Wurundjeri Country, Naarm, Kulin Nation
Rakai’el’s astro-coaching session’s feel supportive and extensive in nature. So much can get covered in that amount of time. The sessions are less about understanding my natal chart placements, and are more focused on guidance and application and the integration of this knowledge into the ephemeris for the year, and the next. I love the specificity presented and detail-oriented, archetypal lens Rakai’el shares with me in relation to the different aspects of my chart. What was revealed to me was not only confirming, but also incredibly empowering, as I was offered practical suggestions in coherence with making the most of this time of deep growth and transformation. Through engaging with Rakai’el's beautiful service, I now view and work with astrology as more of personal, poetic creative art-form, that invites me to find deeper meaning and gratitude for all that is.