Five years ago I was an acupuncturist living in San Francisco with a thriving practice.

But something wasn’t right within me.

For the past year I had been going through layer after layer of transformation. In 2013 I took LSD for the first time, went to Burning Man, and began mentoring with an Ayahuasca Shaman.

My work as an acupuncturist had become increasingly shamanic. I used essential oils, crystals, Sound, energy work, coaching, guided meditations – the needles were almost an afterthought.

I felt like the work I was doing was completely incongruent with what the word “acupuncturist” calls to mind.

I wrestled with this dissonance everyday, and every day it got louder and louder until finally I couldn’t stand it anymore.

On 4/16/14, with the blood moon lunar eclipse + the Grand Cross (♂♅♃♇) I marched myself to the park and flung open my journal and had it out with my guides.

At the time my practice was called Lucent Alchemy (based around the alchemical process of transmitting lead, illness/emotional strife, into gold, well-being/purpose). Which was technically accurate, but I was sick of it! I feel like I spent the entire copy on my website explaining what alchemy was!

There is something more… And I needed it to come through now.

I scrawled the word MEDICINE across the page.

This felt good. It resonated with all of the shamanic medicine work I had been doing.

My work was medicine! Medicine for your… SOUL!

But there was something else… What was it?… It was more than medicine for your soul. . .

And then it hit me… STAR.

Of course the final word was star! I have been obsessed with the stars since I was a child.

I looked at the words… SOUL STAR MEDICINE.

I remembered that the Soul Star Chakra contains all of your past life imprints, Akashic records, astrological blueprint, and connects you to All That Is.

Yes. It was perfect.

Whatever happened in my business from now on would always be connected to my Soul Star, and it would always service medicine for people.

This was the all encompassing, ever expanding, defined/undefined, unlimited playground of creative expression I had been looking for.

Within these three words I felt safe. My work could be whatever I wanted it to be.


One year later, I was struggling with in the container of acupuncture again. Even if I was doing shamanic acupuncture, something still wasn’t right.

My Dharma felt big.

I felt like I needed to reach hundreds of thousands of people. And I felt like sitting in a room with one person at a time, four people max per day, was a disservice to my Dharma and it to all of the people I knew I was meant to help.

Something had to change.


I began working with @willolovesyou and something begin to emerge. My guides told me that I was to leave my acupuncture practice and go online.

I began doing distance Energy healing sessions, and writing the curriculum for my first online course.

Coincidentally, in April 2015, I received a call from the woman who owns the clinic where I worked, telling me that they were going to have to shut down the clinic for six months for renovation. I knew it was time to leave.

In June 2015, I walked out of that clinic for the last time, sold all of my acupuncture supplies to @lizzieraeswartz and went fully online.

It was the BEST decision I have ever made.

Creating an online business, based on the idea that I can do whatever I want, create whatever I want, whenever I want, has opened up countless doors in my life.

It is the reason I was able to move to Maui and live the life that I live.

It’s the reason I am able to serve Thousands of people all of the world simply by writing an Instagram post from my couch.

The journey has not been easy. In fact it’s been fucking terrifying at points. I had to do things I never thought I would know how to do. I’ve had to figure everything out, mostly by myself. I had to do things that no one in my family has ever done before. There have been times that I have felt completely alone and miss understood by everyone around me.

And yet I kept going.

In the grand scheme of things, five years is not a long time, and sometimes it seems crazy to me that it’s only been that long! It feels like I have lived entire life times within the past five years.

Looking back, what I have been able to accomplish in the last five years blows my mind.

And so I say to you: whatever crazy idea or outlandish stream is knocking on the doors of your subconscious – FOLLOW IT.

I am no different than you.

I did not have financial support, hook ups or connections, special training in business or marketing, or other hidden resources to do this.

I watched how energy works on Instagram, taught myself how to build a website, and put myself out there every damn day.

I followed my intuition and created inspired content through courses and Instagram posts.

For the first three years of my business I didn’t do any email marketing – it was all on Instagram.

So go for it!

Take that dream, those intentions, that prayer, that desire to be of service and fucking run with it!

And whatever you do, if you only take away one thing from reading this post, know this: DO NOT WAIT until you are perfect, your course is perfect, your content is perfect, your pictures are perfect, your Instagram post is perfect, what the fuck ever is perfect – to put yourself out there!


Share your process, share your mess, share your heart, share all that you are as often as you can, and you will be amazed at how the universe responds.

Now GO!!! DO IT!!!