The world is filled with so much noise right now.
You have gifts to share, but you’re very particular about who you let into your world and the kind of support you like to receive.

You want someone who’s been where you’re going and can offer practical guidance, but without all the flashy trends & how-tos.
You’re over the inflated success stories, endless smiling headshots, and admonitions to manifest your best life by in the next 90 days.

You’re done with the performance.

You’re ready for real.

You want someone who’s been through the fires of countless transformations, rising in grace –
someone who won’t judge you when you resist (who won’t back down either),
someone who will encourage you to offer what isn’t working into the fire and help you fan the flames.

You’re done with the struggle.

You’re ready for depth.

You’re ready for the kind of guidance that feels good for your soul: 
insightful, nourishing, grounded and steeped in ceremonial beauty & ritual.

You’re ready to receive the support you need to offer your Sacred Service to the world for
the greatest inspiration, empowerment, and liberation of all beings.

Areas of expertise

I have been diving deep in the following areas for the past 5-15 years and would love to offer you guidance and support from everything I have experienced & learned along the way.





Hi there, 

I am Rakai’el, and I am so glad that you are here.  If this is your first time in my world, welcome.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you and how I can support the beauty you came to the world to create. 

Here’s a little bit of my story:

I started my career as an Acupuncturist in San Francisco in 2012. From the beginning – transformation – both for my clients & myself has been my main area of expertise.  My practice in SF evolved into a deeply transformational space, incorporating Sound Healing, essential oils, crystals, astrology, and coaching.

In 2015 I closed my physical practice and started teaching & offering sessions online. In 2016, I was called to relocate to Hawai’i where my gifts opened on a whole new level as I was guided to remember my past lives from Lemuria and beyond.

In the following years Sound Healing came into my life like a rising tide, flooding my life with incredible opportunities to share the medicine of Sound & Ceremony with people from all over the world.  At the same time, my past studies in Astrology were activated by a powerful teacher who pushed me to offer sessions & teach. 

During this same time, I envisioned, designed, built, and launched (with the help of my amazing team) 2 different Online Schools: The Lemurian School of Remembering and Soul Star Academy. We also transferred into an entirely new email/automation platform, a new payment system, built 3 new websites in-house on a new site, and transferred to a new community platform, all while continuing to serve our incredible community with new courses, offerings, and inspiration.  I learned how to layer different offerings at different times, creating multiple streams of revenue within my business. 

I’ve known incredible times of expansion and seemingly endless abundance and…

I’ve also known times of intense failure.

The world of putting yourself out there and sharing your gifts, whether as an artist or an entrepreneur (same in my book), is not for the faint of heart.

It requires perseverance, innovation, a relentless belief in yourself and your gifts, and most of all – the ability to continually transform yourself and your business.

At times the path can be exhilarating and filled with blessings, and at other times you must take all of your hard work, the direction you thought you were going, and all that you understood yourself to be – and offer it into the Fires of Transformation… and then step into the white hot center of that fire.

It is from within this fire that all of your perceived expectations of your life are burned away – and a new you arises. The roaring sound of the flames drown out all other voices except the voice of your Higher Self.  Finally… the guidance becomes clear.  The confidence you’ve gained from being able to withstand the heat has illuminated a new path – maybe one that you never expected, or perhaps one that you always dreamed of but never thought possible for you.

When you go through these moments of transformation, it feels so nourishing to walk with someone who has also been engulfed by the flames and each time emerged with radiance, more grounded and clear than before.

From Hustle to Adventure.

From Discipline to Devotion.


From Fear to Trust.

 I am here to support you on this path.

Mental Health Disclaimer: I am not a therapist.  The nature of this work is highly transformational and can be emotional.  It is not intended to replace any form of therapy you are receiving or have received in the past.  If you have pre-existing mental health concerns, it is recommended that you are also receiving the support of a therapist or counselor while participating in this mentorship.  If you need a recommendation, I have an excellent sister I collaborate with to support my clients.  

How to know if this experience is for you

  • Do you believe that you are an inspirational person and that you have an important & inspiring mission to share with the world?
  • Are you ready to make a huge impact in the world – and ready to take up the kind of Responsibility that comes with having this kind of Influence?
  • Are you ready and willing to transform all old stories that have been holding you back?
  • Do you feel like you are fun to work with?
  • Are you ready to make the commitment to amplify and stabilize your frequency of expansion and service?
  • Are you ready to transmute the challenges you currently face and discover beautiful and creative solutions in your life & business?
  • Do you understand the power of commitment and taking risks?
  • Are you ready to make the changes required to transform your life and your business for the greatest inspiration, empowerment & liberation of yourself and all you serve?

What is Included?

  • Bi-weekly sessions with me for 6 months (alternating between video and phone).
  • Direct access and unlimited support between sessions via Voxer (text, images, video, voice messages).
  • An additional month of unlimited Voxer support after your completion of the program.
  • Anytime we look at your Astrology Chart during a session, you will receive a recording of that portion of the session.
  • Recommendations, Rituals, or other “Homework Assignments” ranging from energetic, mental, emotional, or physical.

ALL ACCESS:  For the duration of our Mentorship, you will receive unlimited access to:

    • The Energetic Hygiene Bundle (Energetic Hygiene & Digital Energetic Hygiene)
    • Insta Prosperity
    • Astro Empowerment
    • Cosmic Course Creation
    • Heart Centered Selling
    • Astro Business
    • Retrograde Remix
    • Eclipse Portal Activations
    • Any other courses you resonate with and would like access to that open for enrollment during our mentorship (Remembering Lemuria, Rising Lemuria, Lemurian Leadership)
    • 33% off Shamanic Star Sound Certification
    • Any other courses/offers I create during our time together.
    • A total value of over $14,000.

Please note: If you are already enrolled in any of these courses, their value cannot be subtracted from the price of the Mentorship.  


“One of the biggest transformations I noticed in my life as a result of my Mentorship with Rakai’el, was that my ability to express my mission clearly through my brand elevated beyond measure!  I had several major wins in my business and in life. I launched my website, experienced more sales, began sound healing, started charging for my readings, and created fresh content for promotion in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

I really enjoyed connecting 1-on-1 with Rakai’el, having that support which I hadn’t ever allowed myself the gift of having prior, and diving deep into areas of business.  She not only mentored me and gave me tips, but did everything in a way that spoke to my soul. It was fun using a mix of astrology and intuitive flow throughout our conversations.  As a result of our work together, I now remember my unlimited potential and how magnetic I truly am. I am so grateful!!”

– Brooke Rosenblumm, Energy Healer | Crystal & Oil Dealer | Holistic Educator | Transformational Guide | Songstress, maythequartzbewithyou.com, North Miami Beach, FL

“After my mentorship with Rakai’el, I feel even more solid in who I am.  Every day even more clarity is being revealed to me, I’m trusting it, and am moving towards it.  Prior to the Mentorship, I wasn’t as confident in my abilities as a Sound Alchemist. Now I’m really feeling confident in myself, my abilities, and my guidance.  What I loved the most about this experience, was having an outside perspective see me and what I’m capable of, and pointing out some of my blind spots for me to see more clearly.  I had a huge realization during this experience noticing just how much I was trying to control things around me in my life. That was a big awakening moment.  I felt heard. I felt seen. Rakai’el was kind and compassionate but also very direct, which I appreciated.”

– Erin McDermott, Sound Alchemist, Sedona, AZ



  • Slowing down and observing the signs & symbols in your life so that your guidance becomes more clear.
  • Increasing your ability to identify what is no longer working for you, and what is asking to be birthed in its place.
  • Cultivate ways to honor and support the transitions in your life through ritual & ceremony.
  • Using your Astrological chart to redefine the way you share your Sacred Service so that it feels authentic, nourishing, enjoyable, and sustainable.
  • Unearthing your deeper desires around what your life can be, and how you get to show up in the world.
  • Designing and rearranging your habits so that you can get out of your own way more often, find beautiful, creative solutions, and receive clear guidance for strategic decisions.
  • Mapping out your offers & launches according to your natural rhythms and Astrological cycles.
  • Increasing your energetic ability to hold space for your clients/students, all while working less and living a more intentional life.
  • Supporting the expansion of your Sound Medicine offerings (if Sound is a part of your path).

As part of holding space for your transformational journey over the coming 6 months, I will also hold an unwavering belief in your sovereignty and your vision for your life.  This will also involve you knowing what you want, and asking for the type of support that feels best for you in the actualization of your dreams.

This is a life-changing opportunity, and part of that is the invitation for you to take the initiative, and claim your rightful place as the Sovereign Creator of your Reality.

I am here to support you in bringing forth your most Sacred Service with deep devotion, and I will share everything I know to support you on your path.  I will also lovingly remind you that it is up to you to call forth the vision and cultivate the motivation to create the life you want.

It is my intention that our time together makes you feel liberated in all areas of your life. 

Within this container, we work intimately and deeply. Due to this, I only take on 1-3 clients at a time, and the investment reflects the level of guidance and presence you will receive to support your transformation.

The investment to mentor with me 1:1 ranges from $1,111 to $888 per month depending on how long we journey together.

After you submit your application, if I feel like it’s a good fit, my team will reach out to you to schedule a call so we can go over all the details together. You can expect to hear back from us within 1-4 days.

Investing in yourself can bring up a lot of stuff, which is good!  All of it is part of deepening in your commitment to share your Sacred Service with the world, and I am right here to support you.

Click the button below to fill out the application. 

I honor your journey and I want to make sure that this is a good fit for both of us.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Live in Ceremony

In deepest gratitude, I’d like to thank all of my mentors and teachers:  Erica Sandstedt, Martin Rouch, Marnie McCurdy, Amy Petrarca, Harry Gallagher, Christine Mikel, Willo Sana, Natalia Benson, Jeff Leifer, Rich Raffals, Kahuna Kalei, Kaia Ra, and Isis Indriya.