Cherezade Aanya

Remembering Lemuria popped up on Instagram as all of these womb winks (as I like to call them) ushered me forth. There was no doubt in my mind that this course and path was meant for me at this time. I grew up on the island of Oahu my entire life, and felt an immense connection to Kauai and never knew why. As I began my spiritual journey and path of remembering, ancient lifetimes of Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, and Avalon started to be unearthed. Lemuria came through synchronistically as I was back home on Oahu visiting my family. I had an energy reading done and she spoke of the Lemurian energies being strong within me. When I was within the water I heard her speak to me for the first time shortly after that session.

Since taking the course, I’ve become so much more in tune with Mother Earth, I feel and hear her speaking to me. I feel a more profound connection to water and have remembered my past lifetimes in Lemuria as a mermaid-fairy (didn’t know that existed but that came through clearly) who was a water alchemist. Through the water alchemy remembrance, I have begun making flower and gem essences for my family and partner, and I have continued to deepen my connection to Mother Earth in such a profound way. I remember the magick I have held through lifetimes and have reclaimed that and pulled those gifts through to be utilized in this one.