Kalaheo, HI

I was inspired to take the Remembering Lemuria course not only as a gift to myself, but to also be surrounded and supported by other like minded individuals. The layout of the course is amazing! I also love the Private Community Group!! It is amazing being connected with a tribe of like minded people.

My biggest take-away from this course, (wow it’s hard to choose just one, there are so many!) would be that I started having more clarity in my life. Manifestations started to come through in all areas of my life; new opportunities for my Art business, meeting new like minded people, and being able to heal some of my chronic health issues. This experience has reminded me to “always,” continue to have my daily spiritual practices intact, no matter what distractions are happening around me, and the importance of making that “time & space” for myself.

I just love Rakai’el and everything she’s doing and offering. I love that she’s so REAL during the courses and on Instagram. I have yet to learn how to really be me on Instagram, but through this course and her inspiration I’m learning! Blessings to you, & Mahalos for everything!!