We Are Remembering

The call of Lemuria beckons to your heart, Old Soul.   You know you are one of the Ancient Ones.  You have been here assisting the Earth on her mission of Ascension for ages.  You find resonance with the frequencies of Ancient Egypt, Avalon, Greece, and Atlantis… and even before then…  you feel the whispers of the Star Elders from long long ago speaking to you in your dreams…  Flashes of other lifetimes in other places catch you off guard on long drives or while you are walking the dog…. Visions of an Ancient Future Past compel you to research and explore what might have been…. 

Could it really be true?

Your heart aches with a deep longing for confirmation of what you feel inside.  

As members of the Family of Light we have been on a secret mission for lifetimes.  We signed up for this mission knowing we would forget everything… knowing we would be persecuted for our magic…. knowing that we must remain hidden…  until the time of SHIFT arrived. 

We knew there would come a time when we must help each other Remember this mission.  NOW it’s your turn…
Who were you then? What did you know? Can you remember?

Everything is changing.  We can all feel it.  There has never been a time like this before.  Now is the time for you to:

  • Bring forth the ancient wisdom encoded within your cells.
  • Allow yourself to look back into your future past and rest in the Truth of your psychic abilities and expanded intuition.
  • Access hidden skills, abilities, and talents you had hoped could be true for you.
  • Experience a deeper connection with the cosmic nature of the Earth than you ever could have imagined.
  • Reconnect to the innate intelligence of your Body as you remember to Trust one another once more.
  • Feel the waves of relief washing over you as you remember that crystal clear guidance is only a heart-centered breath away.
  • Resource your karma and transform it into your dharma.  Prosperity comes when you truly show up with ALL that you came here to share in sacred service to humanity. 
  • Fully step into your role as a powerful agent of change and transformational healing for humanity and our planet at this time.

The Time is Now:  We are the Dreamers and We are Awakening

We are slowly rising from the long slumber of forgetting, wiping the dust from our eyes, and beginning to ask questions that have never been asked before.  Who are you, and why have you come here?  Why have you been asleep for so long?  The time has come to lift the veil, and to remember who we really are.  Now we are to become the conscious dreamers, tuning into the collective, remembering our gifts, weaving and dreaming a new reality into being.  We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

Why Now?

For some time now we have been navigating the waters of change.  Current events continue to push us into the edges of our comfort zones.  Many are beginning to ask: where is this all going? How do we get back to “normal”?  There is no clear path before us, so perhaps we can look to the stars for guidance.  In astrology the stars at the top of your chart represent where you are going in this life, however, you cannot ascend to grasp your higher vision without first diving into the bottom of the chart to retrieve the hidden treasures there.  It’s like a giant cosmic slingshot.  In order to go up, you first have to go down.

And where is down?

In this metaphor, down is into the past, and for our adventure we are specifically interested in retrieving the treasures from the ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, and any other timelines that resonate with the myth of an advanced civilization and a sinking island.  For the sake of this course we are calling this vibration Lemuria.

The ancient civilization of Lemuria held, what we would call now, a futuristic vibration.  “As ancient Lemurians, we came to Earth from various star systems to bring the Pure Light of Love.  We chose to come to a predominantly water-covered Earth because our bodies were more subtle than physical, and it was easier for us to integrate into the environment here.” (Redwood 7). We lived in harmony with the Earth, and developed many beneficial technologies, systems of architecture, and ways of relating and raising children.

There came a time when the Lemurian frequencies could not be maintained and the continent sank into the ocean.  There are many different stories about how and why this happened.  Our intention for our journey in this program is to retrieve the parts of ourselves that can be the most beneficial for us and our communities at this time, and to find practical methods for bringing these gifts forward.  We are not looking to figure out the mystery of the sinking island, or who’s fault it was.  We are looking for the parts of ourselves that are the wise ones, the healers, the artists, the benevolent inventors & scientists, and the peacekeepers, and asking these parts of ourselves to teach us to remember.

By joining us for this adventure you might remember an invention for clean energy, and idea for a sustainable financial system, new instruments, new ways of healing, new ways of relating to one another, and new ways of parenting the starseeds that walk among us.  If you are getting chills reading these words, this is your cellular structure confirming that this is Truth.  Trust your body to guide you.  All that you need is inside of you.  What is hidden in the depths of your being that is longing to be free?

In my experience of being called to move to Maui, and allowing myself to be completely transformed by the experience, I have discovered things about myself that I never would have believed were possible.  I have remembered how to sing in a particular way, and this was catalyzed through consciously inviting my Lemurian lifetimes to speak to me.  Through this singing I discovered my gifts as a sound healer, and now I serve the sacred medicine of sound and song to people from all over the world.  We all have gifts that are sleeping within us, and they are when remembered and shared, we can bring greater abundance to ourselves and others, so that we may continue to serve.  By transforming our own lives, and remembering who we really are, we can transform the lives of those around us and bring great healing to our planet.  

– Rakai’el Webb

“Each and everyone of you is going to have to know that your life is about something as you begin to remember your role. You yourself chose to be here. You are on assignment to bring memory forward and to bring the value of human existence back to the forefront of creation. You are needed. You have been training for this assignment for lifetimes and you did not come unprepared. All that you need to know is already inside of you. It is your task to remember your training.”
-The Pleiadian High Council (via Barbara Marciniak)

What people are saying…

I haven’t even completed Remembering Lemuria yet, and my whole life, work, awareness of what I’m meant to do, and how I show up in the world have all changed through this course.  I’ve taken on so much this year in terms of self-empowerment and what I want to learn, and I’m so grateful that I’m learning so much from this experience.  To illustrate an example of how potent the energy is that’s held in these containers Rakai’el holds: In Module 1 she goes over many rituals that she engages in, one of them being honoring the elements. After being introduced to these methods, my practice has deepened so much over time, and now, the spirits that I channel and work with the most are the elements.  If you by any chance feel called to participate in Remembering Lemuria – do it.  I can’t recommend it enough.

LaToya Roux

Mystic, Ritualist, Sacred Space Holder, www.SovereignSoulMedicine.com

You had me at site copy. So many pieces of my past & present felt SEEN and supported in the Remembering Lemuria experience, so it felt like a natural choice to join. It was also at the start of COVID when I knew I’d be requiring a container to anchor to. I felt energized and at peace.  All of the content in this course has taught me to see the magic in the ordinary (which I now do) and believe that it is available when you are still enough, willing, and looking for it. It’s always on my mind in terms of, how can I make things MORE ME in situations where things feel regular – that’s just an attitude.

I LOVED the shared insights and the magical opening and closing meditations. I also loved the storytelling, synchronicities, and remembering that activated just by listening. I felt so understood, hopeful, and inspired! My biggest takeaway from the course is to stay present and connected to the magic within and around me. The shifts and insights seem unending. My connection to water, sun, moon, stars, plants, and animals have deepened. I’ve felt safe in my me-ness. I’ve felt safe to fully step into who I am, embodying all of my beautiful uniqueness and intricacies. Both anchored and empowered. I’ve dramatically slowed down the pace with which I live, and as such, have felt so much more intentional which has meant shifts both big and small, better boundaries, and overall clarity and making decisions that feel so much more aligned. Love you endlessly Rakai’el!


Soul Mentor, Waterkeeper, Sunset-Chaser, Milwaukee, WI, www.katherinegramann.com

Remembering Lemuria popped up on Instagram as all of these womb winks (as I like to call them) ushered me forth.  There was no doubt in my mind that this course and path was meant for me at this time. I grew up on the island of Oahu my entire life, and felt an immense connection to Kauai and never knew why. As I began my spiritual journey and path of remembering, ancient lifetimes of Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, and Avalon started to be unearthed. Lemuria came through synchronistically as I was back home on Oahu visiting my family.   I had an energy reading done and she spoke of the Lemurian energies being strong within me. When I was within the water I heard her speak to me for the first time shortly after that session.

Since taking the course, I’ve become so much more in tune with Mother Earth, I feel and hear her speaking to me. I feel a more profound connection to water and have remembered my past lifetimes in Lemuria as a mermaid-fairy (didn’t know that existed but that came through clearly) who was a water alchemist. Through the water alchemy remembrance, I have begun making flower and gem essences for my family and partner, and I have continued to deepen my connection to Mother Earth in such a profound way. I remember the magick I have held through lifetimes and have reclaimed that and pulled those gifts through to be utilized in this one.

Cherezade Aanya

Womb Priestess, www.thesacredmystica.com

When I first heard about Remembering Lemuria, I felt the energy and heard its songs pulling me in like the tide. I knew I needed to take this course. I let go of all resistance I was holding onto, and it felt so good when I said YES to this beautiful journey. My biggest take away from this experience was the awareness I now have of my ability to embody true forgiveness of my past wounds. I have clear insight, which has provided me with the opportunity to integrate all of the lessons I have been processing and healing. I am owning the experiences, and I have stepped fully into my power as a water woman and rebirthing coach for my community and the world! Remembering these amazing frequencies has accelerated my self-esteem and confidence as a powerful leader and healer.  Rakai’el, her team, and the community are all such amazing inspirations. I enjoyed opening up, being seen, and acknowledged in the Live group Discuss & Process calls! I’m so grateful for Rakai’el, this community, and the course!!!

Rachael Lanehart

Water Woman, Rebirthing Coach, Asheville, NC, www.merkabamermaids.com

When I saw the announcement for Remembering Lemuria, I felt such a deep resonance.  I knew I had to sign up, as I felt called to connect the pieces I saw throughout my life that were pointing towards a connection. During this course I have remembered and experienced a deep connection to the work that began long ago, and is still vitally unfolding here and now. I especially enjoyed the module about awakening to the codes, and how to bring them into form in this current lifetime.  I continue to integrate the messages I receive from nature, interpreting frequencies, and playing with energy and sound. I love Rakai’el and her work!!!!!


Sound Alchemist, instagram.com/creationalchemy

What inspired me to say YES to Remembering Lemuria was my intuition, the colors, and the diversity and confident nature of the content. Even though I was consciously discovering the information for the first time, everything felt already known within. Having people talking so naturally about a topic that still feels metaphysical for others was liberating. While learning about and discussing the land of Lemuria, it felt so alive – which freed blocks and fears I had around fully being me. Rakai’el embodies Lemuria well, and her personality holds the content together; she is a bridge between all the shared information. She is strong and assured, which is so comforting when you’re discovering such an esoteric topic. Lemuria feels like home because of how Rakai’el presents it!
Nathalie Ristord

Intuitive Hypnotist, Vancouver Island, Canada, www.nathalieristord.com

I had been wanting to sign up for Remembering Lemuria for a while, so it felt like a no brainer to join.  The time felt right, and it felt amazing to say YES. I love all of it! Learning about the elements, Gaia, the stars, astrology, water alchemy, dragons, shamanism, light codes, vocal activation – it all deepened my relationship with life.  The things I’ve always felt connected to came alive on so many layers. Since taking the course, it’s as if ancient parts of my DNA and bones are awakening at quantum speeds. My biggest takeaway from this experience is the remembrance that I actually do trust that Magick is everywhere – in the small details of everyday life! 

I’ve noticed shifts in my every day perception of life around me; the way it feels as though the stars and planets continue to deepen their relationship with me when I think of or see them, the way the winds sing their songs through the trees, the messages the waters carry, the way in which light language continues to come through, the reclamation of my magick as a Sound Priestess, and how all of this magick sings through my sound art!!!  By allowing it all to be a part of what I share, I’ve noticed many openings around sharing my magick without fear. Love you so much Rakai’el! Thank you!

Tanya Clark

Sound Priestess of The Rose and Moon, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

There was a lot going on in my life when I signed up for Remembering Lemuria, and the course came across to me like a sign. The spiritual world opened up to me, as did so many things about Atlantis.  Taking the course has allowed me to channel my dreams to my real life. I’ve opened up to become an entrepreneur in a multinational business. My biggest take-away was the empowerment of awakening, declaring myself free, and allowing my true Self to break free from the Matrix.

Sarah Carneiro Transferetti

Sao Paolo, Brazil, instagram.com/sarah.transferetti

I signed up for Remembering Lemuria because it just felt so aligned with my soul purpose.  I knew I had to do it, even though a part of me felt scared. I was so nervous and excited in my physical body, and felt like I was jumping into a new sparkly timeline where I was assuredly going to step further into my power as a multidimensional being.  I use to brush the feelings, images, and memories off as coincidence, fantasy, or just a vivid imagination – but after taking this course I’ve learned and gotten familiar with the particular “feeling flavors” that accompany past life memories coming to the surface.  I’ve learned to bring more of my Lemurian self into my daily life, to own my stories and not to be ashamed of them, and to use what I’ve learned about my Lemurian Priestess self and integrate it all into my healing practice for my clients.

Liana Russo

Mystic Healer, Philadelphia, PA, www.starspirithealing.com

I signed up for Remembering Lemuria with the goal of exploring and acknowledging more about myself.  Through this course, I received conformation -or- re-confirmation of my path. I’ve always been curious about plants, planets, cycles, signs, and crystals – this course showed me how everything is complementary.  I learned that the roots are within me, and to listen to my heart and soul. After the course, the greatest work is now mine, within, to make conscious all that was assimilated, and to realize how my soul will wake up.

Liliana Batalha

Marketing Manager (and Spiritual Apprentice), Lisbon, Portugal, instagram.com/pathwhisper

What inspired me to say yes to the Remembering Lemuria course, was after completing the Reclaim Your Light course (Which omg that course saved me, and has completely changed my life) – I felt so clear and inspired by your energy and teaching methods, and really wanted to continue on this journey with you!  The course does an amazing job of breaking down old belief systems that say certain things are not possible, and opens one up to new ways of thinking. The greatest blessing of this course has been the powerful connection with Gaia, learning SO much about who I am, why I came, where I am going, and clearly seeing my challenges with the knowledge that I CHOSE them! It’s amazing and is helping me see myself with clear vision, and be so proud of who I truly am! THANK YOU!

Hannah McKelvie

Star Maiden, Victoria, Australia, instagram.com/seacrestyoga

My call to Lemuria was getting stronger and stronger. And how drawn to the stars and my soul journey I was. Synchronicity made me commit to it. At first I was so nervous and didn’t know if deserved to do something like this for me. Doing it and going through the course made me see how much I need to do stuff like this for me. Remembering Lemuria helped me remember who I really am, and connected me with me. 

This course changed my life. It helped me expand my mindset to allow for abundance to settle into my own self love. It helped me realize how important it is to answer the call and that these kind of opportunities deliever the answer to prayers and the guidance we seek. Deepest gratitude.

Whitney Jensen

Soul Purpose Whisperer, Utah

I’ve shifted and evolved in ways I’d have never imagined. I’m more intuitively led now than ever before, my dreams are more vivid, and I’ve accomplished more in my business during the time span of this course than I ever have in such a short span of time! Diving into a spiritual remembrance truly activated all aspects of my life, from the physical, mental, emotional, and of course, spiritual. What nudged me to invest in a course like this was finally facing my issues with money and in realizing that in investing in courses like this, I am directly investing back in myself. The results have been astronomically more profound than in my years of remembrance on my own!

Cosmic Intuitive Guide, NYC

I had so many shifts, changes, insights, miracles, memories, manifestations! For the first time, I felt how unconditional love feels when I remembered my life in Lemuria. I was able to understand the lessons from past life traumas, and learned how to clear and release them. I feel like now I understand myself better, and am closer to understanding my life purpose and the many talents I brought in with me which I had never noticed before. This course strengthened my connection to the universe. Communication is flowing easier, more natural. I gained trust in what is possible and how much I am supported from Spirit.
Birgit Humphreys

Constance, Germany, www.manifestthelight.com

This course arrived at a serendipitous time, when I was most thirsting for Lemurian wisdom. Every cell in my body was calling it in. I kept following the trail of synchronicities until my whole being said yes! This course is the perfect medicine I needed to the unfolding that was already occurring and it felt good to invest in this class, it felt like divine timing and I was ready for my Lemurian Earth Guides. All the information that was shared has changed who I am, the experience of life has been much deeper and richer since this class.


Long Beach, CA, instagram.com/touchoflightwellness

I was inspired to take the Remembering Lemuria course not only as a gift to myself, but to also be surrounded and supported by other like minded individuals.  The layout of the course is amazing! I also love the Private Community Group!! It is amazing being connected with a tribe of like minded people.

My biggest take-away from this course, (wow it’s hard to choose just one, there are so many!) would be that I started having more clarity in my life.  Manifestations started to come through in all areas of my life; new opportunities for my Art business, meeting new like minded people, and being able to heal some of my chronic health issues.  This experience has reminded me to “always,” continue to have my daily spiritual practices intact, no matter what distractions are happening around me, and the importance of making that “time & space” for myself.

I just love Rakai’el and everything she’s doing and offering.  I love that she’s so REAL during the courses and on Instagram.  I have yet to learn how to really be me on Instagram, but through this course and her inspiration I’m learning!  Blessings to you, & Mahalos for everything!!


Kalaheo, HI


Rakai’el Webb is an internationally known Lemurian Priestess and Founder of The Lemurian School of Remembering. Her sacred songs of awakening activate the remembrance of hidden wisdom, gifts, and talents we carry from past or parallel lifetimes.

Rakai’el has a special gift for seeing the latent potential in someone and providing the most appropriate experience to activate this potential.  She is passionate about empowering those who have come to create innovative solutions during this time of shift on our planet.

Rakai’el is a clairsentient Lemurian Priestess, Sound Alchemist, Astrologer, and a Heart Math Mentor, with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In 2014 she was called to relocate to Maui, Hawaii, where she has been remembering her Lemurian lineage and transmitting these frequencies worldwide.

Sosa is a Healer, Akashic Records Reader, Grid and Portal Activator, Light/Shadow worker, Spiritual Cultivator, Ascension Guide, and Meditation Teacher.

Sosa’s remembrance of Lemuria came during her Saturn Return, when she was experiencing many tower moments… depression, suicide, loss of work, relationships, and home.

Being a woman of color and living generational trauma, her healing became parallel with the healing of the collective, especially of our black and brown brothers and sisters. Releasing the shadow, both inner and outer, will assist in integrating the ancient medicine of Lemuria, allowing us to step fully into our soul mission.

Sosa is currently anchoring the Lemurian medicine in the ancient land of Atlantis in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Lizzie Rae Rose is a healer and a writer from San Francisco where she anchors the Lemurian vibration from nearby Mount Shasta. She is an ambassador for the faerie realm, rewilding ascension teachings through nature consciousness. She is currently persuing her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also the founder of the Awake Woman apothecary, a line of flower essence remedies for spiritual awakening.

Her healing style is a special blend of flower essence therapy, channeling, intuitive counseling, and ceremony. Prior to starting her healing practice, she earned her B.A. in Italian Literature from Yale and worked for Google in engineering.  Lizzie is currently a full time student and mother to an amazing Star Child. 

Kirsten Schubel is an intuitive Healer & Light worker, with a vast knowledge of Colour and how it reflects and supports the Architecture of the Soul.

She is an Aura-Soma Practitioner helping others to awaken their Divine Blueprint, with Colour and Light Therapy, supporting and empowering them to become ALL that their Soul came here to be this life.

Kirsten is a proud ambassador for the Lemurian frequencies and Teal vibrations that emit from her home in Kingscliff, Australia.


Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist.  She is a mentor in the art of voice and song craft, working with those passionate about discovering their sound codes and bringing them to life in songwriting.

Learn more about Marya and her bonus offering here.


Danielle Noel is a multidisciplinary artist from Victoria, British Columbia.  She is the creator of the Starchild Tarot, Moonchild Tarot, Unicorns are Real, and many other incredible projects.  Many of her creations are thematically based in ancient symbolism, occult mysticism, and exploring the interconnection of the Divine Feminine and Energy Medicine.

Learn more about Danielle and her bonus offering here.


Ke’oni Hanalei is a Hawaiian alchemist, botanist, and cultural practitioner born and raised on the island of Maui. Upon birth he was hanai’d (adopted) by his grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani, who was a well known and recognized kahuna, or Hawaiian spiritual healer.  Ke’oni became entrusted with ancient Hawaiian and Mū secrets from his grandmother who had a premonition that he would disclose those secrets to the world when the time was “hemolele,” or perfect.

Learn more about Ke’oni and his bonus offering here.

We have been dreaming of you and this adventure for so long.

Dive in.  Let the information wash over you.  Discover how your cellular structure, voice, astrological chart, dreams, water, plants, crystals, colors – all have hidden information to share with you.  Everything you need is right inside you.

What people are saying…

I signed up for Remembering Lemuria because it was time to empower myself by remembering the ancient knowledge within me. Healing the part of me that was terrified to remember felt so liberating. I was holding so much ancestral and past life trauma. Seeing my traumas and choosing to use them as tools of wisdom and empowerment was life-changing.

I remembered so much from this course, as well as through the additional resources. The class on Flower essences helped me remember or ‘validate’ my connection to Earth, and how it is part of my purpose here in this lifetime.  The Astrology section brought me back to the stars, and I now understand so much more about myself.  I was inspired to dive deeper into the suggested additional resources with a fellow Lemurian sister.  The power this held made me realize this is an initiation to remembering. I enjoyed the Live Discuss & Process calls, and felt it was such a safe container to express myself without fear of being judged or being wrong. 

My biggest take-away from this course was connecting to other beautiful beings that have had similar experiences in life.  I don’t feel like I’m in a rush to figure it all out so I can fulfill my purpose anymore. Instead, I choose to love myself unconditionally in every single stage in my life.  I choose to keep doing the work with patience, love, and enjoy every step of the way.  Thank you for everything. Thank you for holding a space for me and all of us.


Incan Priestess, Seattle, WA

When I saw the description of Remembering Lemuria and felt Rakai’el’s energy, I felt a strong resonance and knew this was right for me. It felt really exciting and empowering to invest in myself in this way. I had been working with Lemurian energies for a few years and was ready to dive deeper.

Since taking the course, I have felt a deep reconnection to my inner knowing, body, memories, guides, and most especially the Earth herself. I have stepped into more of my power and remember not only past lifetimes but also power that I had lost in this current lifetime. I have experienced powerful shifts in how I see the world around me, how I connect with the Earth, and how I bring forth my healing medicine. I have reconnected with my physical body in a new way and feel much more clear and ready to do my work in the world. I feel at home and at peace in the world. I also have a deeper appreciation for astrology and how I can use it daily in both my personal life and to add it to my practice.

This experience totally changed the way I view the world, my karma and dharma, and how I choose to show up every day. In our discuss and process calls, I enjoyed the way we could each share and reflect, and loved the feeling of being in sacred circle without judgement.  I could really feel the presence of the other members in the meditations.   This was the most beautiful and sacred group process I have experienced, the energy felt very clean and sacred.  The way Rakai’el held space and allowed us to share was magnificent! Thank you for that!

Rebecca Loach

Angelic Channel + Sacred Scribe, Ontario, Canada, www.rebeccaloach.com

I felt deeply inspired to say yes to Remembering Lemuria, and to invest in myself with this course due to some huge life changes, as well as my unraveling of Pleaidian roots.  One of the insights I experienced was that a witch wound surfaced, and has now been healed.  I also had the realization and shift of knowing within myself that I am on the path to becoming an herbalist so that I can be a plant ambassador.  I absolutely loved the connection in the private community group, and the private temple space was very easy to use and navigate.
Sarah Flowers

Social Alchemist

I said YES to Remembering Lemuria because of the strong nudge I got. Investing in myself this way felt AH-MAZING.  Since taking the course, I’ve had incredible dreams and affirmations about my star family, I’ve received real-life opportunities to travel to magical places, and I’m now even interning at a local sound bath business.  I will be integrating this experience into my internship, which is 100% in alignment with my dharma, as it gives me the opportunity to share with the people who come through. My biggest take away is this: If you invest in yourself on a soul level, you WILL prosper. 

The private online Temple area is SO COOL!  The quantity of information was perfect, and I love how the content is organized.  I appreciated that the course wasn’t timed, so that we can go through it whenever we’re ready.  I really enjoyed the Discuss & Process calls and being able to connect and share with everyone. I would love to be in person with everyone, and can’t wait for the retreat!  Rakai’el is a fucking ANGEL!

Soul Therapist, Nashville, TN

I was led to Remembering Lemuria through all of Rakai’el’s posts, numerous signs and my intuition pulling me to dive in, I just couldn’t ignore it! It has been the greatest investment. I’m still going through all the modules & I can’t believe the changes so far. My whole business is going through complete transformation as I open up even more to the magic this course delivers.  I’ve become more aware of the world around me, and more connected in ways I never knew possible! Once complete I will be diving straight into Rising Lemuria! Thank you so much for these incredible offerings, and for every course you deliver. They are filled with so much passion, inspiration and transformation. You truly have changed my life. I’m eternally grateful for finding you Rakai’el. You really are a beautiful soul. Thank you x

Helen Gray

Yoga Teacher, United Kingdom

I am so inspired by Rakai’el and the vibration she holds for us all. I felt ready and excited to invest in the course, and I felt like it was something very important for my own personal process of remembering who I truly am.  Since taking the course, I feel more grounded in my gifts, and have a greater clarity on how I’m here to serve. This has also given me a greater sense of direction and focus in my business. The biggest take-away from this experience has been my healing gifts of Intuitive Vision, Intuitive Knowing, and the power of my Voice as a healing technology for myself and others.  I am sincerely grateful for this experience.

Lucy Anne Chard

Guide for Healers, Intuitives & Sensitives, London, United Kingdom, www.lucyannechard.com

Signing up for Remembering Lemuria felt like a soul calling. I can’t even begin to list all of the soul gifts, initiations, activations and shifts I’ve had since stepping onto this path! I have truly learned to trust in the divine on a deeper level, I have delved into the shadows of my being, I am healing relationships, and determining how I show up in the world. I have stepped into my power, and by holding this new frequency I can transform stagnant areas in my life or rebuild better foundations, with a present, grounded, and heart-centred approach. I am integrating my remembrance into my family life and coming out of my ‘spiritual closet’ in a bigger way, sharing this magic, and seeing a profound shift in others around me. Rakai’el has been my greatest teacher on this profound journey of homecoming. Her teachings are so profound, and it has awakened a calling and deep resonance in the Priestess Path for me. It has truly been such a magical ride and I anticipate what will continue to unfold as I integrate this and share the Lemurian frequency.
April Swift

Sacred Ceremonial Leader, New South Wales, Australia, instagram.com/soul.alchemy.april

The information about past lives, “lost” civilizations, connecting with unseen realms and guides in every capacity – this is what helped me most. This course triggered a deep shift in my awareness and an openness to what’s next for me. I no longer feel so alone in my ideas and passions. Connecting in a rational way, in a group of people, to aspects of the world that I was taught to ignore, suppress, etc. so I wouldn’t be seen as weird. This was so liberating for me. It helped me connect to all of the other topics from a non-intellectual space. My willingness to trust what I intuit increased exponentially.
Stephanie Snipes Marshall


After taking the course, I see the magick in all things, and this really helps elevate the mundane. The feeling of awe does something terribly awesome to the soul. This experience has been a catalyst for my intuitive abilities, which is a great help in day to day life. During the LIVE Discuss & Process calls, I loved hearing from my sisters and especially their experiences and feelings. I don’t have friends in the esoteric realm in real life so I loved having this community and the wisdom here. 

Lemurian Skywatcher, Huntington Beach, CA

As soon as I saw the information about the course, I knew it was very much in alignment to where my heart and soul wanted to journey to. I love the ocean and Rakai’el’s imagery really spoke to me in a deep level. I decided pretty much immediately. Looking back, I loved this course soooooooooo much!! I have enjoyed every minute of it. The content is so rich and deeply absorbing. I feel emotional about how happy this course has made me feel. It is all the things I love and so much more. It truly is a work of art!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Melissa King

Art Psychotherapist, Manchester, UK

Our Journey

Thirteen weeks of remembering.  Whether you are just starting on the path to dive into your memories, or you’ve been connecting with your past and future selves for some time now, it’s always beneficial to create a safe container to do this kind of work.  It’s very much like going diving in the ocean – you need to make sure you have the right gear.

GROUNDWORK: with Rakai’el


Real talk: opening up to aspects of yourself and reality that you might not have considered before can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed to outside influences – seen or unseen.  That is why we are going to work together to set up clear boundaries for our journeys, and discuss tools to help you navigate and integrate your discoveries.


  • Feeling Safe to Explore
    • Setting up “Office Hours”
    • Navigating through lower vibration memories
    • Permission to Release
    • Traversing linear concepts and collapsing timelines
    • Co-remembering and Shared Memories
    • Staying Anchored in your Sovereignty


In Lemuria we lived in deep harmony with all of creation, and this relationship is still available to us today.  The vibration of Lemuria is still encoded into the Earth and is accessible if we make space for it.  Remembering your connection to the Earth will help to keep you grounded and clear, and can open you to the magic and synchronicity that is always trying to communicate with us!

  • Communicating with Life
    • Honoring and inviting the faeries and energies of places / objects to play
    • Making the Mundane Sacred
    • Daily Practices for Connection

Clearing & Grounding Meditation,
Ocean Meditation for Remembering

Lemurian Shadow Work & Ancestral Healing


Sosa’s remembrance of Lemuria came during her Saturn Return, when she was experiencing many tower moments… depression, suicide, loss of work, relationships and home.

Having gone through many childhood traumas, she became aware how much of the pain timelines she was displaying and repeating in her 20’s. Being a woman of color and living generational trauma, her healing became parallel with the healing of the collective, especially of our black and brown brothers and sisters.

She will be teaching about shadow work and how to alchemize so each of us can be used as conduits of change and healing on this planet. Releasing the shadow, both inner and outer, will assist in integrating the ancient medicine of Lemuria, allowing us to step fully into our soul mission. As a Remembering Lemuria alumni, she is very honored to grow this community and to serve during this ascension process.


It’s time to remember.
  • Shadow work / Inner child / Ancestral Trauma & Healing
    • What is shadow and what is the work?
    • Allows you to step into Soul Purpose, being of service
    • Detaching ourselves from the old programming/coding
    • Balancing the collective shadow
    • Clearing codes for the next generation of Star children
  • Sacred space (Altar) / Embodiment
    • How to create your sacred space
    • Connecting with Higher Self/Ancestors/Spirit
    • Earth offerings & gridding
    • Stepping into the mission
    • Being the conduit of change
    • Activating the Lemurian codes

Meditation: Shadow Work
Meditation: Cord Cutting
Meditation: Inner Child
Meditation: Anchoring/Activating the Lemurian Medicine

The Many Layers Of Remembering


Diving into the space of connecting to other experiences is a multi-layered exploration.  They say the best place to hide something is in plain sight, so our work begins in our bodies.

Your body is an incredible resource for accessing your Lemurian connections.  Encoded into your bones and every single one of your cells, is all of the wisdom that you carry from your time in Lemuria. The simple act of remembering your dreams is a gateway to remembering your Lemurian lifetimes.  The dreamworld invites us to relate to our visions through symbol and metaphor – and has much in common with the watery world of ancient times. Once we’ve explored our connection to our own bodies and dreams, we begin to move outside of ourselves.  The physical world around us – sacred sites, crystals, stones, water, plants – all want to connect with us. In remembering how to listen, we can receive their ancient wisdom and listen to their tales of ancient times.


It’s time to remember.
  • Your Body is Remembering
    • Connecting to Your Heart
    • Connecting to the Grids
    • Staying Present
  • Working with Your Dreams
    • Inviting Dream Connections
    • Entering into the World of Symbols
    • Beginning to Interpret Your Dreams
  • Opening to Receive
    • Working with Crystals, Stones & Water
    • The Magical Art of Listening
    • Learning Other Languages

Sound Healing Meditations
Meditation: Reconnect to Your Multidimensional Body
Meditation: Initiate Dream Connections
Meditation: Opening Your Ears

Lemurian Water Alchemy


Water alchemy was the foremost form of medicine in Lemuria. As a water-based civilization, water was given the highest respect, both as a medicinal substance, an element, and as a teacher par excellence.

When you work with water with reverence and sanctity, remembering in your heart the ancient yet timeless ceremonies you danced in Lemuria, you activate the healing potential of holy water that exists within your own body.

When you bless water and honor water as a teacher, you bless your body and this planet as your teacher.

Finally, when you remember your abilities to program water as subtle healing medicine, you awaken the magic that has always been within you. You remember water as a source of inner power and inner strength.

It is time to remember.


  • Basic Principles
    • How to communicate with nature / channel the elements
    • Guides and Mentors for Lemurian Water Alchemy
    • Lemurian Materia Medica
  • Techniques
    • How to make prayer, flower, and crystal essences
  • Advanced Techniques
    • How to create formulas
    • How to research essences
    • Next steps and resources

Meditation: Connect to your Lemurian Plant Ally
Meditation: Remembering Lifetimes as a Lemurian Water Priestess or Priest

Remembering Your Connection To The Stars


As above so below.  The Universe speaks to us in symbols and metaphor, and is often reflective.  Therefore, in remembering our connection to the watery continent of Lemuria, it is important for us to look to the stars for guidance.

In ancient Lemurian times we were intrinsically connected to the sky, and your astrological birth chart holds keys to helping you to understand clues you have left for yourself along the way.

When we learn to dance with the planets and stars in our birth charts, and in our daily lives, we reconnect to ourselves as conscious participants in the Divine Plan.  Learning where to look in your chart for clues about your Lemurian lineage is empowering and validating – often offering explanations for why we feel so drawn to this frequency.


It’s time to remember.


                  Press play.  Artwork by Forging Mind, music by Rakai’el
  • Astrology Basics
    • Planets
    • Signs
    • Houses
  • Advanced Astrology
    • Asteroids & Fixed Stars
  • Hidden Keys
    • Signs that point to your Lemurian Lineage

10 Sound Healing Meditations for each planet: Invoking the Planets as Spirit Guides

The Colours Of Lemuria


Lemuria was a magical vibrant light-filled colourful paradise, of the highest vibrational colours: Green, Turquoise, Blue, Royal Blue/Indigo, Violet/Purple, Magenta, and metallics like Gold & Silver, Opalescent and Pearlescent colours.

Colour helps us to connect to our Lemurian lives. When we surround ourselves with the colours of Lemuria we re-awaken to the abilities we possessed in these lifetimes.

How can we bring these colours into our daily lives, or whenever we feel called to? Recognising how we are already bringing these colours into our energy field.

It’s time to remember.
  • Activating your colourful lights (chakras) + your soul’s unique colours to awaken your Lemurian gifts into your being today.
    • Understanding the role that your Soul Star Chakra plays in Remembering.
    • Journey into the Self, and dealing with any challenges or fears that may arise.
    • Colour essences / vibrational medicine to support the remembering of your abilities from Lemuria.
    • How to recognise your own unique colours.
  • The Turquoise Factor
    • What is the resonance of the colour turquoise with Lemuria?
    • Why the colour Turquoise is a key factor in remembering your I AM.
    • The vibration of fun, love, joy, and peace.

Meditation: ‘Light up your Lights’ (chakras)
Meditation : A Turquoise Journey

Bringing Heaven To Earth

Integration Ceremony with Rakai’el

It’s all well and good to do these deep dives into our psyches to remember our lifetimes in Lemuria, but what are we going to DO with this information?  In receiving the gift of remembering, we are asked to use this information for the benefit of all beings and become agents of transformation and positive change in the world.  In our final session, we’ll discuss next steps for practically applying all of the information you’ve been learning over the past several weeks, and collaborating together to create Heaven on Earth.

  • Becoming agents for positive change
  • Integration practices
  • Ideas for collaboration
  • Building community

“Believe nothing! Entertain possibilities!”
-Caroline Casey

Whether you know it or not, whispers of the “past” guide you everyday. 

When you can become more aware of this guidance, entering into a profound state of collaboration with the multidimensional aspects of yourself – your life becomes one miracle after another.

  • You are guided to be in the right place at the right time to meet someone – who has important information for you.
  • You are guided to places that you never would have expected – to retrieve the parts of yourself that you left there.
  • You are guided to share your stories with your clients, your friends, your customers, your family – with every person that you meet – because you want them to know that IT IS POSSIBLE.

Together, we are Remembering.

Magic is REAL.

We ARE creating Heaven to Earth.

YOU are more powerful than you think.

Let this become your everyday life.   R E M E M B E R .

My love of the ocean inspired me to say YES to the Remembering Lemuria journey.  The course was also recommended by a good friend of mine. I read more about it and it really called me in, so I signed up!  I really loved all of the topics covered in class. I’ve taken what resonates and have made it a part of my world, as I Remembered that it needs to be a part of my day to day wellness.  I love the Private Community Group; everyone is so supportive, especially you Rakai’el! My biggest takeaway from this whole experience is that I not only Remember who I am, I am now LOVING who I am!
Christine Prove


I had memories resurface from when I was in Lemuria.  I searched on the internet for Lemurian courses, and this course, Remembering Lemuria from Soul Star Medicine popped up.  I felt the urge from within to say YES and invest in myself, in order to bring out my priestess self. Since taking the course, my clairvoyance has strengthened, my memories and intuition have grown stronger, and I feel more capable of helping others.  The course helped provide me with an explanation as to why I feel a deep connection with crystals, water alchemy, and plant medicine. I now embrace creating rituals for myself, and will incorporate Lemurian healing in my daily routine as well as my business.

The Private Community Group was such an intimate and sacred feeling full of love, like a sister gathering.  I also loved the calm energy and openness of the Live Discuss & Process calls. I would LOVE to attend the Lemurian Retreat, become an active member of the Lemurian Alumni, and to guide other students on this path.


Brisbane, Australia

Some of the shifts for me have been my sensitivity levels increasing and my awareness of the natural environment around me. My body is still undergoing a number of changes and I believe they are related to new information/light codes/activations I have received since opening up to Lemurian frequencies in my field. I have a deep level of resonance in my body with the information I have been consciously learning and re-remembering in my dreams. The biggest activation has been to experience myself energetically as a Cosmic Priestess and to truly know that this is where I simultaneously reside as well as in this reality. MIND BLOWINGLY wonderful 🙂
Lisa Kotz

Vibrational Medicine Woman & Reiki Master, New South Wales, Australia

I would say the biggest take away is a deeper understanding and visceral experience of CONNECTION. A heart centered connection with plants, stones, crystals, food, water, my CELLS, and everything within and around me. I’ve been practicing energy medicine and various forms of spiritual healing for 15 years, but something really sunk in on a whole new level with this course. It was like, AH HA!! I’ve been going through the motions but not fully connecting it all. And the power of communicating and giving permission to my cells, HOLY INSTANT MAGIC!! This work feels deeply embodied. Thank you!
Holly Strother

Registered Nurse, Sebastopol, CA

I was inspired to sign up for Remembering Lemuria, as I felt it was a “follow the white rabbit” type of thing.  I got a message saying “Heaven on earth” in a meditation, and then you wrote that on one of your insta posts about the course!  I have no regrets about investing in myself in this way! Since taking the course, an interesting insight I’ve uncovered is that I’ve Remembered and recognized that some of the people I know, I am sure that they were in Lemuria with me.  I am so happy that I have forever access to this course; life got so busy and I wasn’t able to participate as fully as I would have liked. I’m looking forward to taking part in this next go-around!
Lindsay Wolgel

Performer, Healer, Creatrix, New York

What Is Included

  • A 13-week adventure into remembering your past and parallel experiences from Lemurian lifetimes, facilitated by Rakai’el, with additional content from Sosa, Lizzie, Kirsten, Marya, Ke’oni, and Danielle.
      • Dates of the course: December 1st, 2020 through March 4th, 2021.
      • This course is held entirely online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world!
  • Lifetime access to 13 weeks of video content with 1-3 videos each week, ranging from 20-60 minutes each.  All video content is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and re-watch whenever you like.
  • NEW! Downloadable, written transcripts for each video so you can highlight and take notes to your heart’s content.
  • New video content will be released every week on Tuesdays.
  • Over 15 downloadable audio meditations that you can listen to whenever and wherever you like.
  • Three LIVE 90-minute Discuss & Process calls with Rakai’el
    • If you are unable to attend a LIVE call, all video sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Temple of Remembering (private member area).
  • One LIVE 2-hour Integration Ceremony call with Rakai’el. Pure magic!
  • Lifetime access to the Temple of Remembering.
  • Lifetime access to our Private Community Group.  This is NOT a Facebook group.
    • Some features of this Community Group: A mobile app and web interface, clear organization, secure and confidential communication.
    • Here you will receive support from Rakai’el and the entire Lemurian Community.  You will be able to ask questions and receive support in your remembering process. This is a safe space where we can share our rememberings, stories, dreams, and visions, and celebrate with one another along the way!
  • All Lemurian Students receive special coupon codes for 1-on-1 sessions with Rakai’el, and many other courses she offers – forever!  Once a Lemurian Priestess/Priest, always a Lemurian Priestess/Priest.

The Remembering Lemuria experience is the first part of The Lemurian School of Remembering, and is a prerequisite for advancing when the second part of the program, Rising Lemuria, is offered again in the spring of 2021. 


December 1st, 2020 – March 4th, 2021
* All Video Recording Content will be released on Tuesday of the corresponding week.

Week 1: The Foundations of Remembering with Rakai’el
Week 2: Your Body is Remembering with Rakai’el
Week 3: Lemurian Shadow work and Ancestral Healing with Sosa
  LIVE Discuss & Process Call – Wednesday, 12/16 at 4pm Pacific with Rakai’el 
Week 4: Dreaming to Remember with Rakai’el
Week 5: Opening to Receive with Rakai’el
Week 6: Foundations of Lemurian Water Alchemy with Lizzie Rae Swartz
Week 7: Lemurian Water Alchemy Techniques with Lizzie Rae Swartz
  LIVE Discuss & Process Call – Wednesday, 1/20 at 4pm Pacific with Rakai’el 
Week 8: Advanced Lemurian Water Alchemy with Lizzie Rae Swartz
Week 9: Remembering Your Connection to the Stars with Rakai’el
Week 10: Asteroids & Advanced Astrology with Rakai’el
Week 11: Fixed Stars & Lemurian Cues in Your Chart with Rakai’el
  LIVE Discuss & Process Call – Wednesday, 2/17 at 4pm Pacific with Rakai’el 
Week 12: The Colors of Lemuria with Kirsten Schubel
  LIVE Integration Ceremony
Wednesday, 3/3 at 4pm Pacific with Rakai’el 

FIVE Amazing Bonuses Included!


Bonus! Remembering Lemuria Digital Download Meditone EP

Remembering Lemuria is a digital download designed to help you awaken those ancient-future memories that are slumbering within you. Read more about the album and how Rachael remembered how to sing this way here.

When listened to with headphonesRemembering Lemuria stimulates Theta brainwaves which are the gateway to your spiritual connection with the Universe.  Theta brainwaves give us access to detailed visualizations, ancient future memories, intuition and insight that is usually beyond our normal conscious awareness.

2 min Sample: The Lemurian Tones of Awakening & Remembering

by Rakai'el Webb | Remembering Lemuria

Bonus! Lemurian Vocal Empowerment Meditation with Marya Stark

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. A founding member of Scarlet Crow, she is a storyteller, an oracle bard, and muse of creation. When she is not on stage or creating art, Marya offers her medicine as a Musical Midwife, supporting the Archetypal Embodiment Journey of her apprentices. She is a mentor in the art of voice and song craft, working with those passionate about discovering their sound codes and bringing them to life in songwriting. Steeped in the alchemical arts of womb clearing, she currently leads her ‘Voice Of My Womb’ vocal enrichment workshop series globally and online. She is a chaser of waterfalls, and rememberer of the songs of the sapphire creation codes.

Marya is offering a vocal empowerment meditation, a practice using the voice to strengthen the song lines of the lineages of the soul, including those that go back to the realms of the Lemurian frequencies.  

Bonus! Lemurian Fern Medicine Walk with Ke’oni Hanalei

Ke’oni Hanalei is a Hawaiian alchemist, botanist, and cultural practitioner born and raised on the island of Maui. Upon birth he was hanai’d (adopted) by his grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani, who was a well known and recognized kahuna, or Hawaiian spiritual healer.  Ke’oni became entrusted with ancient Hawaiian and Mū* secrets from his grandmother who had a premonition that he would disclose those secrets to the world when the time was “hemolele,” or perfect.  As an alchemist and botanist, he owns and operates Pōhala, a line of nourishing and enriching esoteric medicines, oils, teas and other products made from native Hawaiian botanicals. His specialty is focused on endemic and indigenous Hawaiian Ferns which, as told by the Mū people, carry the pure codes to human emotions which he has termed “The Principles of Aloha.” 

The people of Mū knew the gift of self-reflective intelligence gave humans the kuleana (responsibility) to cherish, revere, and uphold divine jurisdiction of all sentient beings on the planet.  In the time of Lemuria, the concept of falling out of harmony with this endowment was inconceivable; symmetry and equanimity was never challenged, despite the aspect of free-will as a fruit of self-reflective intelligence. The innocent exploration and expression of emotions allowed this harmony to prosper. This was the heart of Mū energy. 

Upon the emergence of a scheduled wa (epoch), an epoch defined by the slowing of perceptions and a densification of ‘umekaumaha (gravity) an attempt was made to preserve Mu energy when a high council of star beings decided to encode the essence and purity of human emotions, traits, and virtues into Fern pollen.

We call these “The Principles of Aloha.”

The intention was to preserve the integrity, truth and purity into mathematical, vibrational and biological codes which were then integrated into fern pollen.  The ancients knew that upon the emergence of yet another new wa (epoch) these codes would become disclosed and invigorated so that the human spirit could comprehend, resource, and express our true emotions once again. The Mu people felt that our comprehension of these principles would determine our ability to hala (ascend).

Ke’oni will take you on an adventure into the sacred Īao Valley (the House of the Moon) via video recording.  Ke’oni will teach about Fern Medicine with actual coded Ferns explaining the Principles in which they correlate. Other aspects and examples of Mu mana’o (wisdom) and the natural world will be discussed and elaborated.  Ke’oni will share ancient wisdom of the waters, and some special Hawaiian chants.  This class is meant to introduce you to the divine world of sacred Fern Medicine. 

Bonus Interview with Danielle Noel of the Starchild Tarot!

Danielle Noel is a multidisciplinary artist from Victoria, British Columbia.  She is the creator of the Starchild Tarot, Moonchild Tarot, Unicorns are Real, and many other incredible projects.  She is continuously inspired by the beauty and visceral magic of the West Coast.  Her work shifts between the digital realm of illustration and collage, and hands-on painting, photography, and design.  Many of her creations are thematically based in ancient symbolism, occult mysticism, and exploring the interconnection of the Divine Feminine and Energy Medicine.  Throughout her pieces you will also see traces of the mythos and stories that have captured her imagination since she was a child, including her deep connection with the land of Lemuria.

Danielle will be doing an Interview where she will discuss the ancient wisdom and sacred symbolism of Lemurian Mythology, Hermetic Philosophy, and our Starseed origins.

Bonus Meditations, Videos, and Rituals from our Lemurian Alumni!

Through the Lemurian Leadership Program, our beloved Alumni have been working hard behind the scenes throughout their 3 month journey to create some really beautiful guided meditations, videos, and rituals for our growing Lemurian Family!  The Lemurian Journey is all about personal empowerment, and it brings me so much joy to be able to share and celebrate the creativity of our community.  

Mālama ‘Āina (Take care of the land)

3% of your enrollment tuition will be donated to the West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership.  The West Maui Mountains are home to the Sacred Valley of the Hale Mahina (House of the Moon) and the Lemurian Leina (Stargate) of the Makali’i (Pleiades) on Maui.

The West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership was established in 1998 in a concerted, collaborative effort to reverse the negative trend of forest degradation caused by threats like invasive species, human impacts, and wildfire. 

The forest they protect is home to a treasure trove of plants, animals, and insects found nowhere else in the world.  This forest supplies the water we drink on Maui, and in the ancient Mū stories it is said that this water comes from the Pleiades.

The Partnership’s goal is to protect the native forest that generates most of Maui’s fresh water supply.  A healthy, intact native forest is a giant living sponge that will provide a sustainable source of water for our island. 


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Let’s do this!

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Refund Policy: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.  If for some reason you decide that you are not ready for Remembering Lemuria within 1 week from the exact date and time when the first module’s content has been released, 12/1/2020, send us an email and we will refund your tuition. After the 1 week time period has passed, 12/8/2020, no refunds will be offered, and you are fully responsible for your entire payment plan.

The Remembering Lemuria experience is the first part of The Lemurian School of Remembering, and is a prerequisite for advancing when the second level of the school, Rising Lemuria.

The Lemurian School Of Remembering

Level 1: REMEMBERING LEMURIA (offered 3 times per year): a 13 week adventure into the wisdom of your DNA, dreams, water alchemy, ancient Hawaiian/Lemurian plant medicine, Astrology, vocal empowerment, and color therapy to awaken ancient memories within you.

Level 2: RISING LEMURIA (offered twice per year):  a 13 week adventure to deepen the ancient knowing within through Lightwork Shamanism, star songs and vocal alchemy, embodied Astrology, Crystalline Dragon Kundalini practices, Lemurian Fern Medicine, and connections with Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Avalon. Each of these experiences is designed to ground the Lemurian frequencies into empowered Service and offerings to the community.

Level 3: LEMURIAN LEADERSHIP (offered once per year): A 13 week LIVE online Priestess/Priest Training to assist in the practical application and embodiment of anchoring the Lemurian frequencies, and holding space for others to do so as well.  Integrity, Influence, Responsibility are the pillars of the Lemurian Leader, and we explore & co-create opportunities to actualize your leadership and the gifts you’ve come here to share.

Collective Lemurian School REMEMBERING LEMURIA RETREAT held once per year, where all members of the Lemurian School get to apply what they have learned so far & co-facilitate or receive the Lemurian frequencies depending on their current level in school.

Astro-coaching sessions with Rakai’el are available at any point, and the Lemurian Mentorship Program is available in Rising Lemuria and Lemurian Leadership levels.

Come with me on this grand adventure.  We each hold an important piece of the puzzle of remembering.  Hidden within your DNA are new insights, understandings, ways of living in harmony with each other and with this mysterious, magical world.  Who are you really?  What have you come here to share as your sacred offering?  Can you see beyond the illusion?  Things are not as you have been told.  You have come here at this time to be a part of a powerful shift to initiate collective healing on a galactic level.

Your heart remembers who you really are and what you have come here to do.  We are the ones who hold the keys to the new reality.  Only by remembering and reclaiming our past can we create the world we all long to see.

Remember your starseed lineage.  Dive deeper.  Reclaim your galactic inheritance.   Remember.  All that you need is inside you.

It’s time to remember.

Something woke up inside of me when I saw Rakai’el’s posts, pictures, and videos about Remembering Lemuria.  I felt drawn to connect deeper with her and her knowledge.  Seeing her content made me emotional, as I could see my future self in her. 

I was afraid at first to invest in the course, and I feel so grateful that I decided to jump in.  My life has changed so much since I took the class! I started remembering my Lemurian experiences, deepened my connection to Earth, the stars, and Pleiades.  I was reconnected with my Lemurian crystals, connected to my sound healing and Reiki healer abilities, and I am awakening to a complete other dimension – everything is different now.  Thank you Rakai’el, for your support and assistance in this process of remembering my true essence.

Multidimensional Healer and Galactic Priestess, Quebec, Canada

After visiting Maui, I felt a deep call to Lemuria.  I found Rakai’el and Soul Star Medicine while searching for the term Hawaiian healing.  Since taking the course, I’ve learned so much about the ferns, water, sound healing, voice activation, and astrology.  I’ve been able to integrate what I’ve learned into my everyday ‘regular’ life; I work with holistic therapy, and Hawaiian healing arts so the teachings go really well with my job and lifestyle.


Shamanic Priestess, São Paulo, Brazil

I think the biggest shift in awareness has been that we ARE the Earth. I love the practices we learned of honoring fire, wind, water, air, mother Earth, and our connection with the planets. I feel this opens the door to the connection to ourselves. I have been amazed, and grateful for the conversations in the Private Members group. I love the feeling of the energy of the container.


Lenora Webb

Fairy Godmother, Kentucky

My biggest takeaway was that there are lots of other beautiful like minded souls out there, I’m not alone – a sense of belonging in all my kookiness. I also love the concept that it’s ok to reach out, to use tools etc, to find what is already within. I’m just at the beginning, but I feel that I am truly stepping into my power now, trusting myself, owning my path and making the decision that my life isn’t going to be mediocre – to step up and truly own that.

Jo Gillard

Life Coach, Sydney, Australia, www.jogillard.com/cocreateyourlife


Q:  When does the course start?

A: The course begins with the first module on 12/1.

Q:  When does enrollment close?

A:  Enrollment closes on Wednesday, 11/25 at 6pm Pacific.

Q:  Is this an online course or in-person?

A:  This course is held entirely online!  You can join from anywhere in the world!

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Yes! I love payment plans!  See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you!

Q:  Do you offer other payment plans than the ones listed above?  I’d like to be able to pay over 4-5 months, is that possible?

A:  I totally understand where you are, and the resonant call to do this work, ringing in your heart.  AND in my greater vision, something like  this is always undertaken from a position of empowerment.  We do not offer other payment plans besides the two listed above.  It would be too much for my team to manage everyone having different payment plans happening at different times, so we choose to keep it simple.

The financial commitment can feel like a stretch, but in a good way – one that inspires you to rise to the challenge – as opposed to one that gives you anxiety about how you’re going to make it all happen.  If you’re not in that place right now, that’s okay.

The medicine of this program is very profound, and I trust her completely.  She knows exactly when the best time for you to do this work is, and will always line things up in the best way.  Even if it feels scary, it will also feel supportive.  That’s how you know it’s the right time.  Trust that.

Q:  How does the monthly payment plan work?  Will the charge show on my statement each month, one month exactly from when I first paid?

A:  Yes, that is correct.  If you choose the payment plan, you will see the charge once per month, for six months, on the date you first paid.  For example, if you sign up and pay for your first payment on the 23rd, the remaining five installments will all pull on the 23rd of the following five months.

Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A:  In full acknowledgment of the economic differences that systemic racism, white supremacy, and colonialism have created across generations, we have a few scholarships available to support our BIPOC community: we have 10 scholarships available for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color for 50% off the course. Please send us an email here if you are interested.

Q:  Will the LIVE calls be recorded if I can’t make it?

A:  Yes.  The recordings will be uploaded to our private member area within 24 hours.  You get unlimited replays of all LIVE sessions forever!

Q:  Will I miss out if I can’t make it to the Live calls or the Integration Ceremony?

A: If you are unable to attend the Discuss and Process calls and/or the Integration Ceremony, you can still fully participate in the course, and greatly benefit from it as well. There are many people who have signed up for this course who have been all over the world and have not been able to attend any of the live calls because it was in the middle of the night for them, or they had to work, or different scenarios – and they still have a deeply transformational experience.

As with anything, your participation is key. If you are unable to join us for the live calls, making sure that you are active in our private group will maintain a sense of connection and camaraderie. Students who have participated fully in the group have communicated that they were able to stay connected and feel like they were really a part of what we were moving through. You can also post any questions that you have about the material, or your experiences, in the group space and tag me, and I will be sure to answer them on the live calls. All of the calls will be recorded and you can listen to them whenever it works for your schedule. You have eternal access to all of the content and any of the updates we add. 

Q:  I know I’m going to be pretty busy during the time the course is in session.  I so want to join, I don’t want to miss out on this awesome course! What kind of time investment will be required of me?  Are there group sessions or projects I have to complete on a deadline?

A: So excited you are so excited for Remembering Lemuria!! The course is basically like a choose your own adventure game.  You have the content forever so you can go at your own pace.  This time we have also made all of the Videos with separate downloadable audio tracks, so you can listen on the go instead of having to sit in front of your computer.  Sometimes there might be things that are mentioned that you want to go back and watch on the video for the visual, but I think most of it you can just listen to. 🙂

There aren’t any deliverables, homework or projects that you’ll need to complete on a deadline.  In this choose your own adventure game, there are lots of options!  There are suggested readings, suggested projects, suggested outdoor adventures, etc., but none of it is required.  You get to decide how to play. 🙂 

Once a month we do have a group discuss and process call via video, which is always lovely if you can attend, but not required.  If you have questions or something you would like to share with the group but are unable to attend live, you can always post it in our private group space and I can answer and share with the group, and you can receive the answers when you watch the recording.   

Q:  What if I decide I don’t want to continue the course after I enroll?  What is your refund policy?

A: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.  If for some reason you decide that you are not ready for Remembering Lemuria within the first week from the exact date and time when the first module’s content has been released, send us an email and we will refund your tuition.  After the first week time period has passed, no refunds are offered, and you are fully responsible for your entire payment plan.  

Q: Will this course be offered again?

A:  Yes.  We offer Remembering Lemuria 3 times per year, once in the spring, once in the summer, and once in the fall/winter.

Q: Do you offer this course in any other language than English? 
A: No. At the moment, unfortunately we don’t have translations other than English, but that is an excellent idea! We will definitely add it to our list for the future, so stay tuned!

Q:  I’m nervous about remembering past life stuff.  I’ve heard/experienced some scary things of times I’ve been killed before.

A:  I totally hear you.  Looking into what has been hidden can be scary!  How I like to think of it is that past life memories reveal themselves kind of like a rainbow:  at first you see the red, orange, yellow before you see the purple – because those are the slower vibrating colors.  Since purple vibrates the fastest, it takes a little while for it to form.  Past life memories are the same.  At first you might encounter some scary things – because those are the vibrations that vibrate the slowest.  The more you stay with it, remembering you are now in the present and just witnessing the past, you can often find more high-frequency experiences and memories – and that’s what we’re looking for!  We will also do a good amount of groundwork in the beginning to ensure you feel you have the tools needed to navigate these situations.

Q:  I’ve never heard of Lemuria; I’ve only heard of Atlantis. What is the difference?

A:  Good question!  And one that warrants way more space than we have here.  The stories of Lemuria and Atlantis have many similarities, and some differences that are significant for some people.  However, the basis of the story is the same: Advanced civilization connected to the light realms and star nations encountered a situation that caused them to disconnect from Source.  Once the beings lost their connection, they were unable to maintain the high frequency of their cities and the land sank below the surface of the ocean.  For our purposes in this course, we are not differentiating between Lemuria and Atlantis.  I believe that there is valuable information available to us through both of these frequencies at this time.

Q:  What if I know that I don’t have past lives in Lemuria?  Will I still benefit from taking Remembering Lemuria?

A:  I think that the Remembering Lemuria course is best suited for those who resonate with being on this planet for a long time, and having multiple lifetimes in different civilizations including Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Avalon, ancient Greece, etc.  There are many different waves of humans on this planet training for lifetimes to assist those who are newer in raising the frequency and transitioning the timelines now.  Everybody has different roles to play and support one another along the process!

Q:  Is this specific to remembering Lemuria or is it a pathway to remember other pasts that may be elsewhere?

A:  Excellent question! In the larger lens of the Lemurian School of Remembering, of which Remembering Lemuria is the first step, we do look into other lifetimes in other places. Atlantis, Egypt, Ancient Greece, Avalon, and even off planet experiences to name a few. However, I do think that if you are considering joining it is important that you feel a deep resonance with the vibration of Lemuria. There are many paths leading to the Remembrance and recognition of past/parallel lineages of wisdom. Ours is opened through the doorway of Lemuria. If you find that you resonate more with a different place or timeline, I would suggest you find a way (program, retreat, mentor, books, etc) to open the path through that doorway. For example, if you resonate more with India, that doorway is easier for you to enter through, and there are many who offer access through that doorway.

Q:  A course about past lives?!?  You must be crazy!

A:  Yes, most definitely.  Crazy and brilliant go hand in hand, and there’s nothing like watching a couple with good dance moves.  😉

Transmuting Past Life Karma into Present Soul Purpose & Dharma.

This was a very special IG Live I did recently that I hope is helpful for you in understanding more about harnessing the power and wisdom from your past lives and bringing it into the present moment of now as your sacred offering to the world. I hope it’s helpful for you!

Blessings to you during these powerful times of activation!

My Story Of Remembering (So Far…)

All of my life, I have never ever considered myself a singer. I could dance in front of strangers, but singing – no way – you couldn’t pay me to karaoke. Then, in 2014, I was called to move to Maui.  I didn’t know why, but I had to go.  After making the leap in 2016, I began working with a Hawaiian Kahuna (shaman) and was told I was a Lemurian Priestess who had been called to return to reclaim my past life wisdom and gifts from this land when it was Lemuria.  At first I thought she must say that to everyone, but she checked me and said I needed to hear her, a Hawaiian Kahuna telling me that I was a Lemurian Priestess… I started to pay attention.

The remembering began in the ocean. I started fluttering my tongue to make a vibration noise as I sang out across the waves, but I knew there was more. I knew I was supposed to sing these Extra Terrestrial tones, and vibrate my throat, but I didn’t know how. In December, I took a trip out to the sunken crater of Molokini where I received a huge activation in the water. The energies were so intense that as I was driving back I started to sing to keep myself awake. I began to use my finger to vibrate my throat. Then all of a sudden, I remembered how to do it without my finger.

I could feel something shifting inside me. This started a windfall of changes in my life. Suddenly I was singing in ceremonies, being gifted sound healing instruments, and catalyzing the awakening of thousands. This is my wish for you.

It is my intention that the vibrations in my voice awaken within you, hidden talents, wisdom, and gifts that may also be shared with others. We are the bringers of the dawn, the creators of the New Earth. By remembering and reclaiming our gifts and talents, we can create a world of harmony and celebration.

It is time to remember.

I have the deepest respect for you and all that you are, and all that you have been.  Let us proceed into this sacred space without expectations and with as much love as we can summon for ourselves and everyone on this adventure with us.  

I bow to you and your courageous heart. 

With oceans of gratitude,

Photos by Sophia BillikopfCadenciaIn Her Image PhotographyInfinity Photography Hawaii, Illup GravengaardKelley Chapman, Teal & Teal, Rakai’el Webb, Sosa, Lizzie Swartz, Marya Stark, Ke’oni Hanalei, Danielle Noel, and Kirsten Schubel.  Video by Kelley Chapman. Mahalos to you all!! <3