In devotion to the liberation of all beings.

*Please Note: Lemurian Leadership is the 3rd Level of the Lemurian School.  If you have not previously enrolled in Rising Lemuria and Remembering Lemuria, you are invited to either begin your journey with Remembering or continue on the path with Rising Lemuria.  Mahalo!

A new reality is rising.









It’s time.


The time has come Shining One.  You know it.  You have been feeling it vibrating within your cells.  You have been waiting for this moment.  The Old Energy is falling fast.  We are being asked to step up as the Leaders of the Light, Wayshowers, Initiated through the Reclamation of our Remembrance, and Rising Together.  We are being called to stand as pillars of the ancient temples rising again. Last time we were overwhelmed by the waves, this time we will become the waves, flooding humanity with the Light of Remembrance.
We came from Love. We have always been Love.

 We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are standing on the precipice of one of the biggest shifts of our lifetimes.  You are witnessing the changes in yourself, your family, your friends, at work, and in your community.  Shadows are rising to the surface in order to test us and strengthen us.  There is nothing to fear.  This is a welcome shift, one we will look back on with deep love and gratitude in the days to come.

This time of “The Shaking” has been prophesied, and we need leaders to support the collective in moving through these changes with compassion, fluidity, and strength.

If you are reading these words, then it is because there is a loving, yet strong fortitude rising within you – a desire to do more, to be more, to participate more in your own way.


Close your eyes and listen to the clarion call of your service within you.  

Feel your DEVOTION to our collective Mission RISING. 

You are Determined.  Clear.  Ready.  


Throughout our journey together you will be invited to stand in your leadership in new ways.

You will be asked to step forward through sharing guided meditations, creating a special project, teaching & sharing everything you are learning with your community.

You will be asked to get creative, and call upon the parts of you that have done this work for lifetimes.

You will be asked to cultivate deep compassion and an understanding of the world that some may not agree with.

You will be asked to take radical responsibility in your life, and courageously look into your own understanding of who you are and what you are here to do, and RISE to tell a new story.

In our journey together we will create a solid container.  This is a safe space where we can get messy together.  This is a safe container to offer and receive compassionate feedback on how you can become more confident, creative, and clear in sharing your voice with the world.

I love you so much and have treasured our journey together so far, AND I am ready to see you step more fully into your leadership.

For you, for your family, for your community – for all of us.


Guest Teacher

Ke’oni Hanalei


Our dear brother Ke’oni of Pohāla Hawai’ian Botanicals returns to support and guide us on our journey of Lemurian Leadership. Ke’oni will be teaching one of our LIVE classes, and covering the topics of Lemurian Leadership in relationship to Fern Medicine & Emotional Intelligence, and why it is imperative that you lead with your own authentic voice rather than mimicking what you have seen in others. 

Our Journey

February 23rd – May 17th, 2022

This course is simple and potent.  We meet together every two weeks for 2-3 hours.  All of the content is shared in our gatherings.  This will be our living laboratory to grow and evolve together.  It will be clear, activating, and unconventional in the best way.  This is our trajectory:

Module 1
Feb 23
What is Leadership?

Integrity, Influence, Responsibility. Deprogramming previous ideas of leadership.

Module 2
March 8
What is 
Lemurian Leadership?

Unconditional and Invitational, Guided, Revolutionary, Empowering. Setting up to create your offering for our Lemurian collective.

module 3
march 21
New!  Guest Teacher:
Ke’oni Hanalei

Leadership in relationship to Fern Medicine & Emotional Intelligence. Remembering the power of your authenticity. 

module 4
april 5

Unlocking your Shadows to realize your Gifts: The Gene Keys and your Astrological Chart. Opportunity to offer guidance to our next round of Remembering Lemuria family. 

Module 5
April 19
From Discipline to Devotion 

Aligning your Inner Masculine and your Inner Feminine to support your service. How to handle difficult situations that arise with leadership. 

Module 6
may 3
Leading in alignment with the Stars

How to understand and navigate exercising your Leadership in alignment with the Astrological energies + other cosmic correspondences.  

Integration Ceremony
may 17
Co-Creative Integration Ceremony

Together we will Co-Create a powerful Integration Ceremony where everyone will have the opportunity to be celebrated as an embodied Lemurian Leader.


Lemurian Leadership was more than a course, it was a portal to a new world and a new me! My biggest takeaway was the awareness of the power I hold as the alchemist of my energy and my experience. Allowing the universe to reveal itself to me as well as the experience of creating my own offering for our community was life-changing!

Danielle Flocco

Licensed Social Worker, Kundalini Teacher & Light Channeler, @dfloc

Discovering Rakai’el and her Lemurian School of Remembering has been a divine gift from my higher self and the Universe. The transformation I have undergone has been phenomenal.  I was finally surrounded by other like-minded individuals who shared a mission of birthing a New Earth. Feeling so elevated with my Soul Family, I was called to the Lemurian Leadership course. Rakai’el is a gifted and compassionate instructor. I experienced countless epiphanies during Lemurian Leadership. It is my fervent hope that we keep adding to our community of Lemurian Sisters and Brothers, as New Earth needs our magic right now.  Investing in Lemurian Leadership is an invaluable gift not only to yourself but to humanity. With an open heart, I invite all of you to join our Family of Light. You will feel love in its purest form and in doing so, you will have the courage to finally live the life of your dreams.

Anabella Alfert

Love Alchemist, @ana_lion_heart

What is Included


  • A 12 week journey beginning February 23rd through May 17th, 2022 with optional extension to support the next Remembering Lemuria cohort.
  • Six 2-3 hour gatherings with Rakai’el, and a seventh 2-hour Co-Created Integration Ceremony with everyone’s participation.
  • We meet every 2 weeks:
    – Week 1: Wednesday 2/23, 4pm PST
    – Week 2: Tuesday 3/8, 2pm PST
    – Week 3: Monday 3/21, 5pm PDT (note the change to daylight savings)
    – Week 4: Tuesday 4/53pm PDT
    – Week 5: Tuesday 4/193pm PDT
    – Week 6:  Tuesday 5/33pm PDT
    – Week 7: Lemurian Leadership Integration Ceremony: Tuesday 5/173pm PDT
    Please find your corresponding time zone here,  dates will also be included in your welcome email. 
  • Meetings will be held via Zoom, and replays will be available 24h after the call.
  • Private Group Signal chat to receive support from each other and Rakai’el, share ideas, give & receive feedback, and collaborate together.
  • A final project/creation that you can share to support our Lemurian community and add to any offerings you may have.
  • In between meetings you will be invited to complete “homework assignments” which may include working with a partner, creating opportunities to share what you are learning/remembering with others, and other fun things that promote growth. 😉
  • Lifetime access to all course material, group space, and any additions/alterations to the course.















Lemurian Leadership is very different from other types of leadership trainings. That is because Lemurian Leadership is based on the feminine, the yin, on the magnetic parts of ourselves that are activated when we deeply listen to our hearts and to the heart of Gaia.

What is Required

  • Curiosity.
  • Humility.
  • Openness.
  • Devotion.
  • Deep Listening.
  • Radical compassion for yourself and others.
  • Self-starting, self-initiating, self-motivating, self-designing.
  • Willingness to take radical responsibility for every aspect of your life.
  • Willingness to release the way you have known and understood your world, what you understand as time and how the Universe works.
  • Willingness to tell the truth (especially to yourself) even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • Acceptance and even celebration of imperfection, yours and others.
  • A deep and profound sense of certitude when it comes to you being here to serve and lead on this planet at this time.


Lemurian Leadership was above and beyond anything I could have imagined, so so much has shifted and changed for me. After taking this course, I developed greater clarity on my boundaries, I have a stronger devotion to how I show up in the world, my message and mission became more clear, I gained awareness and trust in how I make decisions, and now have a stronger faith in my ability to be a force for change in the world from integrity, with love and for ALL. 

Jo Gillard

Love Coach,

In Lemurian Leadership, I gained the insights and awareness of a leader, one who has the competency as well as the abilities to make a difference in the world.  Using what I experienced in this course, I envision myself making more of a difference in the world. Instead of focusing inward on my fears, I have turned my attention outward, to how I can influence people to transition from their limited ways of thinking to a higher consciousness.

Julie S. Ong

Author & Spiritual Life Coach,

Together we Mālama ‘Āina (Take care of the land)

A portion of your enrollment tuition will be donated to support Nā Moku ʻAupuni ʻO Koʻolau Hui

Organized in June of 1996 as a non-profit organization, the mission of Nā Moku ʻAupuni ʻO Koʻolau Hui is to ensure due respect for the culture of the Kanaka Maoli (indigenous people) of Keanae-Wailuanui Ahupuaʻa (land division), and promote constructive measures development of the social, economic, cultural, scientific, literary, charitable, historical, traditional, spiritual, educational, and environmental purposes of Kanaka Maoli in Keanae-Wailuanui Ahupuaʻa, situated within the District of Koʻolau on the island of Maui, State of Hawaiʻi.




           The skills you learn in this course will be applicable across multiple areas of your life.  In all seriousness…

THIS could change EVERYTHING. 

Space is limited for this intimate experience. 

I am excited to dive deep with you. 

Lemurian Leadership is currently in session!


*By purchasing this course you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
Prices do not include mandatory 4.17% Hawaii sales tax.

Refund Policy: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  Read the affirmation on the payment page out loud.  Really feel all of the people in your life who will benefit (most of all YOU) from this decision to invest in yourself. That said, if after the first LIVE class on 2/23, you don’t feel like this is for you, you have until 2/25 (24h after the replay is released) to request a refund by sending us an email.  After 2/25 no refunds will be offered.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.

*Lemurian Leadership is the 3rd Level of the Lemurian School.  If you have not previously enrolled in Rising Lemuria and you sign up for Lemurian Leadership, you will be subsequently refunded and added to the waitlist for Rising Lemuria.  Mahalo!

Shining Ones, I have been astounded and deeply humbled by our journey through Remembering and Rising Lemuria so far. And I have always known we could do more…

The Lemurian Leadership experience was designed with a deep love for our planet, for the Human Collective as we walk through this portal of transformation, and with a fierce belief in the strength and courage that I see in you.

In Lemurian Leadership, we shift our awareness to others and explore ways in which we can serve the collective ascension that is happening. With clear hearts and open minds, we enter the unknown, hearts connected across time and space, ready to face whatever is coming with love and grace.

THIS is the essence of the Lemurian Leader.

I hold this vision for you: that as Ancient Future Priestesses, Priestexess, and Priests, we are living, working, and thriving with abundance in the modern world, combining the sacred & the mundane with ritual reverence, determined to look at the shadowy parts of ourselves to discover where the darkness of the collective ego has planted its seeds of doubt and insecurity – and illuminate them with love – for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, and for our collective Ascension.

You did not come here to play small. I believe in you and your most radiant, confident, creative expression of the Lemurian Codes of Light shimmering within you.

Let’s do this!

With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,

The Lemurian School Of Remembering

Level 1: REMEMBERING LEMURIA (offered 3 times per year): a 13 week adventure into the wisdom of your DNA, dreams, water alchemy, ancient Hawaiian/Lemurian plant medicine, Astrology, vocal empowerment, and color therapy to awaken ancient memories within you.

Level 2: RISING LEMURIA (offered twice per year):  a 13 week adventure to deepen the ancient knowing within through Lightwork Shamanism, star songs and vocal alchemy, embodied Astrology, Crystalline Dragon Kundalini practices, Lemurian Fern Medicine, and connections with Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Avalon. Each of these experiences is designed to ground the Lemurian frequencies into empowered Service and offerings to the community.

Level 3: LEMURIAN LEADERSHIP (offered once per year): A 13 week LIVE online Priestess/Priest Training to assist in the practical application and embodiment of anchoring the Lemurian frequencies, and holding space for others to do so as well.  Integrity, Influence, Responsibility are the pillars of the Lemurian Leader, and we explore & co-create opportunities to actualize your leadership and the gifts you’ve come here to share.

Collective Lemurian School REMEMBERING LEMURIA RETREAT held once per year (when we are able to do so with ease), where all members of the Lemurian School get to apply what they have learned so far & co-facilitate or receive the Lemurian frequencies depending on their current level in school.

Additional astrology sessions and 1:1 Mentorship with Rakai’el are available to all students within the Lemurian School.