The #SacredRebel within me is growing stronger. I realized the other day, that I don’t gain near as much satisfaction unless I am aligned with a cause. And I’m not talking about human rights, saving the whales, or housing in San Francisco.


I’m talking about that inner revolutionary fire that calls you to #letyourmagicOUT.

And now I feel like coming out of the Magic Closet isn’t enough.


I have rediscovered my passion for creating business success, with authentic alignment and spiritual connection – and it feels like going through the re-launch of The Awakening was like pouring gasoline on that fire.


I can no longer simply sit around and talk about sacred geometry or crystals… astrology, or the phases of the moon. It’s gotten bigger than that: now it’s about integrating that magic into The Game and becoming PROFITABLE.


Last night I told my coach, “It’s not enough for me to be seen as a weirdo anymore, I need to be seen as an influential and affluent weirdo.” They say where attention goes energy flows, and right now we are still in a time when our attention is focused on money. For far too long the life of the devotee has been one of poverty, often self-selected so that that became a requirement: spirituality/poverty.


I’m here to say that time is finished. Gone are the days of the uphill struggle of “chop wood carry water.” Now that we have passed the end of the Old Energy in December 2012, now is the time for the rise of affluent spirituality.


I have realized another layer to my mission: to help people not only deep in their spiritual connection, but to use that to gain material wealth and influence – because as Jay Z says, “I can’t help support if I am one of them. So I got rich and gave back, to me that’s the win/win.” ? I’ve been in the entrepreneurial game now for four years, and I’ve learned a thing or two about being spiritual and successful simultaneously.

If this resonates with you, check out my private coaching sessions, so I can use this fire to help you become more successful and influential, so that you can create more good in the world. Because a rising tide lifts all boats. #togetherweshallRISE