Calling all Keepers of Frequency

  • Do you feel called to step into your leadership and support your community more fully – especially during these potent times of transformation & change?
  • Are you ready to deepen your relationship with Sound?
  • Do you want to feel confident in your relationship with your body as you navigate both resonant and dissonant frequencies in all areas of your life?
  • Do you feel called to offer Sound Ceremonies to support the collective as we move through this time of shift?
  • Do you want to feel calm, centered, and confident in this process?
  • Do you have Sound Healing instruments that you don’t use that often?
  • Do you want to have a deeper understanding of the mythological journey that occurs within a Sound Ceremony, and confidence in your ability to navigate all facets of the journey?
  • Do you want to have a basic understanding of the Astrological influences that are available to collaborate with and call upon in your ceremonies?
  • Are you ready to feel confident & supported in your ability to create beautiful and transformational Sound Healing Ceremonies for both in-person and online offerings?

Even when it feels like the world is spiraling out of control, Sound can help you find your center.

It’s empowering to know that you have the tools to help calm yourself, raise our collective vibration, as you support others through transformational ceremonies & experiences.

That’s why this course is called the Shamanic Star Sound Certification: we intentionally work with things that make us feel uncomfortable, such as dissonance and Silence, in addition to resonance and Sound. The Shamanic work is about taking the light going into the shadows – and feels really appropriate right for what we are all going through right now.

When you learn how to facilitate Sound Healing experiences for others, you feel more in alignment, more in service, like you are responsible for holding a particular kind of frequency that is essential for our collective transformation right now.

With the Shamanic Star Sound Certification, you will have the tools and the confidence to support yourself and your community as we move through this evolutionary shift.

With Sound you can help elevate the frequency of all of humanity as we walk through this portal of healing and transformation, raising the vibration of the Planet, and easing the birthing process as we usher in a New Reality.

Sound can carry information into places where light cannot go.  It penetrates us to our very core.  It is in the darkness that we can feel safe to let go, to surrender the stories of pain, suffering, and fear, and to allow a new story to emerge.

Sound rearranges our molecules, literally forging a new existence within us – this is the medicine of the future.

I have witnessed Sound guide people through the loss of a loved one, the healing of cancer, the birth of a child, letting go of an addiction, building a business, and so much more.

Sound Medicine is BIG.  There is a wave of frequency shift RISING within us, and Sound can lead the way into new harmonic ways of being.

Now, more than ever, we need calm, centered, and confident Keepers of Frequency to serve the Medicine of Sound to support us in this SHIFT.


Shamanic Star Sound Certification


Step into your Service: Calm, Centered, Confident.


Whether you are already leading large Sound Healing events, or just starting out, you will feel confident & supported in your ability to create beautiful and transformational Sound Healing Ceremonies for both in-person and online offerings.


Learn how to to create and maintain a safe and strong Ceremonial container for your clients & community, and confidence in your ability to navigate all facets of a Sound Journey.


Feel confident in your understanding of the Astrological influences that are available to collaborate with and call upon in your Sound Ceremonies.

Space is Limited to 20 participants


Enter the mystery

Sound will be the medicine of the future.

– Edgar Cayce

Hi, I’m Rakai’el!

When I was a child, I would lay on the grass after sunset and listen to music that seemed to come from the sky itself, and sounded like Angels. When I finally found the crystal singing bowls, I found I could play these angelic songs once more.

From 2013-2014, I mentored with Erica Sandstedt who is an incredible Shaman, Sound Healer & teacher, who taught me so much about how to hold space and facilitate potent transformational ceremonies. 

As an acupuncturist at the time, I began weaving Sound into my healing sessions with tuning forks, small bells, and a Tibetian Singing Bowl.  I longed to become a ceremonial Sound Facilitator, but it seemed like my life had other things in store.

Then I was called to move to Hawai’i, where I received a profound activation of my voice.  It was through the magic of sharing my song that I was initiated into ceremonial facilitation with my partner at the time, Mikaya Swabb, and gifted my first set of Crystal Singing Bowls.  Ever since then, my whole life has changed.

Since 2017, I’ve had the great honor to collaborate with so many incredible Sound Healers and artists, release an EP of my Light Language toning, co-created a Sound Bath album, been flown overseas to share Sound for everything from moon circles, weddings, and corporate & private events.

Now after teaching Sound Healing to over 350 students from around the world, as well as leading over 250 Sound Journeys for groups as large as 80+ to individual Sound Healings, I want to share it ALL with you.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that Shamanic Star Sound was originally an 8-week All-Levels course in 2018. 

Now, after 4 years of teaching over 350 students from all across the world, I finally decided to transform the Shamanic Star Sound experience into a 9-month Certification Program, complete with homework assignments, exams, accountability partners, LIVE classes & labs, and so much more!

Back in 2018, I was just completing my expression as a Sound Healer with my then partner, and just beginning to step into my own expression as a Ceremonial Facilitator. Over the last 4 years of teaching & finding my own way of doing things, I have learned so much and gained so much experience – not to mention instruments & gear – that I look forward to sharing with you!

I am so honored to share this evolution of the incredible gift it is to walk beside you as you deepen into your devotion to Sound Medicine and step into your role more fully as a leader in your community.

It is my intention that by the end of this experience, the depth of your relationship with Sound and your confidence
in your ability to hold clear, supportive, and safe transformational ceremonies
will resonate from every cell in your being.

This Certification is a deep offering from my heart to yours.

May it empower you in ways you never thought possible.


Simran N’golet is a Spiritual Mentor, Light Language Conduit, Sound Healer, and Galactic Priestess passionate about helping spiritual seekers and mystics connect to their divine path and purpose through the power of re-connecting to their galactic heritage.

She works with light language, a form of channeling that is sourced from the center of the 22 galaxies of light to help people access their highest vibrations and activate their soul’s purpose.

Scarlett de la Torre is a Musician, Sound Meditation Facilitator, DJ, Vocal Alchemist, International Multimedia Artist, and Humanitarian Philanthropic Activist. Scarlett’s alchemical journey has been to utilize her evolutionary and intuitive gifts to empower her fellow people to step into their sovereignty through the divine inner workings of music, sound healing, meditation, and self-love. 

ONYI is an artist and healer (Pure Bioenergy Therapist, Sound Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Ritualist & Ceremonialist) dedicated to guiding you through your journey of awareness, self-love, and healing. 

ONYI is a member of Ile Orunmila Afedefeyo, an Ifa community led by Awo Falokun Fasegun and his daughter Iya Fayomi Osundoyin Egbeyemi. ONYI is initiated into the mysteries of Oṣun and Obatala, deities within the Ifa/Yoruba system, and is on a path of priestesshood. 

Marni Suu Reynolds is a mother of 2 and grew up in the islands of Hawaii. She is a gifted Sound Healer and Ordained Spiritual Healer & Minister, Certified Mindfulness & Kundalini Teacher, PhD Candidate in Women’s Spirituality at CIIS. Her dissertation focuses on Women’s Spirituality – “The Emergence of the Divine Feminine in the Aquarian Age through Sacred Arts of Healing, Sound, Nature and Mysticism.” Marni is a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher with SoundsTrue – Lead teachers Jack Kornfield PhD and Tara Brach PhD. 


SSSC – Beckett Johnson

I am so grateful for investing in myself by taking this course and allowing myself to embody all that I came here to do. I have plans to use sound healing more in my coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats. I’m so excited to be able to share this powerful medicine!

Beckett Johnson, Resilience Alchemist & Starseed Activator
SSSC – Simran N’golet

The support received in Shamanic Star Sound gave me the confidence to share my sound healing magic with the world and on social media. I absolutely LOVED the live session and appreciated that Rakai’el makes sure everyone got a chance to share and feel supported. I’m so grateful for this course!

Simran N’golet, Sound Alchemist, Light Language Channel, and Spiritual Mentor
SSSC – April Swift Sacred

Rakai’el’s Shamanic Star Sound course is truly an experience not from this world. This is so much more than a Sound Healing course. It is powerfully multidimensional on so many levels. Rakai’el holds such a magical and safe container for us to REMEMBER our gifts. Mahalo!

April Swift Sacred, Ceremonial Leader
SSSC – Karen Berner

The community & connection within this course was so beautiful and amazing! It was like hanging out with a bunch of friends sharing what we’ve learned, hearing everyone’s experiences and how they have been integrating Sound Medicine into their lives. It was so authentic!

Karen Berner, Sound Journey Healer with a Magical and Mystical Flair
SSSC – Tamara Sullivan 1

I signed up for Shamanic Star Sound because it offered a lot of information I was seeking on exactly what it was that I was doing. It is an amazing course that took my understanding deeper and taught me so much not just about sound, but about my own personal frequency.

Tamara Sullivan, Energy Healer
SSSC – Diana

After taking the course, I have come to realize that I am stronger & more capable than I give myself credit for! I’ve been doing this only for a year, and the shifts I feel within myself are so profound; I feel much more comfortable & confident. This course was perfect!

Diana, Sound Energy Practitioner
SSSC – Dara

I love Rakai’el’s approach to Sound Healing. The meditation section helped remind me of the true essence of connecting to the Divine, and that practice makes perfect. I thought the course was simply magical! Thank you for a lovely experience, and for shining your light!

Dara, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
SSSC – Rebecca Rankin
Many miracles occurred during the program. I had a profound vision of Goddess Isis that came through one evening with some beautiful insight on my life’s purpose. Also, instruments and bowls were gifted to me throughout the time. Mostly, the training gave me the foundation and confidence to hold ceremonial space for others in this way of Sound ceremonies. I learned to trust my intuition, and that’s huge!
Rebecca Rankin, Holistic Well-Being Practitioner
SSSC – Marjorie Bratt

Rakai’el is a really great teacher. I personally enjoy her classes because of her knowledge and wisdom, but also because she is always grounded in her body, I feel safe. I can see your spirit behind her eyes. I am extremely sensitive energetically, and I have learned to be very selective when it comes to taking classes, so thank you very much for having the level of spiritual integrity that you do, Rakai’el!

Marjorie Bratt, Soul Whisperer, Intuitive Reader, Healer, Teacher, Shamanic Sound Healer
SSSC – Ashley Shapiro

Learning from & co-creating with sound is such a gift that I will be forever grateful for, it truly has been a magical gateway for me to come home to myself. I enjoy learning from Rakai’el & love her energy so much! I found myself laughing along with her in each video!

Ashley Shapiro, Facilitator

Keepers of Frequency, which is what we are encouraging you to become, learn how to modulate the frequency they hold through the use of Sound. Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and rearrange realities.  

- The Pleiadians (via Barbara Marciniak)



Shamanic Star Sound Certification is an 9-month online certification course for Ceremonial Sound Healers & Facilitators. 


LIVE Class 9/15
Enter the Silence

  • The importance of being a Keeper of Frequency
  • Purification: Clearing space on all levels to be able to listen deeply 
  • Learning from Silence as a Spirit Guide and Mentor 

LIVE Lab 9/22
Instruments as Teachers



LIVE Class 10/13
Sound Speaks

  • Body Mechanics
  • How I play all of my instruments
  • Dispersing energy
  • Consolidating energy
  • Finding your unique Sound techniques

LIVE Lab 10/27
Exploring Sound



LIVE Class 11/3
Sound  Support

  • Mentorship with Sound
  • Expanding your hearing
  • Allies to help you understand Sound
  • Living in Ceremony
  • Bonus Chakras & Sound meditation with Marni

LIVE Lab 11/22
Your unique Sound


LIVE Class 12/6
Holding Space

  • Setting the container
  • How to keep yourself clear throughout your ceremony
  • Time management
  • Navigating in Space
  • Bonus Light Language with Simran
  • Bonus Voice as Instrument with ONYI

*No Lab in December


LIVE Class 1/12
Anatomy of a Sound Journey


  • Purpose of different sounds
  • How to clear & harmonize
  • Waves of different sounds
  • How to apply to 1:1 sessions
  • Lighting & other accessories for events
  • Begin offering Partner Ceremonies

LIVE Lab 1/24
Vocal Practice



LIVE Class 2/9
Astro Basics 

  • Astrological signs & energies in ceremonies

  • Partner Ceremonies continue

LIVE Class 2/16
Intermediate Astrology

  • Planets + angles in ceremonies

LIVE Lab 2/23
Integrating the Astro Energies 



LIVE Clas 3/9
Guided Meditations

  • Different types of Meditations
  • Grounding & centering
  • Context for the Journey
  • Holding intentions
  • Shamanic patterns
  • Channeling Meditations
  • Partner Ceremonies continue

LIVE Lab 3/23
Guided Meditations


LIVE Class 4/6
The Science of Sound 

  • Music of the Spheres
  • Sound & Sacred Geometry
  • 440 Hz vs 432 Hz
  • Solfeggio Tones
  • Cymatics
  • Begin Solo Ceremonies

LIVE Lab 4/20



LIVE Class 5/11
Integration: Travel, Insurance, etc.


  • Packing, cases for Crystal Bowls & other instruments
  • Insurance, liability waivers
  • Promoting your offerings
  • Final Q&A
  • Final Solo Ceremony offering

Final 45 min video Ceremony Project Due 5/18

LIVE Group Closing Ceremony 6/1

Bonus: Channeling Your Language of Light with Simran N’Golet

Join Simran in a process of discovering and transmitting your unique language of light. In this process, you will understand how to channel your unique light language and supercharge your sound journeys with this transformative form of channeling.

You will receive:

  • A Mini Light Language Initiation Energy Activation
  • Exercises to help activate your spoken light language
  • How to incorporate light language into your sound journeys along with Simran’s favorite instruments to use.

Bonus:  Music Theory for Sound Healers with Scarlett de la Torre

Scarlett de la Torre shares a very special Masterclass on Music Theory for Sound Healers.

Receive a fundamental understanding of the language of music, to open up the Neural Pathways that will empower you to allow the divine life force of music to flow through you. 

Scarlett will guide us in exploring the sacred geometry of music, which will blow your mind and deepen your understanding of how divinely organized our universe is through numbers.

Bonus: Voice as Instrument
with Onyi

Come along on a journey with ONYI as she guides you through activations to help you in utilizing your voice as an instrument for sound healing. Whether by itself or in conjunction with other individuals or instruments, your voice is a powerful tool through which the divine life force energy can flow, and trigger various levels of transformation within and outside of you.

  • Using the voice as a healing instrument by itself
  • Using the voice in conjunction with others/other instruments
  • Flowing with intuition versus keeping to a set structure
  • Vocal warm-ups, exercises and hygiene

Meditation: Experience a sound healing and meditation by ONYI to help break through any resistance or blockages around using your voice

Bonus: Chakra Meditation
with Marni Suu Reynolds

Chakras & Sound

Marni is sharing a very special guided Sound Meditation with us focusing on the Chakras & Sound. The seven major chakras correspond to specific aspects of our consciousness and have their own individual characteristics and functions. They also coordinate with a specific color, frequency, and musical note based on the vibration. Color and Sound are Both Forms of Energy. When Light and Music are used together, our energy centers – chakras are especially activated resulting in a strong impact and positive change upon our aura.


» A deep and richly rewarding relationship with both Sound and Silence.

» Many devotional practices to strengthen and support your nervous system, your boundaries, and your ability to hold a clear and resonant frequency for yourself, your family, your community, this planet, and all of humanity.

» Confidence in your relationship with your body as you navigate both resonant and dissonant frequencies in a Sound Ceremony, and in all areas of your life.

» A working understanding of the science behind Sound to support your confidence in its efficacy as a potent healing tool.

» Confidence in what is required to create and maintain a safe and strong Ceremonial container for your clients & community.

» A deep understanding of the mythological journey that occurs within a Sound Ceremony, and the confidence to navigate all facets of this journey.

» Confidence in your ability to lead & channel guided meditations – either planned or improv.

» An understanding of the Astrological energies that you can collaborate with for your ceremonies.

» Confidence in all the details of being a Carrier of Sound Medicine: transporting your instruments, insurance, promoting your events, lighting, technical gear, apps, etc.

» Confidence in your ability to create beautiful & transformational Sound Healing Ceremonies for both in-person & online offerings.

» Be an esteemed member of those Keepers of Frequency in possession of the Shamanic Star Sound Certification which can be used in accepting alternative medicine insurance, higher learning, and other opportunities.


SSSC – Tanya Clark

Since taking the course, everything has shifted. I began leading sacred sound ceremony temples as soon as the course completed. My sound alchemy took on more of a shamanic energy than before. I’m truly so pleased with this course.

Tanya Clark, Sound Priestess of The Rose and Moon

I truly appreciated Rakai’el’s genuine self coming through the videos. It made learning feel approachable and engaging. I was very surprised how much I learned via online since I am someone who is typically better with in-person trainings. Thank you for a GREAT experience!

P.S. Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
SSSC – Liz Angiello

I said YES to Shamanic Star Sound because I’ve been curious about sound healing. It felt a little scary but SO good and exciting to be starting this path. Taking Shamanic Star Sound was the first step in a year long initiation into spiritual healing, and I’m so glad I did it.

Liz Angiello, Alchemical Healer
SSSC – Hannah Mckelvie

I loved connecting with soul family all around the world! I felt so inspired hearing all the people who were at all levels on their sound journey from holding ceremonies to getting their first healing instruments, like me. It gave me so much confidence and hope.

Hannah McKelvie, Star Maiden
SSSC – Tamara Sullivan

I love how Rakai’el encouraged us to use our intuition and give ourselves permission to explore our creativity.  She was very helpful to me, giving incredibly thoughtful responses and feedback.  I’m definitely thinking of trying her other classes in the future!

Tamara Sullivan, Energy Healer
SSSC – Sasha Hernandex

Shamanic Star Sound felt like a perfect choice for me, I didn’t think twice about signing up. My biggest shift was when we were going over the different sounds and tuning into their messages. The things I saw and heard were amazing – as if I was definitely travelling through past lives!

Sasha Hernandex
SSSC – Brooke Alexandra

Since taking the course, I am now remembering more of my inherent abilities to share my voice and do so in a way that feels in such alignment and service to the world. I am reclaiming my light and acknowledging the call I’ve always heard to share music as therapy.

Brooke Alexandra Rosenblum, Songstress & Energy Healer
SSSC – My Heart Compass

Since taking the course, my confidence in holding space went from a 5 to 10. I plan on integrating this experience with Sound Medicine by holding group meditations and private individual sessions. I love the space that Rakai’el holds for us to remember what we already know.

My Heart Compass
SSSC – Renee Serrichio

The course is laid out perfectly and is much more than just sound & music, it’s an adventure. I knew it was going to have scientific data to support its true medicinal use, but this course took me by surprise, it was much more than I anticipated. This course will be one you revisit.

Renee Serrichio, (Sonor)grapher & Lemurian Lighthouse
SSSC – Diana 2

Rakai’el is so relatable and genuine. I enjoyed her statement that she would provide the information, and we could take or leave what we needed. This is exactly what I needed to hear and experience, to see how others do it and then be able to make it my own! Thank you!!

Diana, Sound Energy Practitioner


 We journey together from September 15th, 2022 – June 1st, 2023
Be sure to confirm your corresponding time zone here so you don’t miss class!
Classes are usually 2-3 hours in length

Module 1: Enter the Silence
LIVE Class 9/15 at 3pm PDT
LIVE Sound Lab 9/22 at 3pm PDT | Instruments as Teachers
Module 2: Sound Speaks
LIVE Class 10/13 at 3pm PDT | How I play all my instruments
LIVE Sound Lab 10/27 at 3pm PDT | Exploring Sound
Module 3: Sound Support
LIVE Class 11/3 at 3pm PDT
Bonus content from Marni: Chakras & Sound
LIVE Sound Lab 11/22 at 2pm PST | Your unique Sound
Module 4: Holding Space
LIVE Class 12/6 at 2pm PST
Bonus content from Simran: Channelling your Language of light
Bonus content from ONYI: Voice as Instrument
*No LIVE Sound Lab in December
Module 5: Anatomy of a Sound Journey
LIVE Class 1/12 at 2pm PST
LIVE Sound Lab 1/24 at 2pm PST | Vocal Practice
Bonus content from Scarlett: Music Theory for Sound Healers
Module 6: Astrology
LIVE Class 2/9 at 2pm PST | Astro Basics
LIVE Class 2/16 at 2pm PST | Intermediate Astrology
LIVE Sound Lab 2/23 at 2pm PST | Integrating the Astro energies
Module 7: Guided Meditations
LIVE Class 3/9 at 2pm PST
LIVE Sound Lab 3/23 at 2pm PST | Guided Meditations
Module 8: The Science of Sound
LIVE Class 4/6 at 3pm PDT
LIVE Sound Lab 4/20 at 3pm PDT | Open
Module 9: Integration: Travel, Insurance, etc.
LIVE Class 5/11 at 3pm PDT
Closing Ceremony Lab 6/1 at 3pm PDT


As part of the Shamanic Star Sound Certification, you receive complimentary membership to the Sound Temple.

If you are already a Sound Temple Member, your membership will be waived until June 1st, 2023, after which your regular membership plan will resume.

Please click here for the most current dates and add them to your calendar. 

You have information stored within the bones of your skeletal form.  When you allow Sound to move through you, it unlocks a doorway and allows information to flood into your body.  It also penetrates the ground, affecting the vibrations of Earth and allowing a rearrangement of a molecular alignment of information to take place.  

- The Pleiadians (via Barbara Marciniak)


  • A 9-month online journey through Sound, Stars, Song, and Ceremony.  From September 15th, 2022 – June 1st, 2023
  • Ten LIVE 3-hour classes with Rakai’el.
  • Seven LIVE 2-3 hour labs with Rakai’el.
  • A 2-hour Closing Ceremony.
  • BONUS: Channelling Your Language of Light with Simran.
  • BONUS: Music Theory for Sound Healers with Scarlett.
  • BONUS: Voice as Instrument with ONYI
  • BONUS: Chakras & Sound with Marni.
  • An accountability partner for your LIVE Ceremony offerings. 
  • A beautiful online workbook for your Homework Assignments & Sound Temple reflections.
  • A beautiful online logbook to track your personal Sound & Meditation practice as well as Research findings. 
  • A private Telegram group chat to share your Sound explorations & receive support on your journey. 
  • Lifetime access to all content and replays from your experience in the certification. 
  • Lifetime access to the 2 courses in the Energetic Hygiene Bundle.
  • Complimentary access to the Sound Temple Membership for the duration of our journey.
  • $447 OFF the Astro Empowerment course (Instant access to all the content in my signature Astrology course. Access to the AE private group and Q&A calls are not included).
  • A beautiful hard copy of your certification, printed and mailed to you for you to frame.
  • A scanned version of your official certification + an official letter of completion.
  • Your name, website & contact information listed on our website as a Certified Shamanic Star Sound Healer.
  • + $100 OFF your enrollment in the Lemurian School of Remembering, should you desire to enroll.


SSSC Advanced Apprenticeship Track

8 spaces available

The Advanced Apprenticeship track is for those who would appreciate more intensive feedback & support as their Sound journey evolves.  Here you have the opportunity to ask me anything you like during our journey, share sound clips from your practice, photos of your ceremony set-ups, receive 1:1 feedback as your ceremonies continue to evolve, and so much more.  This can be especially helpful when you begin offering Partner & Solo ceremonies to your online community beginning in January.

With the Advanced Apprenticeship track you will receive all of the above PLUS:

  • Nine months of ongoing 1:1 Sound Mentorship support for the full duration of the certification via a private Telegram chat between you and Rakai’el.
  • Two private 1:1 60-minute sessions with Rakai’el, scheduled whenever you like during the certification (via a private calendar link)

Space is Limited to 20 participants in total.


Or whatever ratio occurs as people sign up, with no more than 8 Apprentices and 20 people in total.  If you are wanting to follow the apprentice track, act swiftly to secure your space.

Mental Health Disclaimer: This work is deeply transformational and can be emotional. If you have pre-existing mental health concerns, it is recommended that you are receiving the support of a therapist or counselor while participating in this course.



When you choose to Pay in Full, I will mail you a special care package including:

  • The four required books for the course + another one of my favorite books on Sound / Astrology / Ceremony.
  • The Sacred Sound Alchemy Oracle Deck by Allison Soeung (a Shamanic Star Sound alumni!).
  • All three essential oil kits recommended for your Sound Healing ceremonies.
  • A set of 12 Lemurian Seed Crystals that have been activated in the Pleiadian waters in the Sacred Valley of the Moon on Maui for you to use to grid your ceremonies.





You will also receive…

 A custom Ceremonial Candle handcrafted by Latoya Roux of Sovereign Soul Medicine. I personally LOVE Latoya’s candles and you can usually find one of them on many of my Sound Altars, and I’m so excited to share them with you!  From the clearing of the vessels, to the selection of the fragrances, from the prayers whispered into the melting wax to the lunar attunement ceremonies held in Nature, these holy Fire beings are super potent!  The ceremonial candle you will receive will be a brand new creation from Latoya, that will be attuned through Sound Ceremony, with the Pisces Full Moon and the Libra New Moon, and vibrationally aligned with the Night Blooming Cereus flower essence that I personally made recently that was activated by the bees while still in the water! To say that this Candle Being will be awe-inspiring would be an understatement!

Receive over $545 in bonuses when you pay in full!



  • Attendance & participation in all LIVE classes & labs.
    If you miss a LIVE class you must write 3 bullet points of your key insights from the class in your online workbook before the next LIVE class.
  • Completion of all homework assignments & exams by the due date given.
    All homework assignments are due before the next LIVE class.
  • Attendance to 12 out of the 18 Sound Temple Ceremonies offered during the course.
    Regardless of whether you attend the Sound Temple Ceremonies LIVE or via replay, you are required to write 4 sentences in your workbook, analyzing what you learned from participating in the ceremony before the next LIVE class.
  • Completion of both courses in the Energetic Hygiene Bundle by December 31, 2022 at the latest.
  • You must also offer 6 LIVE partner ceremonies on IG LIVE or zoom + at least 1 solo ceremony between January-May, 2023.
  • Create your Final Project: 45 min video ceremony
* For an estimated time commitment + instruments required, please see the FAQ section below.










You know if you are called.



*By purchasing this course you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
Prices do not include mandatory 4.17% Hawaii sales tax.

Refund Policy: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  Read the affirmation on the payment page out loud.  Really feel all of the people in your life who will benefit (most of all YOU) from this decision to invest in yourself.  That said, if after 1 week from the exact date and time when the first module’s content has been released on 9/15/2022, you don’t feel like this is for you, you have until 8am Pacific time on 9/22/2022 to request a refund by sending us an email.  After 8am on 9/22/2021, no refunds will be offered.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself & your community, and take your intention to participate very seriously.

Lemurian School of Remembering Coupon Code detailsSince there is so much overlap between those who are called to work with Sound Medicine and those who resonate with the frequencies of Lemuria, I am excited to offer you $100 off your enrollment for Remembering Lemuria when you sign up for Shamanic Star Sound.  As a student of Shamanic Star Sound, you will receive a special coupon code the next time we open enrollment for Remembering Lemuria.  We will email this coupon code to you.  You can use this coupon code for either the payment plan or pay in full option for Remembering Lemuria.  There is no obligation to enroll in the Lemurian School at any point.



  • Attendance & participation in all LIVE classes & labs.
    If you miss a LIVE class you must write 3 bullet points of your key insights from the class in your online workbook before the next LIVE class.
  • Completion of all homework assignments & exams by the due date given.
    All homework assignments are due before the next LIVE class.
  • Attendance to 12 out of the 18 Sound Temple Ceremonies offered during the course.
    Regardless of whether you attend the Sound Temple Ceremonies LIVE or via replay, you are required to write 4 sentences in your workbook, analyzing what you learned from participating in the ceremony before the next LIVE class.
  • Completion of both courses in the Energetic Hygiene Bundle by December 31, 2022 at the latest.
  • You must also offer 6 LIVE partner ceremonies on IG LIVE or zoom + at least 1 solo ceremony between January-May, 2023.
  • Create your Final Project: 45 min video ceremony
* For an estimated time commitment + instruments required, please see the FAQ section below.


I am in deepest appreciation to all of my teachers for supporting me and guiding me on this path. My heart overflows with eternal gratitude to Mikaya Swabb, my former Sound Partner, who recognized my song as a gift that needed to be shared with the world and initiated me into holding Sound Ceremonies professionally.  I am especially grateful to my teacher Erica Sandstedt for everything she taught me about how to hold a safe and sacred space for deep transformation & healing using Sound Medicine, and how to navigate the multidimensional realms. I’d also like to thank Rich Raffals and Rene Jenkins for their inspirational support and Sound guidance.

Thank you so much for exploring the possibility of becoming a Carrier of Sound Medicine and a Keeper of Frequency.  Our world is moving through so many powerful shifts right now, and Sound Medicine is here as a teacher, guide, and ally during these potent times.  Sound truly is the medicine of the future, and I want to share everything I know with you so that you can serve your community now.  It is so important.  I believe in you.

Let’s do this!

With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,


Please note: this is not a course on Shamanism. Although some of the information that I share in this course is based on my experience in mentoring with a Shaman, and is shamanic in nature, this is not a training in Shamanism. If you are interested in pursuing studies in Shamanism, please feel free to contact my teacher, Erica Sandstedt, or any other person who has extensively trained with the appropriate elders, and/or has been ordained into the particular lineage your are interested in.


Q:  When does enrollment close?

A:  Enrollment closes on Tuesday, 9/13, at 9pm PDT (please confirm your corresponding time zone here).

Q:  When does the course begin?

A:  Our first LIVE class in on Thursday, 9/15, at 3pm PDT (please confirm your corresponding time zone here).

Q: I signed up for Shamanic Star Sound from a previous season, do I have access to the new certification course?
A:  It would be my greatest honor to walk with you as you deepen on the path of Sound Medicine. All previous SSS alumni are invited to join us for this LIVE certification course. In honor of your previous investment, I’ve put together a special offer for you! Please check your email for more information or email us at

Q:  Is this an online course or in-person?

A:  This course is held entirely online!  You can join from anywhere in the world.

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Yes!  See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you.

Q:  How does the monthly payment plan work?  Will the charge show on my statement each month, one month exactly from when I first paid?

A:  Yes, that is correct.  If you choose the 9-month payment plan, you will see the charge once per month, for nine months, on the date you first paid.  For example, if you sign up and pay for your first payment on the 20th, the remaining two installments will pull on the 20th of the following eight months.

Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A: In full acknowledgment of the economic differences that systemic racism, white supremacy, and colonialism have created, we have a few scholarships for 33% off available to support our BIPOC community. Please fill out this application if this applies to you. **Clarification: The scholarship does not include any promotional pricing. We are happy to offer 33% off of the regular price of one payment of $3,595 or 11 monthly payments of $336, or 33% off the full price for the apprenticeship.

Q:  What if I decide I don’t want to take this course after I sign up?  What is your refund policy?

A:  I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  Read the affirmation on the payment page out loud.  Really feel all of the people in your life who will benefit (most of all YOU) from this decision to invest in yourself.  That said, if after 1 week from the exact date and time when the first module’s content has been released on 9/15/2022, you don’t feel like this is for you, you have until 8am Pacific time on 9/22/2022 to request a refund by sending us an email.  After 8am Pacific time on 9/22/2022, no refunds will be offered.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself and take your intention to participate very seriously.  If you are not certain if this course is for you, please email us HERE with any questions you may have.  

Q:  I can’t make the live classes and/or sound labs, will they be recorded?

A:  All LIVE classes & labs will be recorded – however – your presence and participation is required. If you are unable to attend any of our LIVE classes or labs, you must watch the replays and write 3 bullet points of your key insights from the class in your workbook before the next LIVE class.

*** Q:  What is the time commitment for the certification?

A:  At the very least you will need to plan for:

  • 6 hours per month to attend our LIVE classes & labs
  • If you are unable to attend the classes & labs on the scheduled day, you will also need to watch the replays and plan to write out your reflections for the missed class & send them before the next LIVE class
  • 4-5 hours per month to attend the Sound Temple Ceremonies
  • Time to record your reflections from each ceremony (1-2 hours per month)
  • 40 minutes per week for your 10-minute Sound practice 4x per week.
  • Homework assignments will vary – probably best to plan for 2-5 hours per month.  Some months will be more, others less.
  • Beginning in January you will be offering Partner Ceremonies to your online community, so best to plan for 2-5 hours per month to organize & present your ceremonies.

Q:  I don’t have any sound healing experience yet, can I still take the course?

A:  100% YES! This course will be the best thing that ever happened to you as you begin your journey with Sound Medicine!  I am so excited for you!!

Q:  What if  I’m not interested in receiving the certification, but I still want to take the program for my own empowerment and learning?

A:  Of course,  there is the option to just have access to the experience & material just for your own personal learning & enrichment (not to receive the certification), but it is helpful for you to know that is your path (and helpful for us & your classmates to know) so that everyone can manage their expectations, so no one ends up disappointed. 

*** Q:  I don’t have any sound healing instruments yet, can I still take the course?

A:  You are required to have at least 3-5 different types of sound healing instruments prior to our first lab together on 9/30.  You should have at least 1 instrument in the following categories:

1) Dispersive: Percussive instruments that disperse or “chop” the energy (rattle, drum, rainstick, ocean drum, etc)
2) Smoothing/Hypnotic: Instruments that create continuous, hypnotic soundscape (crystal bowls, gong, didgeridoo, handpan, Tibetan bowls, classical harp, etc)
3) Neutral:  Instruments that do a bit of both (koshi chimes, bells, xylophone, crystal harp, tuning forks, etc)

You will need to have a variety of different instruments so that you have a good amount of sonic “material” to work with. The goal is to have you feeling comfortable and confident to facilitate Ceremonies that are 90 min-2 hours, so you need to have enough Sound to be able to work with for that amount of time.  As soon as you sign up you will receive a video to support you in building your family of instruments.  This is an advanced Sound Healing course, with practical sound labs and homework that you will be required to complete in order to receive your certification by the end of our journey.  If you have any doubts at all that you will be able to obtain the necessary instruments please wait until another time to join us for the certification.  If you have any questions about this please send us an email here. 

Q:  OMG I’m soooo excited to get some Sound Healing instruments!!  Which ones do you recommend???

A:  Yay!!  I love your excitement!!  As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to a video where I describe everything about which instruments I recommend, where to get them, etc.  I also went over the basics here.

Q:  What kind of instruments do you teach about?

A:  I only teach about those instruments I’ve played and can demonstrate for you (crystal singing bowls, crystal lyre/harp, crystal pyramid, tuning forks, koshi chimes, bells, drums, flute, rattles, rainsticks, ocean drum, practitioner crystal singing bowls).  I will NOT be teaching about didgeridoo, gongs, Tibetan bowls, handpans – but you are absolutely welcome to participate in the class if you have these instruments! 🙂

Q:  I’m already a professional Sound Healer, will I benefit from doing this course?  

A:  I love working with people who already have a good amount of experience, because then we get to experiment more.  As a professional Sound Healer myself, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to deepen my Sound practice and enhance my abilities as a Ceremonial Facilitator.  I trust your inner guidance.  You know if you are called.

Q:  Do you offer a Sound Healing Certification with this course?

A:  Yes. I am so happy to finally offer a certification!

Q:  After this training will I be able to teach and/or certify other Sound Healers using any of the methods/information from this course?

A:  No. This is a Sound Healing Certification, not a Teacher Training.  We may be offering. a Teacher Training in the future!

Q: Does your course have voice activation as part of the program? 

A: I am so excited to finally be able to say YES to this question! I will be sharing some vocal exercises and techniques in our LIVE labs.

Q: Can I do the Sound Healing and the Astro Empowerment and/or Remembering Lemuria courses at the same time? I’m sitting with this question. I have a few bowls, I use them regularly. I want to expand but I also don’t want to crowd my learning plate completely.

A: I don’t know what all of your time commitments are, so I feel like I can’t answer this question adequately.  I do know that we make time for what is important to us – so this might be a beautiful invitation to tune into your priorities & goals + considering other things that may come up along the way.  SSSC is a pretty intensive experience, so it’s best to review the Course Requirements and take an honest look at your schedule to make sure you can show up fully.  For those who want to weave Astrology into their Sound Medicine practice, we are excited to offer $447 off of the Astro Empowerment experience as a self-study addendum.

Q: Are your bowls 432 or 440hz frequency? Are any of them ‘pitch perfect’? Have you found it difficult to play with other people whose bowls are not pitch perfect or not the same frequency as yours? Where did you source yours?

A: I have two sets of frosted crystal singing bowls. Both are 432 Hz, and both are from a brand called Top Fund that you can find on Amazon. One set is perfect pitch (this is my main set. They also nest inside each other, condensing down into two carrying cases). It is definitely difficult to play with other instruments that are not 432hz, especially other crystal singing bowls. I’ve been able to get away with playing with 440 handpans/pantams, gongs, and metal singing bowls, but I have found it nearly impossible to play with 440 crystal bowls.

Q: Is your Sound Healing certification only for women?

A: Not at all! The Shamanic Star Sound is open to anyone and everyone who resonates with the sacred medicine of Sound! We need as many Keepers of Frequency and Carriers of Sound Medicine as possible on this planet at this time!! If you are feeling called to this collective mission, trust that!

Q: For our alumni: What is the difference between the Shamanic Star Sound Course and the Certification?

A: The original course was 8 weeks, and the Shamanic Star Sound Certification is 9 months. In this space we have the opportunity to go way deeper than we did before.

I’m teaching all of the classes live, and updating all of the subjects with everything that I’ve learned over the past 3 years since I first recorded the videos for the class that you took.

There will also be homework assignments at the end of every class, required reading, small groups for accountability, teachings on Astrology and how to weave the Astrological energies into your Ceremonies with proficiency. Students are also required to send in a 10 minute guided meditation, and a 45 minute video Sound ceremony, complete with lights & altar spaces.

Basically, by the end of the certification I want everyone to be able to offer ceremonies and hold space with the same level of confidence and proficiency that I do, but in their own unique Frequency expression.


Have a question that we didn’t answer here?  Send us an email and we’ll answer your questions asap!