Rebecca Loach

When I saw the description of Remembering Lemuria and felt Rakai’el’s energy, I felt a strong resonance and knew this was right for me. It felt really exciting and empowering to invest in myself in this way. I had been working with Lemurian energies for a few years and was ready to dive deeper.

Since taking the course, I have felt a deep reconnection to my inner knowing, body, memories, guides, and most especially the Earth herself. I have stepped into more of my power and remember not only past lifetimes but also power that I had lost in this current lifetime. I have experienced powerful shifts in how I see the world around me, how I connect with the Earth, and how I bring forth my healing medicine. I have reconnected with my physical body in a new way and feel much more clear and ready to do my work in the world. I feel at home and at peace in the world. I also have a deeper appreciation for astrology and how I can use it daily in both my personal life and to add it to my practice.

This experience totally changed the way I view the world, my karma and dharma, and how I choose to show up every day. In our discuss and process calls, I enjoyed the way we could each share and reflect, and loved the feeling of being in sacred circle without judgement. I could really feel the presence of the other members in the meditations. This was the most beautiful and sacred group process I have experienced, the energy felt very clean and sacred. The way Rakai’el held space and allowed us to share was magnificent! Thank you for that!