3 Month Lemurian Mentorship Program

Open to those who are currently enrolled in Rising Lemuria or the Lemurian Leadership courses.

Are you ready to…

  • Release old patterns of scarcity that are holding you back from true success?
  • Learn how to set good boundaries to keep yourself clear, moving forward with focus?
  • Learn how to cultivate an attitude of abundance in the way you speak, and in your actions?
  • Activate a deeper connection to your galactic guides and spirit allies, bringing them on board as advisors and mentors in your business?
  • Learn all of my special methods of manifestation, and how to integrate them seamlessly into your life?
  • Learn how your astrology can give you clarity and guidance in your life and business?
  • Stand tall as a spiritual leader and increase your influence at this pivotal time?
  • Learn how to use social media as a tool for rapid spiritual growth in yourself and in building your community?
  • Learn how to leverage your spiritual connection to guide your business, and create a life that feels authentic and inspiring for you and your community?

All while diving deeper into the information in our Lemurian courses?

Excellent.  The time is now.  We need you.

CLARIFICATION:  The Mentorship is done in connection with the Rising Lemuria or Lemurian Leadership courses.  You must already be enrolled in Rising Lemuria/Lemurian Leadership before a Discovery Call can be scheduled, unless you have been personally invited into the Mentorship by Rakai’el.

The Lemurian Mentorship program is primarily designed as a safe space where you can receive personalized support for sharing your sacred offerings with the world.

The program is customized to fit your needs, and I am excited to support you in any way I can as you bring forward your specific Lemurian gifts and talents as sacred service to the awakening that is happening on the planet at this time.  If that includes business goals and strategies as a Lemurian boss lady, or exploring Sound and Song more deeply,  then we’ll weave that in so you can feel empowered to share your offerings, and so much more.

As a Lemurian boss lady myself, I am PASSIONATE about supporting other Lemurian sisters and brothers to let their magic out – and I only work with people who are ALL IN.  

If you are stoked to move forward in sharing your magical Lemurian gifts with the world by receiving mega support around building a sustainable empire that empowers others to resource their past lives and let their magic out, while exploring business systems, hiring, and online marketing strategies that are all steeped in the Lemurian frequencies (or Sound Healing, or whatever makes your Lemurian heart sing) – then I’m your girl.

If this sounds like a HELL YES for you, then click the button below and send me an email letting me know you’re interested in the Mentorship, and we’ll get you all set up, and go over all the details together.

I am so excited and honored to explore the possibility of supporting your Lemurian expansion and service in the world!

Let’s do this!!

Over the years, I have seen the most profound results when I work with my clients in this 3 month format.  The energy of the number 3 is that of the catalyst, it’s a playful and joyful energy – very powerful!  I created The Lemurian Mentorship program in order to make a sacred space for us to explore and grow together.  Using this format for years in my Private Coaching practice, I have seen amazing transformations in my client’s lives.  If you are called to my work, you are an old soul, here to create powerful change for yourself and all of humanity.  My clients are creatives, entrepreneurs, authors, designers, visionaries, and people just like you, who crave that feeling of living in alignment with their Soul Purpose, and letting their MAGIC out!

what people are saying…

After my time with Rakai’el in the Lemurian Mentorship Program, I feel even more solid in who I am.  Every day even more clarity is being revealed to me, I’m trusting it, and am moving towards it.  Prior to the Mentorship, I wasn’t as confident in my abilities as a Sound Alchemist. Now I’m really feeling confident in myself, my abilities, and my guidance.  What I loved the most about this experience, was having an outside perspective see me and what I’m capable of, and pointing out some of my blind spots for me to see more clearly.  I had a huge realization during this experience noticing just how much I was trying to control things around me in my life. That was a big awakening moment.

I enjoyed reading my astrology chart with Rakai’el so much during the Mentorship, that I’ve now also signed up for her Astro Empowerment course!  I really enjoyed my time with her, and liked how consistent it was. I felt heard. I felt seen. Rakai’el was kind and compassionate but also very direct, which I appreciated. 

Erin McDermott

Sound Alchemist, Sedona, AZ

One of the biggest transformations I noticed in my life as a result of the Lemurian Mentorship Program, was that my ability to express my mission clearly through my brand elevated beyond measure!  I had several major wins in my business and in life. I launched my website, experienced more sales, began sound healing, started charging for my readings, and created fresh content for promotion in ways I hadn’t thought of before.  The relationship I am in now blossomed during my time in Remembering Lemuria, and then flourished into a long-lasting commitment during the time I was in the Lemurian Mentorship Program, which has been majorly influential!

I really enjoyed connecting 1-on-1 with Rakai’el, having that support which I hadn’t ever allowed myself the gift of having prior, and diving deep into areas of business.  She not only mentored me and gave me tips, but did everything in a way that spoke to my soul. It was fun using a mix of astrology and intuitive flow throughout our conversations.  As a result of our work together, I now remember my unlimited potential and how magnetic I truly am. I am so grateful!!

Brooke Rosenblum

Energy Healer | Crystal & Oil Dealer | Holistic Educator | Transformational Guide | Songstress, North Miami Beach, FL

In the Lemurian Mentorship Program I experienced change immediately within myself and was able to implement the tools into my life. People around me started mentioning how they noticed a change within me and started calling me a priestess:). It was open and light. The experience was ALWAYS uplifting, focusing on raising vibrations even when dealing with challenging topics. I have never experienced such a life altering program. Most self empowering experience to date.  Ra’kaiel is a true visionary. As a spirit guide she holds a magnificent light and you can feel that she believes in her light and others. I feel fortunate to witness her gift and be able to work directly with her towards my own truth. I recommend this to anyone and everyone who cares about uplifting their human/spirit experience. She is a true priestess and I appreciate her efforts to create such a space of love and understanding. I have not yet experienced a container such as this. 🙂

Danielle Flocco

Social Worker, Spiritual Revolutionary, Sewell, NJ

When I first saw the email offering for the Lemurian Mentorship Program, I was in a pretty dark place.  I was pretending everything was fine, and yet secretly, deep down, I was in a deep state of fear and desperation. I was frantically searching for the the key that would give me all the answers I was looking for, something that would make me “better”, good enough, and worthy. But now that I am well on the other side and have had time to truly integrate everything, I seem to have settled into a peaceful knowing that I’ve had those things all along – most of the time anyways, Lol! I’m still not perfect, I have moments of freak out where that frantic feeling seems to wash over me again. But now, that quiet voice inside that guides me back to center, back to truth, is stronger and louder than ever before. Now more than ever before, I feel stronger, calmer, more present, aware, and wise.

Before the Mentorship, I didn’t want to see it, but the shattered fractures of my business were already dead and gone. I was clinging to them, trying to pretend everything was fine. Thanks to this Mentorship, I have been able to see what needed to be laid to rest.  In that space of release, I found the strength to begin sharing what my heart had been longing for for quite some time; Art and sound! I never really truly considered these to be areas I could possibly find success before, but now that I have leaned in to it, I have found a level of fulfillment that I haven’t felt in quite a while, and I have barely even begun!

Rakai’el always has such a beautiful way of guiding me back to center no matter where I am tangled up in my messy thoughts. She always has such powerful insights that help to change my perspectives in the most easeful and graceful ways. The astrology aspect was SO helpful, as it allowed me to be able to see myself in new ways through a different lens.  It was so much fun to see how the planets and archetypes were already working with me, and how I could collaborate with them further to have easier and more pleasurable transformations and activations!

This experience was everything I needed and more.  This was my first coaching experience ever, and it surely didn’t disappoint! Between the seemingly endless epiphanies, the incredible transformations and growth, and my reacquaintance with myself, my joy, my truth – It was just a whole clusterfuck of magic! I’ve been receiving lots of downloads about instruments to create for my sound healing, new ways of painting, and even a new course that I will begin working on soon!  Deep, DEEP Gratitude!! This was the experience of a lifetime, and I am so grateful that I gifted myself this opportunity! Thank you so much for all you do Rakai’el!!

Laura LeClaire

Shamanic Priestess, Parker, CO

Having the Private Mentorship experience, with the extra support and individual time to truly dive deep into the material and how it manifested in my daily life was priceless. This sacred container as a whole far surpassed any expectations I had at the start. I am so glad you offered the Mentorship Program in conjunction with the class. I needed the deeper dive, processing and support to truly open to a life altering shift. You’re questions taught me the words to stand toe to toe with my fear, shame, guilt and lack, listen to the shadow wisdom and then love myself back to wholeness. I have faced my rage and honored my grief – my own and that of my lineage. I am healing what has surfaced now, and I have a pathway to follow as new things arise for healing. I am more present in my body as I call all of the fragments of my soul home from where I left them scattered through time and space. I am exploring the healing power of my voice and learning from the water elementals how to heal the crystalline structure of water, for ourselves and Gaia. I have remembered my love of myth and story, and have found ways to reframe my relationship to work and play. And the fun is just beginning, because I finally have embraced that my dreams are worth manifesting! My love and gratitude is immense and beyond words…

Stephanie Marshall


I felt a truth in this work with Rakai’el, and it was just obvious and essential for me to keep going deeper, and deeper. My prayer was to continue to dive deeper, uncovering and reclaiming parts of me that I knew were there but didn’t know how to access. My only real expectation was that I was going to come out the other side a more full version of myself. With that said, what I actually experienced was truly LIFE CHANGING and magic in the most beautiful of ways! I have already begun to integrate my experiences into all aspects of my life! From the reorientation of my internal thought processes, to my words, to my choices about what I eat, what I wear and the events and situations I choose to participate in. All of it has been regeared to imbue the values, perspectives and mission I have recovered from my heart – which are Lemurian and configured for healing and the sharing of these frequencies for all beings including Earth.

Lisa Kotz

Lemurian Priestess & Energy Alchemist, New South Wales, Australia

 In this 3 month Transformational Experience you will receive:


  • Three private 60 minute Video Sessions with Rakai’el.
  • Three private 60 min Coaching calls with Rakai’el. 
  • We meet twice per month, beginning with a Video Session and alternating between video & phone over the 3 months of our time together. 
  • Anytime we look at your astrology chart together, an audio & video recording of your session will be emailed to you for your reference throughout the program.
  • Recommendations “Homework Assignments” as I like to call them that can be energetic, physical, mental, or emotional.
  • Direct access and support from Rakai’el via Voxer, between sessions.  

Let your magic out

The program begins with intensive support in the first month, and then tapers off to light support in the third month.  Think of it like quantum training wings – I want you to be able to FLY on your own at the end of our work together.

In the 60 min Video Sessions we get to play, and I allow my intuition to guide the session completely. We might look at your Astrology chart, do a shamanic healing, say affirmations, or connect to your guides .  In the 60 min Coaching Calls are more of a spiritual strategy session where we really get into the nuts and bolts of what you’re working on.

You’ll have clear actionable steps to move you forward after every session.

I’ve found the combination of the right / left brain approach of intuition / strategy to work almost like a pulley system – a little here, and a little there – keeping the momentum moving forward in a multidimensional way that your brain thinks it understands – and that’s why it allows the body to do it’s magic.

The medicine of The Lemurian Mentorship isn’t just dispensed when we are together in our sessions or on the phone. Once you decide to make the commitment, taking the next step on the path to offering the highest contribution of your Soul’s Purpose, the magic starts to flow and the transformations start to occur everywhere!

This program is one of my favorites.  I modeled it after my years of Private Coaching.  I’ve seen so many powerful transformations occur for my clients within this alchemical space.  In this 3 month container, I’ve seen people launch a business, leave their job, get married, get engaged, or publish a book!  One thing is for sure – there is something about this work that is very very magical.  

Getting Started


I work very closely with my clients and their businesses, so I am very selective about who I choose work with.  It is important that we are a good match. I want to make sure that you are deeply committed to your journey, and excited about the shifts and changes that it entails.  By choosing to share your creative gifts with the world, you have signed up for the most powerful transformational experience of your life, and I believe you deserve the very best support and guidance on your journey. I want to make sure that I can provide value to your creative path and your business.

  • Do you believe that you are inspiring, or have an inspiring mission to share with the world?
  • Are you making, or ready to make, a huge impact?
  • Do you feel like you are fun to work with?
  • Are you ready to unravel the challenges you currently face?
  • Do you understand the power of commitment?

If you feel like you are a “Hell Yes” to each of the questions above, then let’s have a chat and see if we both feel resonant and excited about combining forces in service to your dreams.

I want us to both get the most from our work together, so I love setting aside an entire hour for us to get to know each other.  We’ll dive deep into where you want to go in your life, what challenges you’re facing, and how we can discover creative solutions to increase the impact you have in the world.  Click here and let me know you’re interested and we’ll get you all set up.

Investing in yourself can bring up a lot of stuff, which is good!  All of it is part of taking your life to the next level, and I am right here to support you. Use this link to email us to set up a 60 minute call and we can go over all the details together.  Most people only do 30 minute calls, but I know the depth and importance of this work. I want to honor your journey and make sure this is a good fit for both of us.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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