Aloha Shining Ones,  
Mahalo for taking the time to read this message.


I have been listening deeply to what is the prayer that is sharpening within the ‘Āina and the community here, and this is what has been revealed:

We are asking you to dedicate a small portion of your day, every day, to focus on the following prayer requests, in this order.  The order of these requests is important as each one is necessary for the successful accomplishment of the following one.  


1. Please hold big big space in your heart (and even in your physical space if you can) to support the grounding & stabilizing of the energies here on Māui so that those who have lost loved ones can find the space in their own lives to begin the grieving process.  Then visualize this spaciousness rippling out to the entire community (even those who are not on island) – we have all lost something very precious and are all grieving in some way. Grief is an essential part of the completion process, and we need to support those souls who have transitioned to the Ancestral Realms.

2. Please anchor and hold The Light Bridge OPEN for those souls who have (and may continue to) make The Great Journey back to the Light.  Due to the extreme nature and speed of the fires, many were caught unaware and were frightened & disoriented at the time of their Hala (release from this 3D reality) and are currently roaming the space between worlds.  We can all support them in finding their way and making a smooth, clean, and complete journey, by tending to our own connection to the Heavenly Realms and pointing the way Home.

3. Please visualize the restoration & resurrection of the Moku’ula and Moku Hina of Lele (Lāhainā).  At the turn of the century, the land of Lele was blessed with a beautiful marshland that was the seat of the Hawaiian Kingdom on Maui, and the home of Kihawahine, an ancient & powerful Mo’o (Dragon) Goddess of LeMŪria.  In 1914, this sacred marshland was covered over and developed (there’s currently a baseball field in its place).   Please click here to learn more & participate in the project that has been started by our brother Ke’oni Hanalei of At the very least please save or print this image and reference it often or place it on your altar and continue to hold this vision.

Depiction of Moku’ula Island surrounded by Moku Hinia Pond in the village of Lāhainā, Waine’e ahupua’a, Māui. – as shared on our brother Ke’oni’s website.

Mahalo for taking the time to read this message & for all of your support. 


With endless devotion to our eternal empowerment,