April Swift

Signing up for Remembering Lemuria felt like a soul calling. I can’t even begin to list all of the soul gifts, initiations, activations and shifts I’ve had since stepping onto this path! I have truly learned to trust in the divine on a deeper level, I have delved into the shadows of my being, I am healing relationships, and determining how I show up in the world. I have stepped into my power, and by holding this new frequency I can transform stagnant areas in my life or rebuild better foundations, with a present, grounded, and heart-centred approach. I am integrating my remembrance into my family life and coming out of my ‘spiritual closet’ in a bigger way, sharing this magic, and seeing a profound shift in others around me. Rakai’el has been my greatest teacher on this profound journey of homecoming. Her teachings are so profound, and it has awakened a calling and deep resonance in the Priestess Path for me. It has truly been such a magical ride and I anticipate what will continue to unfold as I integrate this and share the Lemurian frequency.