Lately, in my world, there has been a lot of talk about sisterhood and manifestation.  Usually these two words are used independent of each other, but I am finding more and more the power of combining them.

Women are excellent at holding intentions and manifesting.  One exercise Abraham Hicksgives in Ask and it is Given is to create a manifestation box. In this box you place pictures or writings of what you would like to bring into your life. In the physical space of this box you are “holding space” for your dreams.  As women we hold this “box” inside of us, we literally have the power to have the power to create life inside our bodies. As Annie Lalla says, this power gives us the ability to see the future more clearly.  And when we combine our intentions and hold space for each other to manifest our dreams – magic happens.

Through a series of synchronistic events (of course!), this weekend turned out to be a retreat of sorts in three different circles of sisters. Of course this lined up with the new moon on Saturday as well! Life can be so funny sometimes.

New Moon Manifesting Ritual

On Thursday night I had dinner with my Moon Sisters.  We created an altar with objects representing what we would like to manifest, wrote out our intentions, and drew cards to call upon guidance from spirit to assist us in filling out desires.  The energy was so potent!

Strong Body Love’s female entrepreneur retreat, Replenish

On Saturday I attended a day retreat for Women entrepreneurs called Replenish. The intention of the event was to provide a nourishing space where we could come together as businesswomen, not in competition, but in support of the journey of starting your own business. The day was beautifully curated by Ashley Burnett of Strong Body Love. She arranged for us to have a beautiful yoga class, followed by a sound healing, amazing lunch cooked by my friend Claudine and a powerful exercise on manifesting our ideal vision of 2015, casting away those things that hold us back.  Over and over again, I’ve found that speaking your dreams to other women amplifies their energy. Just in this last year, SO many crazy-wonderful things have happened in ways that blew my mind.  The best part, is when you connect with the sister you originally shared your dreams with to say, “Remember when I told you that I wanted to…” 😉

Mastermind Retreat in Mill Valley

Then on Sunday I had the most amazingly beautiful retreat with my mastermind sisters at Rachel Rossito’s gorgeous Redwood Treehouse home in Mill Valley.  Meredith Rom lead us in an exercise of envisioning our ideal weekly and yearly schedules.  It was powerful stuff! And so good to be doing an exercise like this with close friends. I have done things like this before, often in a women’s circle where I didn’t know the people very well. It was very powerful to do it with friends, because we knew each other so well we could dream together. Nkechi Najakataught us about social media and personal branding. Maria Molifino shared about her experience in leading a group coaching program, and Lana Shay gave us the down low on special SEO tactics. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be in sisterhood with these powerful women!

New Moon Sisterhood Alter

And of course everything was interspersed with magic and ritual! After our retreat Rachel and Lana went to go see Amma.  Since Maria and Meredith and I couldn’t go, Rachel gave each of us a rose and we plucked a petal from it,and infused it with our hopes and dreams so that Rachel could take the pedals and place them at Amma’s feet to be blessed. It was one of the most amazing weekends. I feel so nourished, and am so so very grateful to have all of these women in my life, creating circles of beauty and intentionality, anchoring us together as we move forward in the evolution of humanity.

As we come up to Thanksgiving weekend, what are you grateful for? How are the women in your life supporting you in manifesting your dreams? Did you do anything to celebrate the new moon?

What powerful things are you manifesting in your life right now?