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Welcome to the Lemurian Portal!  Here you will find many things from the students of the Lemurian School of Remembering that were inspired by and created from their experiences in the Lemurian courses.  Their sacred offerings include many things to guide you on your journey: essences, oils, cards, courses, and sooo much more! I’m so grateful to be able to share their creations with you.

These are beautiful creations that came forward from these experiences, and because they are not mass market or professionally produced, they might not have the consistency that we expect to like the other kind of products, so the items that you see below may or may not be still available, but we still celebrate and want to showcase them here!

I hope you love them too!

Endless starlight blessings,

PS, if you are a student of the Lemurian school and you would like to submit an offering to be considered as part of the Lemurian Portal, please send us an email here.

Essences, Elixirs, Potions, Oils

Lemuria ~ MtQBwY Potion

Created by: Brooke Rosenblum

The LEMURIA MtQBwY Potion was crafted to enhance our abilities which allow us to more fluidly receive symbols, dreams, and signs pointing towards the mystical lost lands of the sea. (Divinely crafted under the last Pisces full moon in Virgo!)…Read More Here

Sirius Intentional Oil

Created by: Alexandra Bogoslowsky

An intentional oil to connect to Sirius energy. The Sirians are a 5th density group of beings of light that connect to us to heal our throat and sacral chakras. The Sirians have been working with humanity on a spiritual level to aid in our evolution since our inception and have particularly taken an interest in our ascension today by helping heal and awaken our manifesting centers. Made with essential oils of sage, lemon, hyssop and lime, a base of coconut oil…Read More Here

Lemuria Gem Essense

Created by: Alexandra Bogoslowsky

An elixir for profound connection to Lemurian frequencies. Awaken your joy, feel back into your unique, rhythmic connection with Mama Gaia, heal your inner child, and ignite your remembrance. Blend of ocean jasper, prehnite, spirit quartz and rose quartz gem essences…Read More Here

PipEssence ‘ Lemurian Light’

Created by: Pippa Handley-Cooke

The Lemurian Light essence was created as a result of partaking in the Remembering and Rising Lemurian courses.  This is an essence that is so close to my heart as it is so pure, a reflection I believe from the land and time from where it is represented.  One of the layers of vibrations is described below as part of Lemurian Light’s story:

A beautiful white star-shaped flower called to me during the ‘Remembering Lemuria’ course with Ra’Kaiel that grows close to where I live and walk and they face looking at the sea coming in, and as it turned out they appear for a very short window in time (approx. 2 weeks), for when I went back to the spot where they grew to connect with them, they had already moved on. Yet their imprint and calling stayed with me, and I asked the Universe for their return. A year later, after returning from the elemental energy of the Swiss mountains, the flower had returned ( by the way many other white star-shaped flowers were considered along the way) – Yippee, and thANKH you 😊 (This in turn created the green light for the whole Heart and Soul range to be birthed). For the ‘Rockfoil Sexifrage’ pentagram reference, for them to grow and so close to the everchanging sea and sky, for the so delicate pink centre ( feminine links), and the dots on the leaves ( reference for us to connect with and join them up!). Eleven of these pure friends share their infusion and represent one of the layers of vibrations within PipEssence Lemurian Light.

On an astrological note this Essence was created within in the star garden on my allotment space to greet the Sun , Venus and New Moon that creates an upside down unequal triangle between the three and all being in the East direction within the Taurus constellation birthed on 03*06*2019.  This magical medicine is ready to share its vibrations with you and your energy, and support you in the everyday living and loving we share together...Read More Here

Oracle Cards & Tarot

Arcturus Speaks Light Language Oracle Cards

Created by: Alexandra (Sasha) Bogoslowsky

An oracle deck for the starseeds, lightworkers, indigo children, and awakeners of the world. Featuring channeled light language, Arcturus Speaks takes us through Atlantean and Lemurian memories, vistas from the Pleiades, instills codes of awakening from the Sirians, and so much more…Read More Here

Whispers of the Soul Oracle Cards

Created by: Katie Rose

Each card has been channelled from spirit, I’ve been more of a vessel For spirit than the ‘designer’.

I have always been drawn to nature and its pure beauty and felt that the winds carry whispers that touch our souls, bring clarity that we’ve been searching for.

These cards have been created to bring guidance for anyone and everyone.
Included is a 47 card deck with a brief description on the card, a 100 page guidebook with an indepth description, all packaged in a sturdy box with lidRead More Here


Dragons N' Antibodies

Dragons N’ Antibodies

Created by: Linh Nguyen-Ng

What if DNA is magic?

What if you can heal yourself simply by asking your blueprint?

Ambitious and focused, scientist Nathan Wu lives by proof and logic, rejecting the realm of the esoteric. But when his daughter becomes terminally ill and none of his research or experiments can save her, he is pushed to the edge.

Hopelessness propels him to the limits of reason, allowing him to see and converse with DNA-Dragons. His logical mind refutes this unbelievable possibility, but the father in him cannot discard the invitation to enter a portal that holds the key to his daughter’s cure. What is beyond the veil?

In desperation, Nathan plunges into an inconceivable quantum world of human biology that shows him what he could never prove, where diseased monsters attack him, and where his survival depends on the willing suspension of reason.

Dragons N’ Antibodies is the prequel (short story) to the upcoming novel, The Great SpiralRead More Here


Earth Tenders Academy

Created by: Amy Dempster

The Earth Tenders Academy came at first as a whisper in my ear from spirit. Since I was a child, I’ve always vibrated with the pulse of the earth but for much of my spiritual journey, I didn’t understand it or know how to work with it. As the years passed, it became clear that my purpose in this lifetime was in working with nature and the earth itself, but I didn’t know what that meant or how to go about it. When I signed up for Remembering Lemuria and began working through the material and meditations, I began having a very specific vision of a past life. I saw myself perched high on a cliff overlooking the ocean, walking barefoot along a small path that led into the forest where I had a small wooden building where I did my work. Bottles and jars lined the walls and people would come visit me for these activating essences. As I learned about Lemurian Water Alchemy and began making essences with the trees and the living water where I now live, so many memories began flooding back.

As I have continued to integrate the practices in Remembering and Rising Lemuria – working with color and sound and weather and plants, so many ancient memories have been unlocked, portals to connect with my star family have opened, and I have now remembered that my specific work is not just in working in ceremony with the Spirits of the Land, but also in sharing this information with others who are hearing the same call. And so, the Earth Tenders Academy was created to spend seven weeks working in community with the Ancestors, the nature spirits and the earth itself for our collective healing and activation. Much as we have already done in so many of our past lives.Read More Here


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