Image by Kagayaa

Full Moon in Gemini vibes are lapping at our feet. As we enter into this sacred portal, the energies couldn’t be more aligned to help us dive into Remembering Lemuria. This Gemini moon is a super moon, closest to the Earth, so we feel it more than usual + Jupiter is trine Neptune in positive energy flow. Neptune is Lord of the Sea ? and he’s being expanded by mighty Jupiter, inviting us to dive into our expansive dreamworlds and use our imagination and creativity to envision a new reality for ourselves – and communicate about it!


Mercury is now beginning to slow down in preparation for his retrograde. This is a good thing! One way I can always smell a Mercury Retrograde coming on, is that I’m always drawn back to my esoteric studies. All I want to do is dive into the mystery and learn new things – which is EXACTLY what we’re doing in Remembering Lemuria!


AND, as Mercury slows down he is lined up with Saturn (discipline, focus, structure, BUILDING new foundations). Saturn is the Lord of Karma, so it’s an excellent opportunity to dive into the past and bring healing and release to old karma (ours and our ancestors) .


AND (can you tell I’m stoked?) both of these planets are also exactly lined up with the Galactic Center – the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Literally this is a recipe for tuning into the Galactic frequencies, and using them to bring Heaven to Earth. Does this sound like anyone else’s Divine Assignment? ??‍♀️ All of this happening in the energy of Sagittarius invites us to look to the horizon for that expansive new dream of Heaven on Earth, cleared of karmic baggage, and then forge that in the fires of Sag to build an inspired new future. Um yes!


All of this happens as we move towards the Solstice and (in the northern hemisphere) the sunlight becomes less and we feel the call to turn inward. This feeling is also perfectly in alignment with our journey into Remembering Lemuria. It is time for us to dive deeper & do the inner work. Memories and visions cannot come if we are outwardly focused and running about.


The stars are supporting us to remember the Truth.