Snow Lotus: Essential Oil: Cedarwood


Snow Lotus: Essential Oils: Cedarwood

10 ml

Botanical source: Cedrus atlantica
Plant part used: The heartwood
Origin: The Atlas Mountains of Northern Morocco
Production: Sustainably wild harvested and certified organic
Extraction method: Steam distillation of the dried wood chips
Fragrance profile: Warm, deep sweet-woody notes with just a hint of fresh-camphor topnotes and a finish of warm, balsamic basenotes
Fragrance energy: Sweet-woody
Properties: Centering, stabilizing, strengthening, relaxing
Chinese medicine function: To nourish the Yin, resolve damp and calm the spirit
Pharmacology: Atlas cedarwood is well-balanced among sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenones, which have shown good relaxant and anti-inflammatory effects.
Complementary blending: Rosewood, Siam wood, Cypress, Hemlock spruce, Bergamot, Neroli, Sweet orange, Ylang ylang, Vetiver

Description from Snow Lotus Essential Oils

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