Remembering Lemuria: Testimonial 34

My biggest takeaway was that there are lots of other beautiful like minded souls out there, I’m not alone – a sense of belonging in all my kookiness. I also love the concept that it’s ok to reach out, to use tools etc, to find what is already within. I’m just at the beginning, but I feel that I am truly stepping into my power now, trusting myself, owning my path and making the decision that my life isn’t going to be mediocre – to step up and truly own that.

Life Coach, Sydney, Australia
Remembering Lemuria: Testimonial 33

I think the biggest shift in awareness has been that we ARE the Earth. I love the practices we learned of honoring fire, wind, water, air, mother Earth, and our connection with the planets. I feel this opens the door to the connection to ourselves. I have been amazed, and grateful for the conversations in the Private Members group. I love the feeling of the energy of the container.

Fairy Godmother, Kentucky
Remembering Lemuria: Testimonial 32

After visiting Maui, I felt a deep call to Lemuria. I found Rakai’el and Soul Star Medicine while searching for the term Hawaiian healing. Since taking the course, I’ve learned so much about the ferns, water, sound healing, voice activation, and astrology. I’ve been able to integrate what I’ve learned into my everyday ‘regular’ life; I work with holistic therapy, and Hawaiian healing arts so the teachings go really well with my job and lifestyle.

Shamanic Priestess, São Paulo, Brazil
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