You Know What It’s Like…


Suddenly you look up from your phone and over an hour has gone by, when you only meant to text one person.


You find yourself having text/email conversations with people inside you head when you’re not even on your phone or near your computer.


You’re obsessed with how many likes/followers your last post got, and it hurts your feelings when someone unfollows you.  


You are gripped by overwhelming fear and anxiety as you scroll on Instagram, comparing yourself to everyone else. 


You have to go on a social media cleanse in order to recenter and stop obsessing about what everyone else is doing.


After you make a vulnerable post/email, you nervously check your phone every 10 minutes for about an hour, and then end up deleting the entire post because you can’t deal with the stress.


You find yourself replaying dramatic conversations you read in the comments section (of someone else’s profile no less), while taking a shower or washing the dishes. 


You have to delete social media/email apps off your phone in order to get anything done.


Sometimes you are paralyzed with information overload, and you feel like you always have “50 tabs open” inside your head.


You check your phone right before bed, and end up dreaming about people you follow on Social Media.


What if there was another way…

You did not come here, choosing to be on this planet at this time, to get side-swiped into the never ending Ocean of Distraction.

You did not incarnate into this incredible & amazing human body to sit in a dark room, hungry and tired, staring at a glowing screen.

You came here, at this time, on this planet, because you are part of the revolution (that includes technology).

We are moving out of the realm of duality.  Technology is neither good nor bad – it’s how we USE it that matters most.  

Our devices can help us share our message & let our magic OUT – and like any tool, it is essential that we learn how to do this with integrity. 

You have medicine:  wisdom, gifts, talents that the world NEEDS right now, and there are thousands of people right at your fingertips – waiting for you!

It is 100% possible to be a Highly Sensitive, Empathetic Lightworker, and use the internet to share your message, helping thousands of people all over the world, and be prosperous & abundant from this work.  

Hi!  I’m Rakai’el, and Digital Energetic Hygiene completely changed my life.  As an empathetic, online business owner, I have found it IMPERATIVE to my success to find a way in which I could live harmoniously with technology.

I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, and my digital life is everything to me, but I was feeling anxious, run down, and overwhelmed by the constant stimulation of interacting with thousands of people’s energy everyday.

Over the years I have developed different systems and techniques for engaging with the online world that allow me to feel connected and of highest service, and that ALSO empower me to disconnect when I need to conserve my energy.

For the past 5 years, I have been teaching the exact Digital Energetic Hygiene methods I share in this course, to hundreds of people all over the world.

I’ve seen the results, and I know with every fiber of my being that YOU came here to share POWERFUL, innovative, magical medicine with the world – and I WILL NOT stand by while you get sucked into Facebook instead of sharing your gifts.

Let’s do this!

Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction

What is Energetic Hygiene?  What is Digital Energetic Hygiene specifically?  Why is it needed?  How I came to know about this. 
$111 value



Why is it important to begin your day with sovereignty? Staying centered. Phone/email. From Reaction to Response. 
 $111 value



Energy fragmentation and how to avoid it.  Staying focused. Information: Necessary vs noise. Making good transitions. 
 $111 value



How do you turn it off?  Powering down.  Why is this important?  Clearing away the day. 
$111 value



What is Energetic Entanglement?  How do you know when you’ve become entangled?  How to clear. Setting boundaries.
$111 value



Are you escaping?  The Dopamine Trap. Tools and tricks:  Experimenting with notifications, ringtones, timers.
$111 value 



Navigating the Matrix:  Jedi training.  Creating vs. cultivating.  Algorithm games.  The Vulnerability Hangover.
$111 value



What to do?  EMF protection: cases, crystals, and more.  Wifi awareness.  Protect your eyes.  Closing remarks.
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INSTANT, ETERNAL ACCESS:  Eight modules (over 5.5 hours of video content) + downloadable audio tracks for each video.  Watch or listen: whenever you want, wherever you want, with unlimited replays!


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  • Are you sensitive? Do certain people or situations seem to drain your energy?
  • Ever notice that you’re moving through your day feeling good, and then all of a sudden you’re exhausted and overwhelmed?
  • Are you an artist/entrepreneur and SO TIRED of hearing the voices of other people’s judgement inside your head??
  • What about that time you were going through a break up and kept getting sucked back into the drama?

GET INSTANT ACCESS:  Six modules (over 2 hours of video content) where we explore IN DEPTH, the principles of basic Energetic Hygiene + 3 downloadable meditations:

  1. Cord Cutting (Energetic Hand Washing).
  2. Containment (Energetic Rubber Gloves).
  3. Advanced Containment (Energetic Space Suit).
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  • Access to our Magic Tribe community platform for questions and story sharing. 

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Today is the day.

Today is the day you take back your power.  Reclaim your light. 

Gone are the days of frittering away time, mindlessly scrolling, avoiding your destiny.

No more will you allow yourself to be gripped in the throws of self-criticism, jealousy, anxiety, and despair as you compare yourself to everyone’s highlight reel on the internet.

Today is the day you  finally commit to utilizing these digital resources as supportive tools for getting your magic and your medicine OUT – into the hands of those who need it most.  



The Digital Energetic Hygiene Course
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>>>  The first 30 people that sign up will receive the original Energetic Hygiene <<<
course in addition to the Digital Energetic Hygiene course FOR FREE! 

After the first 30 spots are filled the 2 courses will be bundled together for $397.  JUST A FEW SPOTS LEFT!

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Let’s do this

I believe in you and your ability to Reclaim Your Life, collaborating with technology in beneficial ways, so you can share your magical medicine with the world.

With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,