Listen up #MagicTribe! We are being called to come into alignment EVERYWHERE in our lives. Citi Corp is funding the Dakota Access Pipeline in #StandingRock! Today I paid off my credit card with them ahead of schedule because I WILL NOT have my money funding anything of this vibration.

Your money is your energy. GET RIGHT! Even if it’s going to be a stretch for you, even if it feels tight, pull your money out of any institution that is contributing to the creation of a world that is NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR VALUES. This election is giving us a huge wake up call! It is the cosmic kick in the pants we have all been needing so badly! GET RIGHT!

This is about us standing in our power. There is no room for hypocrisy anymore, even unconscious hypocrisy.

Look into all of the areas of your life, your money, your friends, who you do business with, the type of events you go to, the way you take care of your body, the foods you eat, the way you treat yourself – all must be in alignment!

If you don’t like the way you feel when you drink alcohol, stop drinking alcohol! There is no room for cognitive dissonance anymore. We have got to get clear on what we want and start creating that consciously.

Wake up and get right! Become the detective of your life. Look into every corner you can think of and check to see if you are in alignment.

Money is especially important, as it is the symbol of what you are energetically investing in. Make sure you are informed! This is the purification we have all been asking for. If you don’t dive into the darkness and clean up the mess you find there, it’s only going to fester and explode later.

We can do this. We were made for this. This is why we have come.