This Sprite!!! ✨ I love LOVE love it when Instagram comes to LIFE!

@jem_wheaton was one of our first Dragons in the #soulstardragontribe of The Energetics of Instagram. I got to witness her stepping deeper into owning her true dragon nature: multifaceted and BIGGER and more magnificent than she ever could have imagined. ??? Then she took the summer session and joined the #soulstarunicorntribe! Here I got to watch her release all of the blocks she’d had to expressing her sparky mystical unicorn fairy self! The Unicorn medicine was strong and @jem_wheaton softened and opened to parts of herself she had forgotten long ago.

And look at her NOW!!!! A Lemurian Priestess if I ever saw one! Freshly emerging from all of the blissful magick of @goddess_rising‘s Wild Sacred Woman retreat here on Maui! Jem was thoughtful and boldly creative as we took photos of each other prancing in the water. My heart just BURSTS to see all of the magic rippling out from all of the connections that we weave in this digital playground!

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