You are capable of procuring MAGIC from your very BE-ing!  You carry the Starseed of all creation within you, and wherever you walk miracles are possible.  And… it is up to you to claim it and use it. It is up to you to let your magic OUT!

As I have grown, both in my business and on my path of personal evolution, one of the things that has given me the most confidence is… Instagram.  Yes my love, it is true. This crazy social media thing that *could* be fraught with comparison and self-criticism has allowed me to discover parts of myself that may have laid dormant for who knows how long.  Through this platform I have discovered my energetic signature, found a community of similar magical-minded people, and magnetized more abundance than I have ever known. Most importantly, I have found MY VOICE.

Amongst the rattle of all of the other voices on social media, through Instagram I have been able to find an outlet for MY creative expression, my words, my images, my photo editing skills.  And this is what I want to share with you in The Energetics of Instagram class.  And let me be clear.  I do not want to create a tribe of people who have IG accounts that look like mine!  I want to give you the tools that have worked for me, and then I want you to take them and RUN!

You replicating my creativity is of no interest to me.  I want you to find YOUR voice with this platform. I want to open my phone and be ASTOUNDED by all of the MAGIC that is pouring out of your fingertips and into your feed.  You have a special brand of magic that ONLY YOU HAVE. And we need that! Your voice, your energy, your creativity. We need you to let your magic out!