You had me at site copy. So many pieces of my past & present felt SEEN and supported in the Remembering Lemuria experience, so it felt like a natural choice to join. It was also at the start of COVID when I knew I’d be requiring a container to anchor to. I felt energized and at peace. All of the content in this course has taught me to see the magic in the ordinary (which I now do) and believe that it is available when you are still enough, willing, and looking for it. It’s always on my mind in terms of, how can I make things MORE ME in situations where things feel regular – that’s just an attitude.

I LOVED the shared insights and the magical opening and closing meditations. I also loved the storytelling, synchronicities, and remembering that activated just by listening. I felt so understood, hopeful, and inspired! My biggest takeaway from the course is to stay present and connected to the magic within and around me. The shifts and insights seem unending. My connection to water, sun, moon, stars, plants, and animals have deepened. I’ve felt safe in my me-ness. I’ve felt safe to fully step into who I am, embodying all of my beautiful uniqueness and intricacies. Both anchored and empowered. I’ve dramatically slowed down the pace with which I live, and as such, have felt so much more intentional which has meant shifts both big and small, better boundaries, and overall clarity and making decisions that feel so much more aligned. Love you endlessly Rakai’el!