Lemurian Mentorship: Lisa Kotz

The Mentorship Program was everything. I have found my family! Thank you for calling us and inspiring me to keep on diving and opening and being courageous. Thank you for helping me believe in my own magic and medicine. Thank you for showing me through your own living example of how to be myself every day and how to have fun with it! I’m in deep gratitude and awe, and thank our higher selves for agreeing to be here together and collaborating in this work together. 

Lemurian Priestess & Energy Alchemist, New South Wales, Australia
Lemurian Mentorship: Stephanie Marshall

Having the Private Mentorship experience, with the extra support and individual time to truly dive deep into the material and how it manifested in my daily life was priceless. This sacred container as a whole far surpassed any expectations I had at the start. I am so glad you offered the Mentorship Program in conjunction with the class. I needed the deeper dive, processing and support to truly open to a life altering shift. Your questions taught me the words to stand toe to toe with my fear, shame, guilt and lack, listen to the shadow wisdom and then love myself back to wholeness. My love and gratitude is immense and beyond words…

Rising Lemuria: Mark Wilson 2

The Fern Medicine was calling to me. What took me by surprise was working with the 7 Sacred Flames, which weeks later are still burning brightly in ways I could not have even expected. So so so many ah ha moments or multiple light bulbs all connecting and weaving this medicine into my life. I have finally acknowledged that little boy inside of me who just knew with every fiber of his being that he was magical.

VM & Store Experience Manager, Victoria, Australia
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