Say it with me: Water is life. Water is sacred. By the power of my Mighty I AM Presence, I AM sending out all of my prayers, angels, and water fairies to #StandingRock today – and every day it takes until the people of this land know peace again. ✨?????✨

Our water is one of our most sacred, MOST VALUABLE resources. The consciousness of water IS what will save our world. She is the great mother of all – of this land – and all lands. She is the ocean from which all things are born. It is she who nourishes our bodies, our crops, our very existence on this planet is due to her love. Without her we would perish. She is more sacred, and more holy than any amount of money, or any amount of oil.

How much longer will we continue to let this old energy of greed and manipulation go on? TODAY is YOUR INVITATION TO CHOOSE.

No longer will we remain silent.

No longer will we watch others stand alone.


I do hereby CLAIM all of my past lives as a Native American daughter, son, mother, wife, warrior, and elder. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE and I will not stand silent anymore!

I usually don’t write about politics or social justice, but the indigenous people of this land have held me as I have grown into the woman who stands before you today. Growing up, my father studied Native American spirituality and we lived it at home. I went on my first Vision Quest when I was 22 years old, and said yes to the path of the medicine woman, and this is what healed me of an incurable disease. These are the elders of this land, and they deserve our love – and clean water – more than anyone.

I beg you, if you haven’t shared about #nodapl on your feed, do it now. The world, the water, and our ancestors of this land need your support. They are starting to block the media coverage and direct us to the insanity of the election. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Focus on what really matters.

Water, lifeblood of Gaia, we honor and love you, with all of our hearts.