Calling all Witches, Priestesses, Wizards, Shamans, Medicine Women and Men, Goddesses, Channels, and the like! If you were ever in doubt about your sacred mission on this planet – THE TIME HAS COME! On election day, we were all given a promotion, to Leaders of the Revolution of the LIGHT.

The #MagicTribe has been steadily growing over the last year. There are now OVER 13,600 photos using the hashtag #magictribe. What is this Magic Tribe you ask? It is where you BELONG.

If you are reading these words, welcome home Beloved. WE are the Spiritual Revolutionaries of our time. We are the witches who were burned. We are the shamans who were driven out of our communities. We are the magicians who advised kings and queens. We are a group of people who are committed to COMING OUT OF HIDING – to being living & breathing examples that there is magic EVERYWHERE, and we’re not afraid to share about our experiences. We know that crystals have consciousness, we are not the only ones in the galaxy, and our lives are PROOF that the world is not the way we have been told.

YOU are part of this tribe – WHEREVER you are on your journey of awakening. Whether you just started meditating, or pulling oracle cards, or you’ve been studying with different spiritual teachers for years and just sat your 55th ayahuasca ceremony – I’m talking to YOU!

As I see it, you are on my team, and WE HAVE A JOB TO DO! The old energy will not win. We have chosen sovereignty and courage to stand up for the most magical thing out there: Ourselves and this planet!

I invite you use this hashtag on your photos and to meet and connect with your #magictribe sisters and brothers through this hashtag. Can you find anyone who lives near you? GET TOGETHER! Collaborate to create a movement like @brandylittles and @fayewylder did with the #lightdancer festival.


Lift each other up!

WE NEED EACH OTHER more than ever now!!