It’s finally happening!

Three years ago, I had a vision of a gathering of magical people.  We came together with a deep reverence for the land, for the Āina.  We worked with crystals, sacred geometry, the water, and the stars.  Our presence was healing for the land, and for each other.  We gathered each morning to discuss our dreams, and each night we shared memories under the stars.  There were water ceremonies with Sound Healing instruments, and a deep remembrance as we gazed into each other’s eyes.  

These were the dream seeds for Remembering Lemuria – which then quickly blossomed into Rising Lemuria – and then right before my eyes, the entire Lemurian School of Remembering emerged… all from this one vision of a retreat.  

I knew all those years ago, that it wasn’t time yet – that there was work that needed to be done, personally and collectively, in order for the time to be right for this gathering to occur.  

And now, Beloved Lemurian Family, that time is here.  

It is with the deepest awe and reverence for everything that we have been through, lifetime after lifetime of work, and all that we have experienced together in this life, that I present to you… the very first, annual, Remembering Lemuria Retreat!

Join us In person on Maui for our very first Lemuran reunion!

September 23rd – 27th, 2019

*This is an ALL LEVELS retreat that is open for anyone who has completed the Remembering Lemuria course.*

Our journey begins during the portal of the Autumnal Equinox, with the Moon in Cancer, we begin to make our home together and receive the nourishment of connecting with each other in person, and being on the land.  Together we will celebrate our reunion as the Moon moves into Leo!  For many of us, this will be our first time returning to the sacred lands of LeMUria in this lifetime, and the land will rejoice with us in this homecoming.  After so many months of journeying together in the online realms, to be in each other’s physical presence is also cause for great celebration!  As the Moon wanes in Virgo, we deepen in our remembrance of the Sacred Rites of the Priestesses and Priests of the Ancient Future.  We complete our journey in the dark of the moon, allowing ourselves to be completely transformed, and ready to RISE together with clear hearts and strong intentions for the New Moon in Libra.  

Ceremonies & Sound healing 

Rakai’el will be facilitating the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, dream circles, water blessings, group workshops, and our evening Sound Healing Ceremonies. 

Sunrise Kundalini Practice

Our Lemurian sister Marni Renyolds will be guiding us in our morning Kundalini practice each day, as well as offering additional teachings & sessions.  Marni is an incredibly gifted healer, teacher, and mentor. You can learn more about her work here.

fern medicine

Our beloved LeMUrian brother Ke’oni Hanalei will be doing a land blessing with Rakai’el prior to the group’s arrival, to ask the Ancient Ones for their blessing for our gathering and to set the container for us.

Ke’oni will also be returning later in the week to share a magical MU workshop with us!

Pohala products will also be available for purchase.

Sample schedule

Schedule is subject to change.  Check-in time is firm.  Please plan to be on the property no later than 5:30pm. 


5-6pm CHECK-IN

Autumnal Equinox Opening Ceremony



Sunrise Kundalini

Tea & Integraiton


Dream Circles

Group Activity


Free Time

Group Activity


Sound Healing Ceremony


Sunrise Kundalini**

Tea & Integraiton


Dream Circles

Group Activity


Free Time

Group Activity


Sound Healing Ceremony


Sunrise Kundalini**

Tea & Integraiton


Dream Circles

Group Activity


Group Activity

Free Time/Preparation

New Moon in Libra
Sunset Closing Ceremony

Celebration Dinner


Light Breakfast

Packing/Preparing for Departure

10:30am – Retreat Complete

**Morning schedule may be altered for those wishing to do the 8am Kayak & Snorkling tours. 


My dear friend and sister Angel Green will be providing us with a delicious Hawaiian fusion menu of local, organic, plant-based meals to ground and nourish us during our time together.  Our meals will be mostly veggie with a few fish options for dinner and optional eggs for breakfast.  Angel specializes in creating beautiful, thoughtful meals that are infused with aloha.  If you have any dietary requirements, please be sure to let us know in the application.


We will be staying in the private cabins at Camp Olowalu, located right in front of the sacred Olowalu Valley (the backside of Īao Valley), and right on the beach.  There are 6 cabins total, a full kitchen, Temple space, outdoor dining area, men’s & women’s bathrooms, with ample open space for us to play!

There are 6 beds per cabin, however I felt it was too tight of quarters, so the center 2 beds will left open for luggage and personal space, so there will only be 4 people per cabin. 🙂  The property is literally right on the beach, so you will be listening to the soothing sound of the waves every night. Please be aware that there is no air conditioning in any of the buildings, and temperatures can range from 90-70°F (32-21°C).  There are ceiling fans in each cabin, and screens on the windows so the ocean breeze will help.  Although the mosquitoes are generally not bad, it is advisable to limit your sugar intake at least 1 week prior to arrival so you are less appealing to them.  😉  

You are responsible for your own bedding, so please plan to bring whatever will make you feel most comfortalbe (pillow, sheets, sleeping bag, blankets, etc.).  

The beach in front of the property belongs to the State, so there will be other people on the beach, however it’s generally not busy as it’s only really used by people staying at the camp.  We will be adding fun decorations to really make the place feel even more magical!

* Clarification: There are 6 twin beds per cabin, however only 4 beds will be filled.  The center 2 beds will be for shared luggage storage, etc. There are no non-shared accommodations available, and tent camping is not allowed.  If you live on Maui, and would like to attend the retreat, we ask that you stay on-site in one of the cabins to preserve our container.

** The cabins and our entire area is separate from the rest of the campground.  There is also a facilities manager on site at all times, so it is quite safe.

Please click on any of the images below to get a better look. 

travelling to Maui

Please consider the following.  All topics will be covered in detail once your registration is complete.

  • All participants are responsible for bringing their own yoga mat, bedding, toiletries, etc.  Camp Olowalu is a campground.  Beds, toilet paper and electricity are furnished – everything else is up to you.
  • If possible, it is strongly recommended to arrive to Maui 1-2 days prior to the retreat to allow yourself to acclimate to the energy of the land.  The Āina is very real and very present.
  • All participants are responsible for booking their own air fare, travel insurance, transportation to and from Camp Olowalu, and all accommodations prior to and after the retreat.
  • When selecting an airport, you’ll want to fly into the Kahului Airport (OGG). 
  • You are responsible for your transportation to Camp Olowalu.  The nearby town of Lahaina is a popular tourist destination, so it is generally easy to get an Uber/taxi from Kahului Airport to the Campground. You can also coordinate ride-shares with other attendees via our private group after your registration is complete. 
  • Temperatures in Maui in September can be warm, ranging from 90-70°F (32-21°C), and there is no air conditioning in any of the buildings.
  • The entire retreat will take place on the camp property.  In order to preserve our container, no one will leave the site unless it is an approved emergency.
  • After the retreat we have a list of recommended activities including Rakai’el’s public Sound Temple Ceremony on Sunday 9/29!  Maui is an amazing place to explore, and we recommend making this a leisurely stay with time before and after the retreat for integration.
  • All of these topics and more will be covered in detail once your registration is complete. 

*** Please email us with any questions you have.  We are happy to support you!

what is included



  • 5 days, 4 nights lodging at a beautiful campground on the beach.
  • 11 delicious local, organic, plant-based meals.
  • Sunrise Kundalini yoga classes with Marni Renyolds.
  • An entire, fun, magical schedule with workshops and ceremonies.
  • Lemurian Fern Medicine workshop with Ke’oni Hanalei.
  • Optional kayak & snorkeling tour.
  • Fins, mask, snorkel for the kayak tour (rentals, not for take home)
  • A welcome package with many gifts to support your journey.
  • 1 group Integration Video Call with Rakai’el held approximately 1 month after the retreat. Details TBA. 
  • A private online Member Area Temple Space where you can find packing list, agreements, details for our follow up group Integration call, and more.  
  • A private online group within the Mighty Networks platform just for retreat participants.  Here you can connect, organize rides, and travel arrangements together, etc. 
  • Email support from the Soul Star Team before and after your journey. 

NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR TUITION (You are responsible for):


  • Airfare to Maui. 
  • Travel insurance. 
  • Transportation to/from Camp Olowalu.
  • Additional lodging prior to/after the retreat (including the 1-2 days suggested for acclimating to the energy of the land).
  • Additional Pohala products you may wish to purchase during your stay (when available). 
  • Additional healing sessions with Marni (when available). 
  • Additional 1:1 coaching/integration sessions with Rakai’el after the retreat. 
  • Post-retreat activities, including Rakai’el’s public Sound Temple Ceremony on 9/29. 

*** Please email us with any questions you have.  We are happy to support you!


I think we all know an event like this – especially the first of it’s kind – is priceless.  The memories that can arise from simply being on this land, at this time, in this kind of environment – surrounded by our Lemurian sisters and brothers who have been walking this path for anywhere from 3 months to 2 years – can change your life FOREVER.  My team and I have worked hard to create a beautiful and deeply nourishing experience for you that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 20 spaces available.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?



Prices do not include a mandatory 4.17% Hawaii Tax.  ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

*On the same day you enroll (either before or after), PLEASE FILL OUT THIS INFORMATION FORMThis will give us all of the necessary information to ensure that your experience is the best possible.  You will also receive access to our Private Temple Area for the Remembering Lemuria Retreat + access to our private group in Mighty Networks for the retreat where you can connect with and support each other in your preparations!  Let the fun begin!

PLEASE NOTE: The Remembering Lemuria Retreat is only open to those who have completed (including all outstanding payments) the Remembering Lemuria experience, the first level of the Lemurian School of Remembering.  If you are just beginning your journey of remembering please visit the Remembering Lemuria page to sign up, so that you can be eligible for our next retreat!

I cannot wait to see you in person!

It is literally a dream come true to offer this experience to you!  I am so giddy with excitement as I type these words!!  Our coming together is SO much bigger than any of us can imagine.  Our hearts  – and this land – have been waiting for this to happen for LIFETIMES.  Just as I encourage you, I am also holding my expectations lightly.  I don’t want my mind to get in the way of all of the magic that is in store.  What I can say for sure, is that every cell of my being is a FULL YES to co-creating this epic experience with YOU!

See you soon!

Endless love,