for someone else’s dreams or ideas), come home watch TV, go to bed, repeat. Nooooooo sir, you decided it should be YOUR OWN DREAMS you wake up for everyday.

And you chose to do this in a culture where 95% of the messages we hear around us are that we’re not good enough, that there’s something that you’re missing,  (don’t even get me started on the advertising industry and women).

But you my friend, you chose to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  You chose to go against the grain, and stand up and say, “I see through all that nonsense, and I AM DECIDING TO CHOOSE A DIFFERENT WAY. I am choosing to believe I AM WORTH IT, that my dreams are worth it, and that I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD inside me!

And what I have to say in response is thank you.  Sweet baby Jesus, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for showing up. Thank you for choosing YOURSELF instead of this madness that we have been living in for far too long. (Continued in the comments!)

Thank you, brilliant starseed, for choosing to incarnate during this time. Thank you for not accepting the status quo. Thank you for TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE… and then realizing that on this journey you are not in control at all. You’ve realized the brilliance of the cosmic intelligence that you have invited to run through you.  You’ve realized you are the vessel, the channel for the Divine. You’ve realized it’s not really your marketing strategy or all of the networking events that you’ve gone to that is building your business – it’s your ENERGY. You’ve realized everyone is looking for the god/goddess in themselves and the more you can find it in YOURSELF, the more accurate of a mirror you can be – to show others where to find the light inside themselves (inside their cells)

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I see you, and I honor you. Thank you for walking this path, both with us and for us. Your courage is known and celebrated throughout the galaxy. Now, let’s see how much fun we can really have on this adventure…