“Once an acupuncturist understands that the needles are no longer necessary, they can unleash the true healing power of their intention – which is stronger than any method of physical application.

— Rachael Webb

Throughout my journey as a healer, I have studied many different types of healing and have witnessed profound results.  The Holographic Healing method of Light Weaving is a synthesis of many of the things I learned when I had my acupuncture practice + shamanic practices and methodologies.  

In the last several years of my acupuncture practice, I was incorporating AromaAcupoint Therapy into my healing sessions.  Developed by Peter Holmes and Tiffany Pollard of Snow Lotus, AromaAcupoint is the practice of applying essential oils to acupuncture points instead of using needles.  It is a combination of energy work and aromatherapy based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

When I was using this technique in my practice, I had profound results.  I could witness the client’s breathing, expression, or pulse change in a matter of minutes, sometimes only after one oil is used.  

On several occasions, when I ran out of a particular oil, I began holding the points (in the same manner as in AromaAcupoint Therapy), but without the essential oils.  In these sessions, I would hold the point with my fingers and “see” light emitting from my finger tips.  In my mind, I would focus on the effect that normally would have been achieved by inserting a needle or applying a particular essential oil.  

And the results were the same.


I realized I didn’t really need the needles, or the oils.  They were simply 3-dimensional anchors for my intention. I wondered what else I could do…

I AM a Light Weaver by birth.  My name, Rachael Lenora Webb, means “Compassionate Light Weaver.”  Rachael is Hebrew for the “ewe, the baby lamb, Christ consciousness, mercy and compassion”.  Lenora means “shining light” in English. Webb Is “the occupational name for a weaver” in the English & Scottish languages.  When I first found out, I thought it was cool, but didn’t actually know what it meant…

Now it feels like the missing puzzle piece has just snapped into place.

For the last year, I have been feeling the desire to really stretch my healing gifts.  I knew that I didn’t really need acupuncture needles, or essential oils to shift people’s energy. Now the Universe has invited me to take it to the next level.  I have seen how I can facilitate the flow of healing energy for anyone, anywhere in the world – without having to be physically with them.  Distance Healing was the next step.  

In my meditations, I asked how MY version of distance healing was going to look. I kept seeing a cut out of the human form made out of sparkly rainbow holographic paper (of course right?).  After searching high and low, I finally found the paper I had seen in my mind, and made the Holographic Activator (see below) based on my visions.

And thus Light Weaving was born.  

In these sessions, powerful shifts can occur on many different levels.  Here we will address your health concerns from a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic perspective.  Everything is connected.  Any manifestation of pain or discomfort is an invitation from your body for deeper connection & understanding.  

In a Holographic Light Weaving session, I am linking with your energy body to release blockages that you may have manifested due to limiting beliefs.  In these virtual sessions, we will meet via Zoom (the online meeting platform I use).  

Light Weaving is the practice of connecting different points on your body through a system of holographic energy transference to remove blockages.  

These points can correspond to acupuncture points, chakras, or other energy vortices of the physical and non-physical bodies.  

A typical Holographic Light Weaving session looks like this:

The Holographic Activator

  • We will talk for about 30 minutes, via video/phone, and I will weave in intuitive information I receive, which is often the most powerful part of the session.
  • Then you will get comfortable & lie down wearing headphones or with the phone on speaker.
  • The music we listen to throughout the entire session is designed to elicit different brainwave states for DNA activation & repair.
  • I will ask your permission to establish a link to the Holographic Activator, and permission for the healing.
  • This permission allows me to connect with your Higher Self and communicate with him/her throughout the entire session
  • I will guide you though breathing exercises and visualizations through out the session while I guide the flow of energy in and around you.
  • I will be touching points on the Holographic Activator that will correspond with points on your body, and guiding your energy to reestablish connections in places that have become blocked.  
  • We will weave in visualization, breathwork, guided meditation, and special music that elicits particular brain-states of relaxation and healing.  
  • Throughout the session, I am working with your guides, and assisting you in the navigation of the astral realms.
  • The entire session is intuitively guided.  

After the session, you might experience sensations of lightness, clarity, and feel deeply grounded.  We will have about 15 minutes to discuss anything that came up during the session, and review any at home practices or recommendations – I am known for giving magical “homework assignments.  At this time we will schedule your next session, and discuss working together within The Catalyst program.   

Many clients say they can actually feel me touching the points on their body even though we are not in the same physical space.  Others have vivid visions or see colors or geometric patterns in the sessions.


What do you need to do to receive a Light Weaving session?  (These are suggestions, not requirements).

  • You will need to be in a place where you can relax and lie down without being disturbed.  I encourage you to really make time for this.  If you used to take a cab 20 minutes to come see me in the clinic, you can take a cab to go home in the middle of the day.  Create a sacred space in you home to receive healings where you will be warm & comfortable.  
  • Have a change of clothes to change into for the session so you aren’t in your clothes for the day.  The simple act of changing out of your work clothes will amplify the effects of the healing session.  
  • Using a headset/headphones will provide for a much more vibrant experience.  You can also put your phone on speakerphone next to you after we chat.    
  • Have an open mind.  The more available you are to the experience, the more profound of an effect it can have for you.