This is one of my FAVORITE Full Moons in general, I love these dreamy, magical, mystical vibes – and since Pisces rules Sound Healing it’s one of THE BEST moons for working with Sound Medicine

Some people are saying that this Full Moon is going to be a doozy because it’s in Pisces, conjunct (next to) Neptune, and just hours before Mercury goes Retrograde – but to me this sounds like a super magical recipe for connecting with our Higher Selves and Angelic Guides to support us in deeply listening to the dreams of our hearts. 

Let’s dive in…

This Full Moon is happening at 17° Pisces at 2:59am PDT and will be receiving positive support from Uranus at 18° Taurus (sextile), and widely conjunct (next to) Neptune at 24° Pisces (a 7° orb is a very wide orb, and most Astrologers wouldn’t read that as an issue because Neptune is so far away from the moon). 

Pisces/Neptune energy (we are going to talk about them together because Neptune is the ruler of Pisces) represents the Shimmering, Prismatic, Reflective, Dreamy, Multidimensional Ocean of All That Is.

In the same way, Pisces energy has a very dissolving, merging quality to it, softening our hearts, gifting us with compassion, allowing us to let go of our to do lists and go with the flow. This is the energy of Unity Consciousness and connects us to the Angelic Higher Light Realms and the Christed energy within us. 

Any time you’ve been making art, playing music, or anything where you’ve dropped into what’s called the “Flow State” you’ve felt time dissolve and your access to Divine Insights expand – this is the frequency of Pisces/Neptune energy.

This is the illuminated or healed vibration of Pisces/Neptune.

In its more challenging or dissonant frequency, Pisces can bring illusion, dilution, confusion, fantasy, lack of focus, spacing out and avoidance / dissociation of any kind – whether that’s substances, alcohol, online shopping, gossip, emotional eating, etc. This is 100% NOT the moon to work with any kinds of mind altering substances.  The energy is already going to be trippy enough!

Enter Mercury Retrograde

Add to the mix that Mercury is going to be stationing retrograde just hours after this illusory Full Moon, and I can see why some people are dreading it, but I’m kind of excited! In my experience, every Mercury Retrograde I am called to return to my Esoteric Studies with a renewed fervor & inspiration.

When the planet of communication, technology, and the mental/intellectual realm (Mercury) turns retrograde, the energy that is normally facilitating & supporting communication, technology, etc. through the forward, outward flow of energy >>> turns backwards, or more specifically inwards. <<<

Mercury Retrograde + Pisces/Neptune energy is kind of the opposite of our modern culture, which is so obsessed with productivity & accomplishment. So the reason we tend to think something is wrong when we are not able to move forward in the ways we are used to. But there is a beautiful, shimmering, silver lining here…

This reversal of energy is really supportive for communicating with our inner selves through reflection, personal growth work, reprogramming your subconscious mind, past life work, studying the ancient mysteries (Astrology, Sound Healing, Tarot, etc), or going back to reorganize or redo anything you’ve done before. Basically it’s safe to do anything or go anywhere you’ve done/gone before. Just watch out for the classic call/text from the ex that seems to inevitably happen during Mercury Rx.

And then there’s Uranus… 

Not to be overlooked, Uranus will be (to me the silver lining of this very dreamy full moon). Just 1 degree away from an exact sextile (positive energy flow), Uranus is here to bring us sudden synchronicities, changes for the better, flash insights, inspiration, and downloads on the level of genius – when we work with the energy in a good way. 

Uranus is The Great Awakener, the change maker, the rebel, revolutionary, mad scientist, Extraterrestrial Star Family connections, innovation, inventions, futuristic technology, and humanitarian & philanthropic ventures. 

Welcome the changes.

To me this Full Moon symbolizes the illumination of powerful healing (Pisces) that can occur through Sound (Pisces) to bring forth those sudden downloads of innovative solutions that benefit the whole (Uranus).

Very Lemuria + Atlantis if you ask me. 

This is a very magical moon!


When you allow yourself to surrender to the flow, and let go of trying to control things, and give yourself time and space to dissolve into that flow state – whatever that is: art, music, Sound Healing, meditative cleaning – it’s highly likely you’ll have some kind of flash insight or sudden understanding that can synchronistically change your life for the better! 

We worked with this energy specifically in our Sound Temple Ceremony  for the Pisces Full Moon. 

Click here to get the replay. 

If your feeling this Full Moon illuminating the resonant call of Sound within your heart, and you’d like to step more confidently onto the path as a Sound Healer, Keeper of Frequency, and Carrier of Sound Medicine…

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The Shamanic Star Sound is a 9-month deep dive into the realms of Ceremonial Facilitation, working with Sound Medicine, and incorporating the archetypal Astrological energies into your ceremonies.

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Through this experience, you will be reborn into a more resonant version of yourself. You will become:

💎A strong ceremonial leader capable of handling what comes up in a group healing in a good way.

💎A confident Sound Alchemist, capable of bending realities & dissolving time with Sound.

💎A deep listener to the inner workings of the subconscious realm, capable of interpreting the archetypal astrological symbols in your life & in the lives of others.

This is not a journey for everyone – but if it is for you – you will know. 

Sound is asking for all hands and hearts on deck! 💓🎶

If you are hearing the call, listen.

Ok my loves!  I hope all of this is helpful.  Please feel free to take screenshots and share on social media – please tag me on Instagram @iamrakaiel 💓


It is my prayer that on this Full Moon, you open to receive all of the manifestation of all of the magic that you have been growing in the garden of your heart over the last 6 months, and that you receive whatever healing & synchronistic insights that will benefit you most.  
Surrounding you with so much love. 💞💞💞


With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,