Aloha Shining Ones.

I just sat down and recorded these 2 heartfelt audios for you and anyone else who has been wondering what happened over the last year – why I decided to close the Lemurian School of Remembering, and why I’ve shifted my focus to the synthesis of Astrology, Human Design & the Gene Keys.

In these audios I cover:

– The history of the Lemurian School of Remembering

– How things started to shift for me in 2020

– The burnout I had for all of 2021

– How Human Design “brought me back to life” by helping me to remember who I am.

– About the impending shift of 2027

– The link between Lemuria, Human Design, and where we’re heading.

– How the mission of supporting & empowering humanity at this time of great shift is still the same. “Remember who you are” and “Let your magic out” are more relevant than ever.

I hope this transmission is helpful and offers practical & relatable insights to help you understand this shift and to see that the Lemurian mission is more alive than ever. 🩵

Remember: Once a Lemurian… always a Lemurian (no matter how many times we shapeshift & transform).

Loving you all from the bottom of the ocean to the Pleiades and back a thousand times! 🌊🌌💕


If you’re curious to learn more about Human Design, you are invited to join us for Human Design Foundations (Early Enrollment ends July 1st), or you can schedule a Session here.

Remember: love YOU!

Supporting & empowering you to love your uniqueness,