Illuminated Self Reflection


In my sessions, I blend Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys, all while working through a Lemurian lens (empowering you to let your unique magic shine out through your service in the world).

As a Projector with the channels of Structuring & Synthesis, I have a hypersensitivity to what would be most supportive for you for our session.  I also have an uncanny ability to weave together multiple systems, and explain the information in a way that is easy to understand. Many people experience radical insights & empowering breakthroughs from the way I explain things.

When we sit down together, it is my expressed intention to reflect back to you all of your beauty & strength.  I love showing you all of the ways you might not be seeing yourself, the secret powers and support you have within you, and how you can come to love yourself even more.

My sessions are all about remembering how to truly see yourself  & your gifts, so you can be of greatest service during these powerful times of transformation & healing on our planet.



  • You long to be of greater service to the world in fun & playful ways that are unique to you.
  • You want to know more about your unique gifts and how to bring them forward in sacred service.
  • You feel a mutation brewing within your DNA and you’re ready for empowering support to catalyze your own personal revolution.
  • You already know some Astrology and are curious to see how your Human Design & Gene Keys charts can help paint a bigger picture.


All sessions are held via Zoom.


In my sessions, I blend Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys, all while working through a Lemurian lens (empowering you to let your unique magic shine out through your service in the world).

Ask me for Spiritual Business guidance, how to share your gifts with more ease, bring harmony to your relationships, welcome more prosperity,  connect more to your past lives, Star Family connections, how to have better boundaries when you feel emotionally overwhelmed, Energetic Hygiene in the workplace or with family, or how to create the perfect scenario for a creative breakthrough.  You choose the topic.


Please note that these sessions are best viewed on a computer.  There are many small details in your chart that you will be going over which will not show up on a small device such as a phone.  You may attend with any device that you have, however, if you would like a recording of your session, you will need to attend the session from a computer versus a phone or a tablet.

You will also receive a copy of your Birth Chart emailed to you prior to the session.


The one-hour session is best for beginners or if you want to gain more of an understanding of who you are & what you are here to share with the world.  The one-hour session is best if you have 1-3 simple questions that we can go through in a succinct amount of time. We can focus on 1 – 2 areas: Career, Relationships, Past Lives, etc.  Please state your intention in the box provided when you sign up. Returning clients are invited to book this session for strategic guidance & planning.

The two-hour session is best if you already have a good understanding of your chart, or if you have more elaborate questions, are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, or aren’t quite sure what you want to cover.  In this session, we also can look at the year ahead to see the best timing for launches, travel, specific offerings, etc.  Please state your intention in the box provided when you sign up.

PLEASE REMEMBER: I am not a therapist.  I am a mentor & guide for spiritual people seeking to show up in service in this time of great change.  I cannot fix you.  I can only share what I see.  The rest is up to you.

Remember: Love you!


My session with Rakai’el was such a profound gift! During our time together, Rakai’el provided insights about my blueprint beautifully integrating evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and channeled wisdom helping me to illuminate hidden gifts and to prepare for the year ahead. I am so grateful for the depth, creative exploration, cosmic wisdom, and multi-dimensional perspective Rakai’el shares and embodies. Much love, appreciation, and gratitude!

Emily Ghosh Harris

Sound Alchemist, 5D Business Mentor, Galactic Astrology, Florida

Rakai’el’s astrology sessions feel so supportive and extensive in nature. So much can get covered in that amount of time. The sessions are less about understanding my natal chart placements, and are more focused on guidance and application and the integration of this knowledge into the ephemeris for the year, and the next. I love the specificity presented and detail-oriented, archetypal lens Rakai’el shares with me in relation to the different aspects of my chart. What was revealed to me was not only confirming, but also incredibly empowering, as I was offered practical suggestions in coherence with making the most of this time of deep growth and transformation. Through engaging with Rakai’el’s beautiful service, I now view and work with astrology as more of personal, poetic creative art-form, that invites me to find deeper meaning and gratitude for all that is.

Wurundjeri Country, Naarm, Kulin Nation

After my session, I felt validated. It was the first time anyone acknowledged my innate skills. I realized that I have within myself (my chart) the natural talents and ability to create a rewarding and fulfilling life. 

I now have a clearer sense of my life purpose based on my personality traits. Although I had made certain choices in the past that created blockages in my growth, Rakai’el guided me to new decisions so that I could experience success using natural talents and skills that appeared in my chart. I was able to release limiting beliefs about myself and accept the secret I had been keeping from myself, which was my own competency. I realized that I held the strength I had been searching for within myself (my chart) to create a fulfilling life. It was a truly life changing Astro Session.

Julie S. Ong

Author & Spiritual Life Coach, San Francisco, CA

Rakai’el’s approach feels magical, integrative and deeply grounded in wisdom, alchemy & ceremony. Her sessions are completely devoted to both illuminating & unearthing your inherent gifts and soul stories that are waiting to be remembered. After our session, I have noticed much greater clarity on who I am here to work with, and how. With that clarity, comes confidence and poise, and knowing that when I share my voice in a way that feels correct for me, my contribution is deeply connected to the universal grace & creativity of Source.

In her sessions, Rakai’el shares her vast cosmic knowledge & insights in a way that feels practical, grounded & enveloped in a sparkling shimmer of radiance!

Lucy Anne Chard

Soul Story & Divine Purpose Coach

Rakai’el creates a beautiful space in her sessions making one feel at ease and in such good hands. Her knowledge and the way she translates it into easy to understand examples makes such a difference. I learnt so much more than I could have imagined and it has given me a new perspective to look at my life and my self awareness. In such a big way this has helped me let go of thinking about who I ‘should be’ which has been creating disconnection in my business and my life. I now get to be the true and authentic me. I am grateful for the tips, advice and book recommendations so that I can take soul aligned action moving forward.
Lindsay Pretorius

Transformation Coach

I am so deeply grateful to have had some really amazing and powerful teachers.  I bow for eternity to you Erica Sandstedt, Kahuna Kalei‘iliahi, Martin Rauch, Rich Raffles, Jeff Leifer, Isis Indriya, Adam Apollo, Ke’oni Hanalei, Renata Reitzman, Rene Jenkins, Willo Sana, Amy Lea, and so many more.

I first learned how to sit with people who were navigating challenging moments in their lives as a Licensed Acupuncturist in my practice in San Francisco from 2012-2015.  As a primary care provider, I supported my patients through all types of physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional transformation & healings.  I studied Astrology for 10 years before I began teaching & offering sessions professionally in 2017.  I studied ceremonial facilitation for 3 years, and Sound Healing for 2 years before I began teaching them in 2018.  I was working with my own Remembering process for 4 years before I began guiding others through their own Remembering processes in 2017.  I first began contemplating the Gene Keys in 2012, after having a daily practice of consulting the I Ching starting in 2005, and I’ve been deep in my Human Design experiment for the last 3 years.  I’ve been working with Carl Jung’s Hero’s Journey format since my first Vision Quest at age 22 back in 2003 – the same time I also healed from an incurable autoimmune disease.

It is my greatest prayer that all of these experiences and the insights I have received from them serve to inspire, empower, support you on your own path of liberation.

with endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,



After my session, I felt more knowledgeable and more clear on my birth chart. I learn a lot about my birth chart and this is helpful in additional resources and essences to integrate or play with. I  feel like the things I am learning in my chart I already know and feel deeply…so it is more validation for my evolution and ascension and Divine Blueprint which allows me to anchor into and trust myself even more.

Rakai’el is an amazing teacher and I am grateful + Honored to learn Astrology from her!

Jessica Valor

Spiritual Mentor & Healer

I love how Rakaiel holds this beautiful space to dive into the stars and I was not prepared for so many aha moments and the way everything is written right day, she explains it so beautifully.

Paloma Castillo

Shamanic Sound Practitioner

Rakai’el was so detailed and really helped me understand not just the placements but how to look at the chart as a whole. Rakai’el went above and beyond in our session. She made me feel supported and her deep insights made me feel seen and powerful. She is amazing!! I am so grateful for her time and care with me.


The session began with a grounding meditation which cleared the field and allowed me to come into my body and settle into a space where I could listen more deeply, with my heart. Rakai’el communicated with such clarity, precision and depth. She made my chart accessible to me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. There was also a lovely levity and playfulness to the session. I feel like we were friends in another lifetime. She seems so familiar to me!

Mia Hatgis

New York, NY, USA

Rakai’el applies the spiritual aspect and meaning of your chart. So you get to have a different approach to it, a wider I would say. The biggest insight was really seeing my story what has been written in the stars and that is to uncover, transform and live in my life!! And Rakai’el was explaining it in a very digestible way!!

Naia Joy Petra

Since our session, layers of clarity and awareness connecting to my personal expansion have been unfolding slowly as I integrate them.  My sesision with Rakai’el opened my awareness to astrological influences in my life and how they create the shifts in my daily life.

I am expanding my understanding of my purpose in this life, and how I am in the world.  I now understand where I am heading, as well as how I might move forward in my life more directly. The biggest take-away from my session was recognising insights coming through when things around me seem to be out of balance or I am overactive or extra sensitive. 


Alice Springs, AU

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