Back in October I went back to my Acupuncture school, ACTCM to share some insights into life post CALE (California Acupuncture Licensing Exam). and the energetics of starting a practice.

I like to call it The Fourth Trimester, because being in acupuncture school is like giving birth to yourself. After you are finished with school and take the State Board Exam, you are nowhere near out of the woods! Now the REAL work begins. The journey of who you are as a healer, and how to bring your gifts into full manifestation will be one of the greatest spiritual practices of your life.

My practice has gone through many iterations, and I’ve learned so many lessons about networking, branding, and websites. During this lecture, what I most wanted to share with the students was the energetics of starting a practice, and how to move through their blocks so that they become a MAGNET for the perfect clients, and build a practice they LOVE.

I really enjoyed sharing this information & look forward to speaking about it again!

Light & love,