AE – Marsha Wald

Astrology was my first love as a child & I forgot about it as  I got older & each time I saw the Instagram post, it stirred something in me & the scholarship helped. So many thanks for offering that! The biggest insights for me are the ability to read my own chart & the deeper understanding I gained about the Celestial influences. It has given me a tool to understand my experiences & also to help my clients to get a better understanding of their experiences. I was struggling with the direction of my Business & discovering the Part of Fortune & what it means for me gave me the answer I needed to move forward in confidence. I love that we all got a chance to get questions about our charts answered & that we had a safe space to be vulnerable. Thank you!

AE – Katherine Gramann

I felt really empowered and safe just in the act of enrolling! My biggest insights are that the subtly of astrology is working at all times – whether we are conscious of it or not. So while we can ignore it, we can also lean in and participate with full awareness. The knowledge has enabled me to better support myself and those around me during wild times. I will make an Astro check-in part of my morning routine and help me to really deepen my intentional time management! I love and honor you, Rakai’el!

AE – Rebecca Loach

Knowing that I could immerse myself in a 6 month program with the same energy was exciting and felt very empowering. I began to see myself in a different way & to understand more of who I am & how I can work with the challenging energies. It shifted me from being reactive to digging into what areas of my chart might be activating during a particular experience & what I could learn from this. The biggest insight I had was to understand that I could look to my chart when big events were happening in my life and understand where and why I might be triggered, and how I could lean into this to harness the energy instead of feeling powerless. Seeing everything as an opportunity for soul growth.

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