Brisbane, Australia

I had memories resurface from when I was in Lemuria. I searched on the internet for Lemurian courses, and this course, Remembering Lemuria from Soul Star Medicine popped up. I felt the urge from within to say YES and invest in myself, in order to bring out my priestess self. Since taking the course, my clairvoyance has strengthened, my memories and intuition have grown stronger, and I feel more capable of helping others. The course helped provide me with an explanation as to why I feel a deep connection with crystals, water alchemy, and plant medicine. I now embrace creating rituals for myself, and will incorporate Lemurian healing in my daily routine as well as my business.

The Private Community Group was such an intimate and sacred feeling full of love, like a sister gathering. I also loved the calm energy and openness of the Live Discuss & Process calls. I would LOVE to attend the Lemurian Retreat, become an active member of the Lemurian Alumni, and to guide other students on this path.