I first learned about The Oath of Manifestation from Agape Live back in 2014, and it’s something I always return to over and over again.  I hope it helps you too!

The oath of manifestation is best done when said daily, either with a partner or to yourself in the mirror.  You can also record yourself saying it on your phone and repeat it again while listening to the recording for extra impact. After saying it many days in a row, you will have memorized it and you will be able to share it with others. It is a wonderful thing to share at a party or gathering! Many times I have shared this with clients or in groups, and have had people come to me afterwords saying it was one of the most powerful things they have ever heard and by practicing it often they had seen profound changes in their lives!  I have also recorded it below so we can say it together if you like 🙂


I accept and receive: unexpected good, unexpected money, unexpected love, unexpected kindness, unexpected generosity, unexpected offers, unexpected prosperity coming in unexpected ways from unexpected places, in my life and in the lives of others. I am constantly guided, and boldly empowered to receive the lavish abundance of the universe. I accept the principal that abundance and prosperity have already been given to me. My acceptance makes it real and opens the space for manifestation to rush in! I open wide the doors of my consciousness to receive and to give.

It is done now!

Through this Oath of Manifestation ALL things are possible. I declare absolutely, that I live in a friendly universe that is always providing for me. I feel it powerfully happening now! I open to receive more abundance, and to give more abundance than I have ever experienced before! I can afford anything I desire. In fact, I am so prosperous I need never worry again! I am grateful for all that I already have, and all that I am ready to give. I keep myself lifted in high consciousness no matter what the appearances are. God is all there is. I let the God-times roll!

And so it is.