Multidimensional Healer and Galactic Priestess, Quebec, Canada

Something woke up inside of me when I saw Rakai’el’s posts, pictures, and videos about Remembering Lemuria. I felt drawn to connect deeper with her and her knowledge. Seeing her content made me emotional, as I could see my future self in her.

I was afraid at first to invest in the course, and I feel so grateful that I decided to jump in. My life has changed so much since I took the class! I started remembering my Lemurian experiences, deepened my connection to Earth, the stars, and Pleiades. I was reconnected with my Lemurian crystals, connected to my sound healing and Reiki healer abilities, and I am awakening to a complete other dimension – everything is different now. Thank you Rakai’el, for your support and assistance in this process of remembering my true essence.