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Welcome to my online treasure chest of magic!  Here you will find many things to guide you on your way: my favorite books, cards, jewelry, magical wearables, music, and sooo much more! I’m go grateful to be able to share this with you. I love each of the things listed below and I hope you will too!

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Lemurian Student Offerings 

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Lemurian School of Remembering.


Astrology / Personal Awareness

Business/Spiritual Growth (same in my world!)

by Regena Thomashauer


Understanding the New Energy, the New Human, Lemuria, Atlantis and beyond

Oracle Cards & Tarot

Danielle Noel
Danielle Noel
by Rebecca Campbell
& Danielle Noel
by Rebecca Campbell
& Danielle Noel 

Adorn Yourself

Manakai Swimwear
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Sound Healing

There are several different things to consider when purchasing crystal singing bowls:
1. What sizes do you want (I recommend not having any bowls smaller than 7″, and prefer for the smallest to be 8″ myself. When you have smaller bowls, they sometimes don’t play as easily or tip over from the pressure of the mallet on the side. My bowls are 14″-8″)
2. If you will be traveling with your bowls anywhere (car, plane, etc), you will want bowls that can nest inside each other to minimize the amount of cases/boxes you have to transport. (I have one 14″, two 12″, two 10″, and two 8″. When I travel the 8″ goes in the 10″ that goes in the 12″ that goes in the 14″, and then the other 8″ goes in the 10″ that goes in the 12″. This way I only have two boxes/cases to carry)
3. If you want 432 hz bowls. You can do some research on the difference between 432 and 440 hz and feel what resonates most for you. My bowls are all 432.
4. If you want your bowls to be perfect pitch. This can sometimes be harder to find, but in my experience, having perfect pitch bowls makes it much easier to play with other instruments and other bowls, and to sing with because they are tuned to the accurate pitch of the notes in the scale.
You can often find good quality sound healing instruments on Amazon. No judgment. 😉
FUN FACT: Quartz crystal singing bowls are actually a byproduct of the semiconductor industry and were designed for the manufacture of silicon computer microchips. In the laboratory, what we call crystal singing bowls are called “crucibles” used to force grow the silicon microchips. The quartz crucible is filled with chunks of polycrystalline silicon (silica sand) and heated in a furnace to around 1,425 degrees, resulting in molten silicon by which the computer chips in your device are formed. The musical quality of these crucibles was an accidental discovery! The crystal singing bowls we play are still used for this same process today. This is why in the beginning, many of the companies making crystal singing were usually industrial companies, and not spiritual at all. The more modern sound healing companies still use this same process of melting silica sand to make thier crystal singing bowls. This is why I’m not personally very picky about where the classic frosted singing bowls are sourced from. 🙂

Boss Goddess Gear & Resources

My Favorite Spiritual Apps

Cosmic Collaborations & Awesome Peeps

Manakai Swimwear
Use the code “soulstar22” to receive 22% off!

Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine
from Ke’oni Hanalei

Podcasts & Interviews

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