Recently I got some news that is changing my life completely.  I’ve been sitting with it. And although the excitement that I feel about it has been undeniable, I wanted to really sit with it and take everything in, weighing all of the options.  Now I’m finally ready to share.  

I’ve hinted about it on Instagram here and there, and many of you have gotten little whiffs of some of the new projects I’m working on that have been spurred by this news.  I am full of mixed emotions, some sad, and others that know that this is the work of Spirit, and that everything is as it should be.  

A few weeks ago, I got a call from the woman who owns Liner Clinic, where I currently see clients.  She said they were going to be closing the clinic for construction  – that there had been some infestation underneath the waiting area, and that the back stairs were rotted, and they were going to replace the whole back wall.  She said they weren’t sure how long the construction would last – but they were thinking 3-5 months.  All of this was set to begin on June 14th.  

As she was speaking I began to tremble all over… I was loosing my treatment space – the place where I had established myself over the last few years, the place where I felt I had finally found the work I was supposed to do, the place where I had been born so to say.

And I was so excited.


My treatment room at Liner Clinic was a gift.  At the time, I was working out of a shared office in the Marina.  I loved my room, but the surroundings didn’t quite match what I really wanted in a healing treatment space.  I wanted to move, but the idea seemed overwhelming. My friend Jessica, who was also an acupuncturist, was looking to move her treatment space as well.  She called me one day, saying she had found this beautiful little healing clinic just 2 blocks from my house.  The woman who owned the clinic, Marcy, wanted her to rent 5 days per week, but she only wanted 2 – did I want the other 3?  I said yes!

Two days before the first of March, when Jessica was supposed to move in, Marcy called me and said Jessica had backed out completely.  She asked me if I wanted to rent the room for 5 days per week. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know if I could fill 5 days. I still didn’t have that many clients.  I was nervous, but I said yes.  

Being at Liner Clinic, I always knew it was a gift.  That the Universe had given me this space for a reason, and there was something important for me here.  I believe coming to the point where I was brave enough to declare that I no longer desired to be known as an acupuncturistwas exactly that.  

I am so grateful for having the space at Liner Clinic these last several years.  But somehow I always knew it was temporary. Every night when I finished working, I would take a moment and than the room before leaving.  I knew it was like a sacred womb for my spiritual growth.  

And now I know what’s next.  

For the last year, I have been feeling the desire to really stretch my healing gifts.  I knew that I didn’t really need acupuncture needles, or crystals to shift people’s energy.  All of these things are simply 3-dimensional anchors for intention.  I have explored moving energy with only my fingertips, and have had remarkable results.  Now the Universe is inviting me to take it to the next level.  I know I can facilitate the flow of healing energy for anyone anywhere in the world – without having to be physically with them.  

In my meditations about this I asked how MY version of distance healing was going to look. I kept seeing a cut out of the human form made out of sparkly rainbow holographic paper (of course right?).  After searching high and low, I finally found the paper I had seen in my mind,and actually made the Holographic Activator (see below) based on my visions.  (I love my life).

May I introduce… Light Weaving Distance Healing Sessions.

I have decided to replace my in-person MultiDimensional healing sessions with Light Weaving Distance Healings.

What is Distance Healing?  Distance healing occurs when healing energy is transmitted across time and space to be received by the client. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing.

In the Light Weaving Distance Healing sessions, I will be linking with your energy body to release blockages that you may have manifested due to limiting beliefs.  In these virtualsessions, we will meet via Facetime or Zoom (the online meeting platform I use).

Holographic Activator

The format will be very similar to our in-person sessions.  We will chat for about 20 min via video (phone is also an option), and then you will get comfortable & lie down.  I will ask your permission to establish a link to the Holographic Activator, and permission for the healing. I will guide you though breathing exercises and visualizations through out the session while I guide the flow of energy in and around you.  

Light Weaving is the practice of connecting different points on your body through a system of holographic energy transference to remove blockages.  

These points can correspond to acupuncture points, chakras, or other energy vortices of the physical and non-physical bodies.   I will be touching points on the Holographic Activator that will correspond with points on your body, and guiding your energy to reestablish connections in places that have become blocked.  We will weave in visualization, breathwork, guided meditation, and special music that elicits particular brain-states of relaxation and healing.  It is very similar to what I used to do in my own transformational acupuncture sessions, but now you can receive a healing from any where in the world.  

Now for some logistics (because you know I’m a details-person).  

What do you need to do to receive a Light Weaving session?  (These are suggestions, not requirements).

  • You will need to be in a place where you can relax and lie down without being disturbed.  I encourage you to really make time for this.  If you used to take a cab 20 minutes to come see me in the clinic, you can take a cab to go home in the middle of the day.  Create a sacred space in you home to receive healings where you will be warm & comfortable.  
  • Have a change of clothes to change into for the session so you aren’t in your clothes for the day.  The simple act of changing out of your work clothes will amplify the effects of the healing session.  
  • Using a headset/headphones will provide for a much more vibrant experience.  You can also put your phone on speakerphone next to you after we chat.    
  • Have an open mind.  If you can trust me to put needles in you, can you trust me not to put needles in you?  😉

Many clients say they can actually feel me touching the points on their body even though we are not in the same physical space.  One client said, “That was intense… in a good way… it felt like Reiki on steroids.”

After the healing is complete I will guide you out of the meditative state, and we can chat for a bit about your experience, and I’ll give you your “homework” assignments for the week.


I am so excited to begin this way of working, and this way of living.


As some of you know, my name, Rachael Lenora Webb, actually means “Compassionate Light Weaver.”  When I first found out, I thought it was cool, but didn’t actually know what it meant…  

Now it feels like the missing puzzle piece has just snapped into place!

I feel very strongly that the transition from MultiDimensional Healing in-person sessions to Light Weaving Distance Healing sessions will be seamless, and most likely even more transformational – because the happier & more free I am, the clearer I am, and the more energy I can access for healing.  

I used to foresee an exchange of information happening between me & my clients.  I wanted to take workshops and go on retreats, and then come back and teach them what I had learned.  Now I see that the exchange is about ENERGY instead of information.  I envision myself traveling to sacred sites all around the world to raise my vibration, and then transmitting this frequency to you! Imagine if I was in Mount Shasta, channelling the potent energy there for your session!  Or the healing goddess energy of Hawai’i?  Yum yum!

I know some of you will be sad because we aren’t going to see one another in person as much anymore.  This makes me sad too. But when one door closes… another one opens, and more than anything, I trust in universal divine guidance.  I see it as an invitation for us to explore other ways in which we can interact! Let’s discuss creative ways we can work together – can we create a workshop together?  I can come speak about Energetic Hygiene at your work. I also see myself collaborating with other healers to create transformational healing events for many people at once.  If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!

I will also be hosting a 6 month group program called The Awakening, beginning on the Summer Solstice, on June 21st, which I invite you to explore!

In the same way they say, “Take your yoga practice off of the mat,” I am taking my healing practice “out of the treatment room.”

If you are a current client of mine, and are unsure about this transition (I realize it may not work for everyone), I invite you to contact me about scheduling a Light Weaving Distance Healing for $100 ($44 off the normal price).  

Beginning June 15th, I will ONLY be seeing clients via distance healing.


After this, all healing sessions will be Light Weaving Distance Healing sessions or Intuitive Guidance calls.  

I will have the option of returning to the clinic after the construction is complete, but I am 80% sure I won’t be going back.  San Francisco is a little too cold for me, and I am planning my escape. 😉

Through this transition to virtual, distance healing, I will still be able to connect with you when I move.  And I will be able to be more accessible to more people, and create more healing for this world during this important time in our evolution.  I know this transition is a profound part of my path.  I feel like the whole world just opened up to me.  

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I want to make sure you feel informed, cared for, and supported during this time of transition.  

I am so excited to continue this journey with you!  I love each of you so much, and very much want to stay connected with you.

Let’s go on an adventure shall we?

Thank you for evolving with me.


From the depths of my true heart,