Yesterday, Saturn (aka Father Time, the Lord of Karma, and the Taskmaster of the Zodiac) stationed Retrograde in Pisces, beginning his 4.5 month long Retrograde cycle in Pisces.  Over the next 4-5 months, we will all be put to task in the area of our lives (charts) where Saturn will be making this journey, reviewing, refining, and rectifying our responsibilities, boundaries, and our inner authority (Saturn keywords) related to our dreams, spiritual practices, and any dissociative habits (Pisces keywords).  
Last year Saturn went retrograde, also in the sign of Pisces, from June 17th through November 4th (from 0°-7° Pisces) – so this is not an energy we are unfamiliar with, unless that retrograde was in a different house for you. You may want to take some time to reflect on what your experience was related to responsibilities, boundaries, and living according to your inner authority (or not) during that time.

I always say that every Retrograde cycle is like 3 books (or movies) in a Trilogy.  

Book One is when the planet first moves through what is called the “Shadow Period,” when it is crossing the same degrees that it will retrograde back over when it has to retrace its steps during the Retrograde cycle.
In Book One, we are blissfully unaware, frolicking along, and somewhere along the way we pass some important information without registering it, overlook an important experience, or drop/misplace something we were carrying on our journey. (In reference to Saturn Retrograde, Book One was March 23rd – June 29th.
Book Two (where we are right now) is when the planet Stations Retrograde and turns around to retrace it’s steps all the way back to when it first entered the “Shadow Period.”
In Book Two, our attention is more focused inward (related to the particular planet in question), and we go on an inner alchemical journey, consciously or unconsciously looking for whatever it was that we missed, dropped, or overlooked in Book One.  (In reference to Saturn Retrograde, Book Two is now: June 29th – November 15th).
Book Three is when the planet Stations Direct and, now moving forward, walks back over those same steps for the 3rd time (also called a “Shadow Period”).  In Book Three, we have hopefully found/retrieved/experienced whatever it was that we missed the first time. 
It’s like we are in a fairytale where we must journey through the dark forest, narrowly escaping the demons & beasts that lurk in the shadows, but then we get to the end of the forest only to find a locked door. On the door there’s a message that says the key can only be found by answering the riddle of the creature that lives in the swamp at the entrance of the forest. So we go back, this time facing the demons & beasts, making it back to the swamp, where we answer the riddle & liberate the creature, and finally receive the key. Then we journey back through the forest, which is now filled with light and life, making friends with those creatures that haunted us before, until we finally make it back to the door where the key fits perfectly and we continue on our journey, much stronger, grounded, confident, and humble than before. (In reference to Saturn Retrograde, Book Three will be: November 15th – February 18th, 2025).

Saturn is all about putting in the time, effort, and energy to cultivate the discipline (I like to say devotion) to get serious about taking responsibility for setting & honoring our boundaries (with ourselves & others), so that we can create long-term success by standing in our own sovereignty/authority, instead of being influenced by the opinions/expectations of others.  I know Saturn gets a bad wrap, but really, especially from this perspective, he is SUCH an amazing ally.

Whenever a planet stations Retrograde, the energy of that planet (for Saturn: boundaries, responsibilities & authority) turns inward. I love this energy, because these next 4.5 months will be so supportive for cultivating your connection to your own inner authority.

In Human Design, each person has a specific inner authority located in the body, based on what centers are defined in the Body Graph.

To find out your Authority, download the free app from, and enter your birth info (or for your loved ones), and when you look at your chart, under your name it will tell you what type of Authority you have.
As you will see, some people are designed to listen to their gut (and some are not), and others receive intuitive whispers (and some do not), and that’s actually totally appropriate for them.  I love this so much because it removes the guesswork of how to listen to your body, and every body is different!  
Here is a very brief (and highly simplistic) overview of the different Authorities just to give you an idea.  Please listen to the podcast episode I did recently with Marni Suu Reynolds on the Golden Thread Podcast for a deeper explanation. 
  • Emotional Authority: the answer to every question is always a no first, until a yes begins to vibrate to the surface (or not).  It takes time for the body to move through the Emotional Wave before clarity arrises, this is why it’s important not to act spontaneously.  This is a powerful authority because it is both an awareness center, as well as a motor.  (I have this, & my life changed radically when I decided to honor my wave – even though I don’t feel like an “emotional person” per see).  PS: it’s all about slowing down so you can experience more pleasure in life & bring good energy to your people & projects, but you gotta wait for it. 
  • Sacral Authority: you have an in the moment, in the body, gut response, that operates in a binary – yes or no, this or that. Too many options can dilute your energy. Often you will hear yourself making “sacral sounds” of ah-huh (yes) or uhn-un (no).  Underneath every question or decision is “will this make me satisfied?”
  • Splenic Authority: the answer to every question is always a yes first, unless you “hear” the soft intuitive whisper of the Spleen say No. The voice of the Spleen speaks softly and only once, so even though Splenic beings tend to move very quickly and spontaneously, they need to pay careful attention so they don’t miss the voice of the Spleen.  The Spleen is always weighing every question/opportunity with “is this healthy for me or not?”.
  • Ego Authority: this has more nuance to it depending on if your Ego is connected to your throat or your Identity center, but in essence when making decisions, you always have to consider “do I have the will/heart to do this?”
  • Self-Projected Authority: you are a verbal processor, and it’s important for you to talk through your decision making process so you can hear your own voice. While input from others can be helpful at times, that’s not what informs your decision, it’s by feeling the resonance of your own voice inside your body when asking “does this feel like me?” that you come to clarity.
  • Environmental Authority (Mental Projectors, also sometimes written as No Inner Authority): you are also a verbal processor, however in this instance it’s important for you to be in different environments that feel good and talk through your decision making process so you can hear your own voice & feel how it feels to speak about your inquiry in different places. You need people in your life to act as sounding boards, to just listen to you process, and not offer any advice or guidance.
  • Lunar Authority (Reflectors): With all of your energy centers open, you are very sensitive to your environment, so you have a similar process to the Environmental Authority, however with your openness, your identity undulates with the moon.  Each month the moon moves through all of the 64 gates in the Body Graph and by waiting a full lunar cycle before making a decision, you get to feel that possibility through all of the 64 Gates, each one giving you more clarity about your inquiry.

So you see, in the homogenized world, filled with societal expectations, social programming, etc., we think that we “should” make decisions the same way, but we’re all very unique!  One of the most liberating & empowering things you can do for yourself is to begin to make decisions according to your own Authority, and empower your loved ones to make decisions according to their Authority as well.

Saturn Retrograde Journal Prompts

Take some time to reflect on what your journey has been since March 23rd through now (June 29th):
  • What have you been building over these last 3 months?
  • Where might you have skipped some steps or made decisions based on some other outer authority or expectations of others?
  • Do you feel connected to your Authority according to your Human Design? (Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Self-Projected, Environmental, or Lunar).
  • Are you willing to devote yourself to learning more about your Authority & choosing to allow your Authority to make the decisions in your life instead of your mind?
  • How have you grown more mature & responsible since March, and yet, how can you refine this maturity by putting in the time, effort, energy & hard work, so that it can become mastery?
  • Are there any particular places, situations, or relationships where you need to cultivate better boundaries, or become more sincere in your responsibilities, and really get serious about making decisions as yourself according to your Authority?
  • Are there any inner systems & structures that you need to put in place, strengthen, or fortify to help you live according to your Inner Authority?

I hope this is resonant & supportive for you.  Please feel free to take screenshots and share on social media – please tag me on Instagram @iamrakaiel.


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Remember: love YOU!