Tanya Clark
Sound Priestess of The Rose and Moon, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I had been wanting to sign up for Remembering Lemuria for a while, so it felt like a no brainer to join. The time felt right, and it felt amazing to say YES. I love all of it! Learning about the elements, Gaia, the stars, astrology, water alchemy, dragons, shamanism, light codes, vocal activation – it all deepened my relationship with life. The things I’ve always felt connected to came alive on so many layers. Since taking the course, it’s as if ancient parts of my DNA and bones are awakening at quantum speeds. My biggest takeaway from this experience is the remembrance that I actually do trust that Magick is everywhere – in the small details of everyday life!

I’ve noticed shifts in my every day perception of life around me; the way it feels as though the stars and planets continue to deepen their relationship with me when I think of or see them, the way the winds sing their songs through the trees, the messages the waters carry, the way in which light language continues to come through, the reclamation of my magick as a Sound Priestess, and how all of this magick sings through my sound art!!! By allowing it all to be a part of what I share, I’ve noticed many openings around sharing my magick without fear. Love you so much Rakai’el! Thank you!