Rächi Lamat

When I first heard about Remembering Lemuria, I felt the energy and heard its songs pulling me in like the tide. I knew I needed to take this course. I let go of all resistance I was holding onto, and it felt so good when I said YES to this beautiful journey. My biggest take away from this experience was the awareness I now have of my ability to embody true forgiveness of my past wounds. I have clear insight, which has provided me with the opportunity to integrate all of the lessons I have been processing and healing. I am owning the experiences, and I have stepped fully into my power as a water woman and rebirthing coach for my community and the world! Remembering these amazing frequencies has accelerated my self-esteem and confidence as a powerful leader and healer. Rakai’el, her team, and the community are all such amazing inspirations. I enjoyed opening up, being seen, and acknowledged in the Live group Discuss & Process calls! I’m so grateful for Rakai’el, this community, and the course!!!