Update:  As of June 2015, I followed my inner guidance to let go of my in-person healing practice, and move into the space of Spiritual Coaching & Business Advising.  In these sessions I share my gifts & knowledge as a healer to help you weave your spiritual connection & intuition into your business or creative expression.  

More details here.

Saying that Rachael is an acupuncturist is like saying that a carpenter is a hammerer – Brian B.

When I finished acupuncture school, I was very proud to be a “Licensed Acupuncturist.”  I said it all the time. It was my identity. My voicemail even said, “You’ve reached the voicemail for Rachael Webb, Licensed Acupuncturist…”  

Somehow it made me feel safe – validated.  I had just spent 4 and a half years in school, learning things in a foreign language, memorizing countless herbs, and volumes of Western medicine.  I studied 6 hours every day before the board exam – even cancelled my bus pass because I wasn’t leaving the house. All to become a licensed acupuncturist.  Those words were my safety net.

They gave me a voice & authority – they gave me power.  

After receiving my license, I had to figure out how to run my business.  I started to find out that I was good at other things besides what I learned in school.  I began to remember skills that I had turned off to learn about Chinese medicine.  I was really good at listening.  When people would tell me their stories, I got strong intuitive information about the underlying meanings in what they were saying.  I saw connections easily, and could gain instant understanding of entire situations energetically.

I started to reflect back this information to my clients and it was always extremely beneficial.  In the summer of 2013, I shifted the focus of my practice to combine emotional + physical healing.  I did more and more personal exploration. I began to understand the world metaphorically. My intuition expanded even more.  I realized that the universe speaks upside down and backwards, and I felt like I was finally cracking the code. But I wasn’t sure how to share all of this because it was definitely outside of the realm of what I had been told was acceptable.

I was scared I would be rejected.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken seriously.  

But the universe kept knocking at the door, and I knew I had to answer.  

Then in 2013 I went to Burning Man.  Now it wasn’t what happened at Burning Man that changed things – it was what happened when I got home.  I was asked to participate in a healing event that helped people integrate their experiences from Burning Man.  Writing my bio for the event page, I realized that no matter what I said – as far out as it might sound, I would be accepted – even celebrated!  I wrote that I was a medicine woman who was raised amongst fairy magic and Native American spirituality.  At the event, I wore sparkle leggings, feathers, and rhinestones on my cheeks in my healing sessions. One client said, “I wish my doctor would wear glitter!”  

It was the first time I felt like I could be truly myself in my work.  

Slowly I started to share this side of myself in my sessions… and my clients LOVED it!  I remember the day I was going to meet a new client for the first time, who was a 50 year old investment banker.  I was so nervous as I got ready that day. I thought about dressing more conservatively – but then I felt my energy turn down a notch.  No, I had to shine my light! We ended up working together for 6 months. I’ll never forget the day he came out of a session and said, “You know I’ve been thinking…. I really want to get a crystal…”  I burst into a smile and my heart was FILLED with joy.

THIS was EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing.  

With greater acceptance came greater expansion.  I started studying with a shaman and many other healers.  I learned different ways I could sense energy. Through sacred geometry and quantum physics I learned the science behind the connections in the universe.  I met so many angels and spirit guides – the idea of feeling alone was a distant memory. I learned how to traverse the ethers and affect things with my intention.  I started accessing more past lives and sourcing the gifts and talents I had had before. I completely let go of everything I had been told to do as an acupuncturist, and made up my own sessions.  

Here’s how things have changed for me

Traditional Acupuncture Sessions*

  • Bare massage table with exam paper on top
  • Patient lays on top of the exam paper with their clothes on, sleeves & pants rolled up
  • The acupuncturist talks with you for 5-10 minutes before beginning the session
  • He/She figures out what pattern you fit, and selects the appropriate protocol of points
  • Needles are inserted
  • The acupuncturist leaves the room in under 30 minutes in order to go see another patient in the next room.  
  • After 20-25 minutes, the acupuncturist returns to the room to remove the needles

*This is a stereotypical picture based on how we were taught to see patients in school.  Not all acupuncturists practice this way.

MultiDimensional Healing Sessions

  • Massage table with a heated pad under beautiful sheets & blankets
  • My clients undress & get under the covers – symbolically changing, letting go of their day
  • I talk with my clients for 20 minutes, weaving in intuitive information I receive, which is often the most powerful part of the session
  • The music we listen to throughout the entire session is designed to elicit different brainwave states
  • I connect with the client’s Higher Self and communicate with him/her the entire session

From here each session is completely unique – we may or may not do the following:

  • I apply essential oils to particular acupuncture points
  • We do different breathing practices together
  • Needles are inserted using my intuition, not a predesigned protocol
  • I channel a guided meditation during the session
  • Using a set of chakra tuning forks, I clear the client’s chakras and synchronize the 2 hemispheres in the brain to create greater balance & clarity.
  • I use other sound healing instruments to clarify and harmonize the client’s energy field

For the remainder of the session, I stay in the room meditating, working with the client’s guides, and assisting in the navigation of the astral realms.  

Most of my work also combines Spiritual Advising sessions via phone or video, in addition to private healing sessions.

As you can see – these two experiences are very different.  

When I used to introduce myself as an acupuncturist, people would respond with “Oh yeah, I’ve been wanting to try that for my back pain.”  I knew that they were thinking about the standard model for how acupuncture has been practiced – where they would have their pain addressed, feel better, then leave.  

To me this felt like “fast food healing.”  I wanted to provide more depth.  If someone comes to me with back pain, we are going to talk about their relationship to their finances, fear, and the need to control others.  Yes their back pain may get better, but they have to be ready to look at the deep causes behind it – and not everyone is ready to do that.

My sessions are powerful and effective, but in the simplest terms

most of what I do is education.  

More than anything your body wants your attention.  The ancient cultures knew what to do. I find that the most powerful sessions happen when I reflect the insights of all of mt years of esoteric study back to my clients.  Whether we talk about the current astrological effects, energy dynamics, or how to contact their spirit guides, this is when I feel most effective.  

It has become clear to me that I am here to help facilitate the revolution of consciousness expansion.  I am on a mission to reconnect people with their bodies, the rhythms of the earth, the planets & the stars, and to all of the unseen world that exists all around us. And I can’t do that if people think of me as an acupuncturist.  It makes me feel as if I have my hands tied behind by back.

And so now it is time.  I have to say it. I’ve been hinting around at it for a while now, but it has to come out . . . LOUD.  

I no longer wish to be known as an acupuncturist.  

I am here as a spiritual guide for everyone who feels the energy shifting.  They view the world differently than they have been told, and they are redesigning it accordingly.  They are crowdfunding apps and creating websites that change the way we interact with one another, because on a subtle level they know more is possible – and this idea that we are all separate has got to go.  

I am here to show that the old ways of thinking are leaving, and that you CAN make a living as a spiritual person.  

I am here to share my gifts, and to encourage others to share their gifts too!  

Moving forward, I would like to be referred to as a Spiritual Advisor and Healer,

who happens to use acupuncture, in addition to many other therapies, to help spiritual entrepreneurs connect with their bodies and align with their Divine Purpose, so they can free their hearts to lead & inspire the evolution of human consciousness.

I am DONE hiding.  All of the wisdom and gifts that I used to hide out of fear have got to COME OUT.

I step forward to claim all that is rightfully mine

  • All of the magic
  • All of the past lives
  • All of the wisdom
  • All of the love & support of our galactic family, angles, spirit guides, and ancestors

I receive all of this into my open heart and ground it down into the earth, to anchor and guide us during this powerful time of transition.

I step forward to claim all that is rightfully mine

  • All of the magic
  • All of the past lives
  • All of the wisdom
  • All of the love & support of our galactic family, angles, spirit guides, and ancestors

I receive all of this into my open heart and ground it down into the earth, to anchor and guide us during this powerful time of transition.