There is something funny going on with Instagram.  Have you noticed?

Almost exactly 1 year ago, something happened that would change my life forever.  I had been receiving repeated intuitive guidance to move away from my in-person acupuncture practice to an online business model as a spiritual business coach.  But it seemed like the more clear I got, the more people wanted to pigeonhole me as an acupuncturist.  I was supposed to do an interview with a friend who worked for a big health & wellness company, but when I received the questions for the interview they were all about acupuncture.  

I was furious.  

She was my friend, didn’t she know I wasn’t positioning myself as an acupuncturist anymore!?!  WHY did people still think this way about me!?! So, I made a decision right then an there. The time had come…  I was READY to release the constraints of my acupuncture practice, and I wrote a powerful, declarative blog about why I was NOT an acupuncturist.  I was ready to take off my mask, and step forward as the spiritual leader I knew I was – and I KNEW there were others out there who were feeling similar to me.  

So I sent out a flare.  

In a moment of passion, I rewrote my bio on Instagram and started sounding the trumpets!  In place of words about myself, I called out to those who I wanted to connect with.  I wanted to find MY TRIBE.  I wanted to find people like myself – people who believed in the world of magic, knew that everything has consciousness, and weren’t afraid to TALK ABOUT IT.  

In March of 2015, I had 760 Instagram followers.

The clarity of knowing who I wanted to connect with was like a secret magic spell.  Suddenly people started finding me from all over the place.  I did not take their presence in my world for granted. I created the #MagicTribe hashtag so everyone could meet each other, and connect on our shared mission.   

As followers continued to pour onto my page, I decided it was time for me toget serious about really learning about Instagram as a platform.  They say “with great power comes great responsibility.”

I knew in my heart there was a revolution of positivity brewing in my feed.  

I took Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intention online course – and started to play with what I was learning.  But I never finished the course.  

Instead, I became obsessed with the way I saw energy moving on Instagram.

  • I discovered how to create an energetic vortex on my page.  
  • I figured out the importance of weaving my Energetic Signature into my feed.  
  • I learned how to play the Hashtag Game like a poet.  
  • I figured out how to supercharge certain photos so they feel magnetic.
  • I learned how to build community in an authentic way that came straight from my heart.

But most importantly – I discovered how to BE MYSELF.

Tarot card collaboration with Star Child Tarot and In Her Image photography.

When you surround yourself with your tribe, it is easier to allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You can let your guard down, and share your true self – or even the self you are just beginning to explore.  And THIS is your magic.  The braver you are with sharing who you are right now, and were you are right now, the more magnetic you are.  

And I made friends!!  So many REAL friends! Both online and in-person.  We collaborated together, supported each other, made some really epic, magical stuff together!  When I went to Maui, my entire trip was coordinated through people I had met on Instagram.  

I can honestly say that Instagram has changed my life.  

In just 1 year I have gained over 3,300 followers organically & authentically, and I value each and every one.  This is my #MagicTribe: my community, my friends, my crew.  Because of the connections I have built, my heart has exploded and turned into a giant electromagnet, attracting all the right people into my life.  Right now 90% of my business comes from Instagram, and my followers convert to my 1-on-1 clients, students in my courses, to our Facebook group, and email list.  My photos have been reposted by people who have 14x as many followers as I do, and sometimes I’ve gained over 75 followers in a day!

But let me be clear – it’s not about popularity – it’s about ENERGY.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that  I know I am having an impact, and that WE are shifting the world in a positive way.  Every day I get messages and comments about how inspiring my posts are, and how they have totally shifted someone’s mindset – which is HUGE!  This creates a ripple effect that spreads throughout that person’s day and into their community – and this is changing the world.

I want you to shine just as bright as I do.


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