Layin it down last night at the Real Talk Salon by @ritualuprising with @bodhikiki and @xoklw.

I have come SO FAR in the last 3 years!!!! Here, in this talk, when @bodhikiki asked me what was the pivotal moment when I started really letting my authentic true beauty out into the world – I answered with my TRUTH: and said, out loud, to an entire room full of women, that that pivotal moment was when I had a vision that I was A DRAGON!!!  

With a straight face!!


They were right there with me. No judgement, no eye rolling, sighing, or snickering. They say you teach what you need to learn, and for me my lessons have all been about coming out of the magic closet. Learning and teaching over and over how to hone the blade of my own authentic self expression.

LESSON: put your heart out there. As freaky, and woo-woo, and weird as it might be – put your WHOLE heart out there. Over and over again. And you WILL become a MAGNET for your tribe – finding the right people at the right time in the right place ALL THE TIME.

Gahhhhhh!!!! I  am overflowing with gratitude for all the lessons that last night taught me. I feel refreshed and recharged, ready to make some big steps forward in my business and in my life. LOOK OUT WORLD, GALAXY, AND BEYOND!! (Photo: @larkinyogatv)