North Node, Uranus, Mars Conjunction: July 31-Aug 1, 2022

This coming Sunday/Monday, July 31 – Aug 1st the planet Uranus “The Awakener” and the North Node of the Moon (also known as the Dragon’s Head) will be coming together + shortly after (while still in the same degree) they will be joined by Mars, the God of War.

If all of this sounds kind of intense – that’s because it is – which is why I had to let you know about it in advance.

AND as a reminder, Astrology isn’t something to be feared.  All transits/aspects bring with them opportunities as well as challenges.  Just like checking the weather before you head out the door, it’s always helpful know in advance how to prepare so you can work with the energies in a good way.

Most importantly – so that you don’t take it personally when other people (or you for that matter) start unconsciously acting out the Astro Drama happening in the sky.  

Hopefully what I share here will help you to see these energies in your life in and out in the world, so you recognize that it’s a passing storm and you don’t think that it’s going to be raining for eternity.

Ok – so what’s the deal with the North Node, Uranus, and Mars coming together?

I’m going to be a little detailed here in case you’re just hearing about these types of energy for the first time, because this conjunction is really important so I want you to feel like you actually understand what’s going on.

The North Node of the Moon symbolizes our individual and collective future and what we need to amplify to get there. This amplification isn’t always comfortable because this the North Node is known as the path of our soul’s evolution – and while evolution might feel extremely compelling, it’s not always comfortable – in fact there’s a kind of karmic insatiability about it. 

In Vedic Astrology the North Node is known as Rahu (the Dragon’s Head) and on the opposite side it’s balanced by the South Node of the Moon (the Dragon’s Tail), also known as Ketu. There’s a really fabulous story about how this Dragon got decapitated, but I’ll leave that for another time (you can google it if you like).

The point is that the Nodes function as a kind of karmic/dharmic pump. Where we find the North Node/Rahu energy is entering the chart in a kind of forceful way, and where we have the South Node/Ketu, energy is being drained from the chart.

On January 18th this year, the Nodes moved from the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio. If this sounds familiar, it is – because this is where we have the eclipses.

Whatever sign the North Node is in (currently Taurus), we are amplifying and evolving into these energies (in an often times uncomfortable way), and whatever sign the South Node is in, we are purging the karmic shadows of that sign (currently Scorpio).

All of this to say, that since January this year, we have all been evolving and growing our relationship to all things Taurus = our values, money, finances, the stock market, world currencies, security (especially related to food crops and other Earthly resources), our relationship to the Earth, the Feminine, real estate, seismic shifts, volcanoes and other Earth changes, fertility, and the physical realm we experience through our senses with a special emphasis on sound and vibration.

Now, in 2017-2018 the planet Uranus moved into the sign of Taurus as well. Uranus is known for bringing sudden change through revolution, rebellion, innovation, futuristic thinking, inventions, intuition, creative insights, radical shifts have a humanitarian backing and come from a place of originality, authenticity, and is always driven by an intense desire for liberation and freedom.

Since 2018, Uranus has been revolutionizing all things Taurus (see the list above for the North Node in Taurus).

Anytime we are dealing with the energy of Uranus, the manta is “Expect the Unexpected.”

When Uranus comes together in exact alignment with the North Node in Taurus, our drive to find freedom through self-sufficiency, revolutionizing our values and radically transforming our connection to the Earth & the Feminine is amplified.

How this looks may be shocking at first (especially since Taurus is about security), but it’s important to remember that anytime Uranus is involved, he always, always, has our ultimate liberation in mind.

Note: Although the exact alignment of the North Node and Uranus is happening on the 31st of July, we will still be working with feeling the reverberations of this union until January next year.  Real change is the culmination of small shifts (and sometimes really big ones) over time. 

Here I feel called to share an affirmation for working with Uranus energy from one of my favorite Astrologers Caroline W Casey: 

As the lightning and the wind, the shock and the flow, come to get me, may the golden spiritual lightning shatter my tower of isolation.  I am willing to be fully myself, and be danced by life and to dance appropriately with the energetic truth of the situation.  I am willing and eager for others to be fully themselves.  I abdicate all desire to suppress or control others, or to be suppressed or controlled by others.  In fact, I am no longer willing to be in any relationship where I must suppress some essential part of my life in order to be there.  I am present now in the moment, open to the exhilarating unknown, willing to yolk Uranus with Saturn (Freedom with Responsibility), to become a disciplined wild person.” – from the audiobook, Visionary Activist Astrology.

Remember: Whatever sudden changes, hard left turns, or shocking news might come your way… trust it.  Lean in to the undercurrent of liberation that is facilitating these changes.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough already (I know, I know), Mars comes to the party the following day on August 1st.

Mars is the warrior, the military general, the hero that brings us courage, passion, drive, motivation, activation, initiation, inspiration, and the energetic spark to take inspired action in our lives.

In his unhealed expression he is anger, rage, violence, aggression, intolerance, being selfish, cruel, childish, competitive, insensitive, ruthless, reckless, abusive, greedy, and gives us this incessant sense of anxiety and urgency.

When you bring all of these energies together it can literally be EXPLOSIVE.

Now, there’s a thousand different ways this energy might manifest for you.  I’m going to share two examples and you can swirl them around with everything I’ve shared above, as well as the little light bulbs that have been going off in your mind and in your body as you’ve been reading (most important), and just hold these words lightly in your heart and stay present & mindful to see how they actually end up manifesting in your life.

Here’s the more challenging version first: 

You haven’t been honest with yourself about where you’ve been suppressing your authenticity and the restlessness & frustration have been seething below the surface for a while and you’ve been trying to tell yourself that it’s ok. 

But then something happens. Maybe you have an accident.  Maybe you blow up at some one and it ends up changing the relationship in an irrevocable way.  Maybe your partner cheats on you.  Maybe you get fired or decide to quit your job without a Plan B. Maybe you get notice on your apartment. Maybe you loose a lot of money. I could go on… but you get the picture. 

Now, what I want to say here is that if any of these things or similar happen – let go with love.  Do not fight this change.  Tap into that part of your being that is eternal and immortal, and remember that things like this have happened in the past and ultimately (maybe after a lot of time and therapy) they were actually a blessing. 

Remember that with Uranus this is a wild card situation so we never really know how this energy can come through.

On the global stage…. Well, oftentimes due to the density of the collective ego at the moment, unfortunately we might see the more unhealed expressions of this energy. We are witnessing the Fall of Babylon and it is a very important part of our collective process.  Make sure you have good practices that help you stay centered and grounded in your heart even when things get extreme or overwhelming (especially around survival/security). 

I’m reminded of 2 of the journal prompts that came through for the Leo New Moon: 

  • In the coming days & weeks, what new habits, rituals, and routines, can you create to help you stay centered in your heart when things change unexpectedly?
  • When things start to feel intense, it’s important to remember our inner child still needs to play, create, and laugh. How can you bring more playfulness and joy into your life right now?

It might seem counterintuitive to cultivate play and joy when the world is on fire, but remember this healing journey is a marathon not a sprint, and your well-being and your peace are essential to not burning out or running away.

Remember that this time of intense transformation and healing on our planet is exactly WHY we chose to be here now, and actually the frequency that we hold as members of the Family of Light is in fact, supporting and even catalyzing this Fall. 

But I digress… 

If you want to work with these energies in a more empowered way, I’d really recommend having a heart to heart with yourself TODAY – don’t wait.


Where have you been (consciously or unconsciously) feeling oppressed or restricted, playing safe or playing small, hiding your light, or tolerating certain behaviors (from yourself or others), lying to yourself or others about what you REALLY want, or settling for second best because that’s all you thought was possible for you?

When the rug gets pulled out from under you, how long will it take for you to remember you have wings?


Expect the unexpected. 

Our triggers are our teachers.

You’re never upset about what you think you’re upset about.

Anger and frustration show me where I long to be more free. 

When you know these energies are coming and you choose to work with them instead of against them it could look like this: 

You check your chart to see where 18° Taurus is (I shared some clues below), and what house it’s activating for you. You do some deep introspection and have that heart to heart with yourself. You’re aware of where you’ve been holding yourself back, are now being called to courageously catalyze your life, so you call upon Mars to help you take inspired action to create those changes that will allow you to feel more authentic, self-sufficient, and liberated – especially in the house where Taurus falls in your chart – and anywhere else actually – I think Uranus is here to change all of our lives in all of the ways.

To find out where this cosmic surprise party as I’m calling it, is happening in your chart, you’ll need to pull up your birth chart to double check the information I’m about to share below.  You can get your chart for free at or just search “Free Birth Chart.”  If you don’t know your time of birth simply put 12pm.  If you’d like a more personalized deep dive into your chart you can book a session with me here. 

This is for your RISING/ASCENDANT sign – NOT for your sun/moon sign (although Taurus Sun and Moons will also feel this the most strongly, as well as Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius Sun/Moons between 15°-21°).

***Even more important than your Rising/Ascendant sign is to make sure you are reading THE CORRECT HOUSE that this transit is lighting up for you.

Again please double check your chart to confirm which house is ACTUALLY being activated with this conjunction at 18° Taurus, because what I’m about to share might be 1 or 2 houses off for you.

Example: If you are a Sagittarius Rising but when you check your chart, the middle of the sign of Taurus, 18° (on the outer wheel of your chart) actually falls in your 5th house, then the Sagittarius transmission will not be accurate for you and you’ll need to read the transmission for Capricorn Rising/5th house instead because that will be where the conjunction is actually happening for you.

Remember the changes can be what we might define as “opportunities” or “challenges” – it’s up to us how we decide to view things. 

ARIES / 2ND HOUSE: Changes around finances, values, self confidence, material items, earning ability, resources. I know this feels scary, but remember it’s for your highest liberation. Anything you “lose” during this time was never meant to stay, and you will actually feel more free once your attachment to this is healed (even if this involves some kind of ego death that puts you on your ass in terms of your self-confidence). This could also be a sudden windfall of material wealth or an increase in self-confidence – with Uranus we never know!

TAURUS / 1ST HOUSE: Cosmic facelift for you my dear! Please be very mindful so you don’t have an accident. Also know that bc this is happening in your first house people might “see” you as the aggressor/instigator of changes that make them feel uncomfortable (but are actually connected to their liberation – but you don’t have to tell them that, in fact I wouldn’t). Changes around physical appearance, physical body, clothes, hairstyle, how other people see you, your self image. Make a list of what you no longer want to be known for, and what you want to be known for as you move forward into this new you that is emerging.

GEMINI / 12TH HOUSE: Changes around subconscious beliefs, patterns, woundings, past life karma. You might have sudden spiritual insights in your dreams or meditations. Avoid drugs, alcohol and all substances!  Be mindful of any tendency to dissociate. Be as present as possible as much as possible. Trying some new artistic expression that drops you into flow state would be very beneficial. 

CANCER / 11TH HOUSE: Changes in your friendships, community, networks and friend groups, especially on the internet, especially related to social justice / environmental / philanthropic causes. Changes in or reevaluation of goals or plans for the future. You might get especially triggered by what happens on the global scale my sensitive Cancers, so be sure to know how to self-parent, nurture, and regulate yourself so your nervous system doesn’t get fried from how much you feel and care. 

LEO / 10TH HOUSE: Changes in your career, vocation, the legacy you are here to leave, and anything that takes time, effort, energy, and hard work. Changes in your reputation, public status. Make a list of what you no longer want to be known for, and what you want to be known for as you move forward into this new legacy that is emerging that feels way more authentic and liberating. Also, this is not the time to really be out there in the public eye. If possible, stay inward focused and really dive deep & take courageous action into revolutionizing your career & reputation. 

VIRGO / 9TH HOUSE: Changes to your beliefs and faith in yourself and the world. Changes in your philosophy of life, higher education, international travel, higher education / learning / teaching, broadcasting, publishing. The 9th house also governs law, so I wouldn’t do anything illegal.  Before you decide to broadcast your political opinions all across the internet, take a moment to do some introspection on what you are really trying to achieve, and ask yourself how you can liberate your own self and courageously step more fully into your soul’s purpose. Sudden opportunities to share your perspective widely may pop up – use them wisely.

LIBRA / 8TH HOUSE: Changes to joint resources (spouse or partner), money from other people / clients through offering transformational experiences, inheritances, tax payouts, loans. Psychological changes, powerful insights from transformational experiences (I also would stay away from substances here, the energy is already so powerful you don’t need to add more). Changes around intimacy, death/rebirth – either physical or psychological – sudden insights or revelations from occult studies, astrology, depth psychology. 

SCORPIO / 7TH HOUSE: Changes around relationships (not just romantic, but all forms of partnership: business partnerships, friends you hang out with one on one, clients, collaborators, also open enemies. It’s a good idea to call upon your practices that help you stay centered if you become unbalanced in partnerships (yoga, walk in nature, breath work, journalling, etc).  Remember your primary partner in life is yourself and your relationship with yourself is what allows you to be in healthy relationships with others. Practice emotional aikido, and if you’re feeling a tense conversation coming up practice Non-violent communication.

SAGITTARIUS / 6TH HOUSE:  Changes to your daily rituals and routines, work/job, work-life balance, also health, wellness, and diet may shift. Take extra good care of yourself, get enough rest, eat well, and exercise during this time. Take care around sharp objects or fire those are ruled by Mars. You may have sudden insights around changes you’ve been wanting to make around your path of service. Hiring or firing employees is possible in this energy as well as changes in coworkers. Excellent time to make changes to your health & wellness routines.

CAPRICORN / 5TH HOUSE:  Strongest word of caution is around pregnancy (regardless of your gender) – whether you desire children or not, know that there is a strong likelihood of becoming suddenly pregnant so use that to your advantage and awareness. If you already have children, be extra mindful for them, especially around sharp objects or fire. If they have a massive meltdown know that they are responding to the energies, and that there is probably some way you can both/all find more freedom in how you relate. Creative energy will be high, so if you are an artist or creative person, welcome the changes and sudden insights that may come. Also the possibility for sudden romance or winning a vacation – however risky investments or gambling is NOT recommended. 

AQUARIUS / 4TH HOUSE:  Changes around home, family, especially family of origin and lineage. If you’ve been wanting to buy or sell a home, this can be a possibility in this energy, just make sure to practice emotional akido if any challenges come up. Remember you can never “lose” those things that are meant for you. Practice compassion & patience in all familial relations. You might have sudden memories or insights from this life or past lives rise to the surface during this time. Call / visit your mother, grandmother, and tend to the mother archetype within your own self (regardless of gender). Practice supportive self-parenting. 

PISCES / 3RD HOUSE: Changes around communication, your perception of the world, learning of all kinds (and particularly of languages), writing, poetry, marketing and networking. Check in on your neighbors, roommates, land mates, coworkers, siblings, and friends you consider as siblings, and anyone else you often see in passing. Sudden short journeys or road trips might be planned or ensue. You may have sudden insights around a new marketing campaign or email communications, or you might suddenly decide to learn something new or enroll in a course. Be extra mindful and practice patience if sudden changes happen around travel plans or technology goes on the fritz. Drive with care. 

Last thing – this energy isn’t just in effect for these 2 days 7/31-8/1, we’ll be feeling this until the middle of August as Mars moves away from this conjunction, so keep that in mind as we move deeper into the month.  Also, we’ll still be working with the Uranus + North Node activations until January 2023, so if you’re feeling like your whole life needs to change, take a deep breath and start small and by January you’ll hardly recognize yourself from who you are today (in a good way).

Ok my loves!  I hope all of this is helpful.  Please feel free to take screenshots and share on social media – please tag me on Instagram @iamrakaiel 💓

Please share this with everyone you love. The more people that know about this energy the more easeful these changes and shifts will be for all of us. 

With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment, 


Also just a reminder that we’ve extended the enrollment for the Lemurian School through Monday 8/1.  In these intense energies, being supported by people who are on a similar path as you can be so helpful. 

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