Empowering Community support as we anchor & amplify the Lemurian Frequencies during this potent time of transformation and healing on our planet.

Lemurian Temple Keepers is an ongoing monthly membership where you will receive empowering support for anchoring the Lemurian frequencies through practical Temple keeping guidance, teachings from Lemurian Leaders, Sound, stars, and so much more all within a loving community space. 

Weekly inspiration, ceremonies & teachings to support you on the path.

Once upon a time, many thousands of years ago, upon this Earth, there existed a land known as Lemuria. The Elder Ones walked this land in sapphire robes, stars at their brow, with wings that shone and vanished like the moon. Their bodies altered with forest and river, merging with rock and swan and orchid, willow and bear. They came from other worlds. They came to interweave the beauty of their worlds with the worlds of Earth. Theirs were etheric temples whose doorways were woven between petal and leaf, crystal and bark. Amongst the trees and waterfalls, they spun their temples of emerald, gold, sapphire, violet, silver, rose and copper.”


–  Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, by Elen Elenna 

We are the Shining Ones.

Some call us the Family of Light, the Djedi, Shambala Warriors, or the Bringers of the Dawn.

We have been supporting the evolutionary journey of Humanity since the very beginning, and many times weaving ourselves so tightly into the fabric of this collective dream that we have forgotten that we are the weavers of the web of light.

We have been serving within the sacred temples of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Asia, Avalon, and beyond for lifetimes, tending to the grids, the waters, the stones, and the flowers, honoring the rhythms & cycles of Creation.

  Whenever we incarnate on this Earthly plane, we are known throughout the lands for our devotion, compassion, and integrity.

We have returned again, en masse, to bring forward a new timeline reality for Earth & Humanity.

A time of love, acceptance, and remembrance of all that is sacred.





















It’s time.

The time has come Shining One.  You know it.  You have been feeling it vibrating within your cells.  You have been waiting for this moment.

With Saturn in Pisces, we are being called to bring structure & focus to the Lemurian energy current. Over & over I keep hearing:

“It is time to build the Temples.”

The Old Energy is falling fast.  All around us, we see echoes of The Fall we experienced before.  We are being called to unite together, while simultaneously shining our own unique soul’s light in our own individual expression.  We are being called to stand as pillars of the ancient temples rising again. Last time we were overwhelmed by the waves, this time we will become the waves, flooding humanity with the Light of Remembrance. You came from Love. You have always been Love.

 We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Who are the Lemurian Temple Keepers?

  • You feel a strong devotion to supporting Humanity during this time of shift.
  • You have a deep & profound connection to the Earth (even if sometimes you feel like you do not belong here).
  • You have been longing to find an inspiring community to support your ability to embody and live in alignment with the Lemurian energies you feel resonating within your cells.
  • You are known for your open mindedness, and acceptance of different perspectives & realities.
  • You have an uncanny ability to see possibility where others see none.
  • You know you are here for a purpose, and you long to take on more responsibility as a Lighthouse for anchoring & amplifying the Lemurian energies.
  • It brings joy to your heart to think of being part of a loving community where we are remembering & resurrecting the Lemurian way of living in devotion to all that is Sacred.















The creation story

The Lemurian School of Remembering came to me in 2017, when my Astrologer pointed out that I had just had my Jupiter Return, and there was an idea I had that was a combination of many different things that seemed unrelated – and that I needed to make sure I brought that idea to life. After the birth of Remembering Lemuria, the whole school came to life in my journal.  It was a big task!

In 2019, after the first 3 levels of the school had been established and we were about to have our first in-person retreat here on Maui, I also received the download for the larger Community aspect of the Lemurian School.  It was to be called Lemurian Temple Keepers – but I just had the name.  With everything else that was coming forward so quickly, I had to put it on the shelf and trust that it would come into focus when the time was right.

That time is now.

When Saturn moved into Pisces at the beginning of 2023, I felt the energy of the Lemurian Current amplify like never before.  Suddenly my task was clear.  The Lemurian Temple Keepers is like a “commons area” for the Lemurian School.  It’s a place where those who are just tuning into the Lemurian frequencies and feel called to the path, but perhaps aren’t ready to step fully into Remembering Lemuria can discover more from the entire community (not just me).  It’s also a place where those who have where those who’ve completed Remembering/Rising and are waiting for Rising/Leadership, can still stay connected to the Lemurian Energies in a loving community container.

It is time to call the community together.  It is time to step more fully into our individual & collective roles as stewards of the new reality that is emerging.  It is time to strengthen our vessels, to anchor & amplify the Lemurian energies that were revealing themselves so clearly.  It is time to build the Temples.

What are the Temples?

Many people ask this question, as they are expecting the architecture of physical structures – which I’m very much sure is coming.  But in order for the energy behind those physical structures to be in integrity, WE have to BECOME the Temples first.

In all of the places we find ourselves all over the world, we are all like the columns of the Ancient Temples rising out of the Ocean of Remembrance.  In ancient Egyptian culture (which is the most direct transmission of the teachings of Atlantis), we see the image of the Djed.  The Djed is a pillar-like symbol that represents stability, and is connected to the modern story of the Jedi Knights, and the Pillar of Light that sits just in front of the spine.

WE are the Temples.

The way you take care of yourself when you are a Lemurian Temple Keeper is different, and it’s even more different when you are part of an entire community who have all recognized themselves as Lemurian Temple Keepers.  In this energy, how you take care of your home is different.  How you tend to your altar space and your personal practices is different.  How you walk down the street is different.  How you show up in your community is different.  How you talk to strangers and handle difficult situations is different.  How you share your gifts with the world is different.  I’m sure you are already feeling the shift simply from reading these words…















What is Included

Lemurian Temple Keepers is an ongoing monthly membership where you will receive:

  • Monthly audio tracks from Rakai’el to support you in anchoring the Lemurian frequencies through practical Temple keeping guidance.
  • Monthly Live Classes with our Lemurian Leadership graduates (Lemurian Leadership is the 3rd Level of the Lemurian School of Remembering).
  • Surprise Guest Teachers!
  • LIVE Community Ceremony Gatherings for the Solstices & Equinoxes via Zoom.
  • A private community group via Telegram.
  • Full & unlimited access to all past Audio Transmissions from Rakai’el, Live Classes, and Community Ceremonies
  • Full & unlimited access to the Astrology Membership: Monthly audio tracks from Rakai’el with guidance for working with the energies of the New & Full Moons, as well as any other significant Astrological transits.
  • Full & unlimited access to the Sound Temple Membership*: Monthly Sound Temple Ceremonies for the New Moon & Full Moon, as well as unlimited access to the Sound Temple Archives from 2019 – present. 
  • Guided meditations inspired by requests from the Community.
  • Resources to support your growing connection to the frequencies of Lemuria.

    * If you are already an existing Sound Temple Member and would like to join us for the Lemurian Temple Keepers Membership, all you have to do is:

    1. Go ahead and sign up for the Lemurian Temple Keepers Membership.
    2. Send us an email letting us know you’d like to switch memberships.
    3. Once we see your payment come through we will cancel your Sound Temple Membership.



    I am so honored and blessed to be joined by the ineffable Jenna Rose, who will be supporting & empowering our growing community by facilitating conversations and acting as a resource for those who desire to unpack the Lemurian frequencies, insights, and activations that are coming through for them.

    Jenna Rose is a Lemurian frequency keeper, a heart guide, a meditation guide, an herbalist, oracle card reader, Lucia N°03 facilitator, and doula. She is a ceremonialist whose passion is to create safe space for others to integrate their higher selves by regulating their nervous systems and coming into coherence. Her mission is to bring more love into the world and strengthen the awareness of Unity consciousness while celebrating the unique brilliance of the individual. Jenna Rose is a graduate of the Lemurian School of Remembering from all three levels of the school.  She is here to know her ancient soul light and help others cleanse their energy field to feel their own. 

    Lemurian Leadership Guest Teachers

    I’m so excited that as part of our Membership, our beloved Lemurian Leadership alumni (Lemurian Leadership is the 3rd level of the Lemurian School) will be sharing LIVE classes once per month!  I have journeyed with each of these incredible beings for over 3 years, through deep and potent transformations & remembrances, and I am so excited for them to have a place to share their wisdom with our community! 


    *The Lemurian Temple Keepers Membership is open to everyone.  No prerequisites are required.  We can’t wait to journey with you!

    *By purchasing this course you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
    Note: Price does not include the mandatory 4.17% Hawaii tax.

    Every month on the same day you made your purchase, your membership will be renewed, and you will continue to receive unlimited access to the Lemurian Temple Keepers Membership as long as your account is current. Due to the instant access to all of the content, all sales are final and no refunds are offered.

    If you ever wish to discontinue your membership, please send an email to info@rakaiel.com.  If you decide to cancel, your membership access will expire on the last day of your current billing cycle.  No proration of the cycle is offered.  Once your membership is canceled, you will lose all access to the content.  If you ever have any questions about where you are in your billing cycle, you can send us an email here.

    “There is a different order of existence to which we are being called. By this we begin to shine, to become apparent: we become a beacon ourselves of that which is sensed. Our affinity is making us shine, and we are becoming, in human form, the evocation of the Lost Temples. This acts as a profound inspiration that stirs other hearts to remembrance. We draw one another into the field of wonder, into the New Earth.”


    –  Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, by Elen Elenna 

    Shining Ones,

    Thank you so much for being here.  Thank you so much for choosing to incarnate on this planet at this time. Thank you so much for reading these words and feeling the resonance within your heart.

    This has been a long time coming.

    The Lemurian Temple Keepers feels so expansive and nourishing to me.  It is the community space where we can gather & connect, and share wisdom and stories together – a place where we can support those who are just discovering the energies of Lemuria, as well as where those who have been on the path for a while can find nourishment & inspiration, and a place for our Leadership alumni to share their gifts & shine their light (because Lord knows I can’t do this alone!).

    I have a feeling that the Lemurian Temple Keepers is going to continually grow & evolve, showing us new things that it wants us to experience and share together.

    Thank you so much for being part of this exploration as we make ourselves available to support the Lemurian Frequencies and their role in the transformation of our reality.

    I am giddy with excitement to see where this path will take us.  Thank you so much for being here. 

    With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,



    Q:  When does the membership start?

    A: As soon as you sign up! You will gain access to the Lemurian Temple Keepers Portal straightaway, where you will find the welcome video, audio transmissions, guided meditations, recordings of our Sound Temple Ceremonies, astrological insights, tons of resources and so much more!

    Q:  When does enrollment close?

    A:  This is an ongoing membership offer. Join us today!

    Q:  Are there any live calls included in the membership?

    A:  Yes! Every month we will have 2 LIVE Sound Temple Ceremonies (for the New & Full Moon) + one LIVE class with one of our Lemurian Leadership alumni, and once per quarter we will have a LIVE Community Ceremony Gathering (for the Solstices & Equinoxes)

    Q:  Will the LIVE calls be recorded if I can’t make it?

    A:  Yes.  The recordings will be uploaded to our private member area within 24 hours.  You get unlimited replays of all LIVE calls as long as your account/membership is current.

    Q:  Is this an online membership or in-person?

    A:  This membership is held entirely online!  You can join from anywhere in the world!

    Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

    A:  No, this is a monthly membership. Every month on the same day you made your purchase, your membership will be renewed, and you will continue to receive unlimited access to the Lemurian Temple Keepers Membership as long as your account is current. 

    Q:  Do you offer refunds?  

    A: Due to the instant access to all of the content, all sales are final and no refunds are offered.

    Q:  What if I decide I don’t want to continue the membership after I enroll?  What is your refund policy?

    A: Due to the instant access to all of the content, all sales are final and no refunds are offered. If you ever wish to discontinue your membership, please send an email to info@rakaiel.com.  If you decide to cancel, your membership access will expire on the last day of your current billing cycle.

    Q: I signed up for the Lemurian Temple Keepers Membership, but have not yet received my Welcome email.

    A: When you sign up, you should receive your Welcome email within about 15 minutes.  You will also want to make sure to whitelist our email address so you can receive emails from us.  If it has been longer than 15 minutes, and or you need assistance with whitelisting instructions, please email us here.

    Q: If I am a Lemurian Temple Keeper do I get access to LIVE Sound Temple Ceremonies?

    A: YES! As a Lemurian Temple Keeper, you get full access to our Sound Temple Membership. You will receive an email invitation to both of our LIVE Sound Temple Ceremonies each month (New Moon and Full Moon held via Zoom) + access to all the replays.

    Q:  I’m nervous about remembering past life stuff.  I’ve heard/experienced some scary things of times I’ve been killed before.
    A:  I totally hear you.  Looking into what has been hidden can be scary!  How I like to think of it is that past life memories reveal themselves kind of like a rainbow: at first, you see the red, orange, and yellow before you see the purple – because those are the slower vibrating colors.  Since purple vibrates the fastest, it takes a little while for it to form.  Past life memories are the same.  At first, you might encounter some scary things – because those are the vibrations that vibrate the slowest.  The more you stay with it, remembering you are now in the present and just witnessing the past, you can often find more high-frequency experiences and memories – and that’s what we’re looking for!

    Q:  I’ve never heard of Lemuria; I’ve only heard of Atlantis. What is the difference?

    A:  Good question!  And one that warrants way more space than we have here.  The stories of Lemuria and Atlantis have many similarities and some differences that are significant for some people.  However, the basis of the story is the same: Advanced civilization connected to the light realms and star nations encountered a situation that caused them to disconnect from Source.  Once the beings lost their connection, they were unable to maintain the high frequency of their cities and the land sank below the surface of the ocean.  For our purposes in this course, we are not differentiating between Lemuria and Atlantis.  I believe that there is valuable information available to us through both of these frequencies at this time.

    Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

    A: That’s super easy! Just send an email to info@rakaiel.comIf you decide to cancel, your membership access will expire on the last day of your current billing cycle.  If you have any questions about where you are in your billing cycle, please email us here.

    Images of Lemurian Temples were created in collaboration with Matheus Creative.