An 8-week journey to help you understand & apply the system of Human Design in practical & easy ways.


  • You will learn (remember really) how to make decisions as yourself, according to the mechanics of your own Inner Authority, and what this looks & feels like as a practical day-to-day experience.
  • You will learn how to recognize the different energy centers in action, whether they are defined or undefined in your chart, and how to watch out for the Not-Self voice of your Mind trying to lure you into abandoning your Inner Authority.
  • You will learn how the channels & circuitry in your Design can show your gifts on a practical level, and give you logical examples of how you are meant to be of service in the world.


All in a fun & playful way, because it’s me after all. 🙂

  • Have you pulled your chart to find out you’re a Generator/Mani Gen/Projector/Manifestor/Reflector, but you don’t really know what that means or what to do with that information?
  • Have you seen a lot of posts on social media about Human Design that resonate with you, but the minute you try to learn more on your own, your eyes cross and you feel like you’re trying to decipher hieroglyphics?😉
  • Have you had a Human Design reading (maybe even a few), but you’re still feeling lost about what all of this stuff really means for you in a practical way?
  • Have you been studying Human Design for a few years from books & apps, but it’s still not really clicking?
  • Are you finally ready to dive deep and receive cellular knowledge from a real person living their Design?


  • Do you love following different Human Design accounts on social media, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to actually apply any of the things that you know?
  • Are you new to Human Design, and you want to start with a good foundation taught as a Live class, instead of trying to figure it out on your own from books and social media?
  • Are you familiar with your Astrology chart, and curious as to how it translates to the system of Human Design?
  • Do you hear people talking about their correct Environment, or how to eat according to their Human Design, and you’re eager to learn more about yourself?

If you’re on this page, you likely already know what Human Design is, and you’re probably curious to learn more, so I’m not here to convince you of the value of Human Design (with an Undefined Ego, I have nothing to prove anyway 🤍).

For me, this page is a love letter to the system that has changed my life more than anything else, and an invitation for it to change your life too.

In all my years as an Acupuncturist helping people overcome extreme fatigue or emotionally-based illnesses, as a Spiritual Business Mentor helping people work on their abundance mindset, or as a Lemurian Priestess helping people to remember their past lives, or regulate their nervous systems through Sound Healing – N E V E R – have I seen such profound & lasting results as I have through the system of Human Design.

“The moment that you live according to your Strategy & Authority, you are aligning your life for the first time to what is your true movement and direction.  This is the beginning of the process.  As you move, this alignment begins to open up all kinds of new horizons. The first thing it does is eliminate resistance.  At the simplest level, by being able to make decisions as yourself, you immediately begin to remove certain fundamental burdens from the life.”

– Ra Uru Hu (5/1 Manifestor, Messanger & Founder of the Human Design system)

When many people first come to Human Design, they often see it as a heady, intellectual, and frankly complicated system.  And while there is some truth in that, I also love to remind people that at its core Human Design is here to reorient us to our bodies.

When this system first came through, it was not called “Human Design” – it was called “A Design of Forms” – the Form being the physical body.  This is where you find your Authority.

There’s all this emphasis on embodiment these days. You can do all the dance, yoga, breathwork, or somatic therapy, but if you’re still making decisions with your mind, you’re body is never really going to trust you.

Human Design helps you to love yourself, as yourself, to be who you are, not who you’ve been conditioned to think you should be.

And in my personal experience, it’s been such a relief.  Such a relief to finally put down the mask and stop trying to pretend to be someone I’m not.  To love myself for who I am – to build my business to support my Uniqueness, has made all the difference.

I can honestly say that Human Design saved me from a life of exhaustion & bitterness, and helped me remember who I am.  It changed my life completely, and that is the invitation & offer to you.


“To live as yourself is to love yourself, to open that love for everyone and everything that is part of your life. It’s no longer rooted in your dependencies, your inferiority, your inadequacies. All of those things no longer exist. You see, to be correct is to appreciate your own magic, your own beauty. So I continue to remind you, Love yourself.” – Ra Uru Hu




As a 5/2 Emotional Projector with the channels of Structuring & Synthesis, I have a hypersensitivity to what would be most supportive for you during our classes, and have an uncanny ability to structure & explain the information in a way that is easy to understand.

With my Receptive mind, I am a vast storehouse of information that is completely available to you during our classes.  And with my Individual Circuitry, when I explain things to you, it’s not only information that you receive but a deeply empowering, mutative, cellular transmission that can catalyze insights & revelations that continue for months, even years after our time together.

I first learned how to sit with people who were navigating challenging moments in their lives as a Licensed Acupuncturist in my practice in San Francisco from 2012-2015.  

I first began studying Astrology in 1998, then began diving deeper in 2013 with intensive study & incredible mentorship before I started teaching & offering sessions professionally in 2017.  I first began contemplating the Gene Keys in 2012, after having a daily practice of consulting the I Ching starting in 2005, and I’ve been studying Human Design since 2019, and deep in my experiment since 2022.

Even with Astrology being my first “mystical language” and my background as an Acupuncturist, I have seen more profound results utilizing the system of Human Design in my own life & the lives of my clients.  Human Design grounds the sometimes “heady” archetypal & contemplative language of Astrology & the Gene Keys, and gives us practical ways to allow our bodies to guide us, instead of our minds.

Human Design feels like the missing link I have been searching for, and I am so excited for the transformation that awaits you.

Empowering & supporting your Uniqueness with love,



This is an 8-week journey, begining on July 17th.  Our class times are set to start at 9am HST*
(please confirm your corresponding time zone here).

*Please note that while we are reserving these specific times for the classes, I may make schedule changes according to my Emotional Authority which could push the schedule back. 


During our time together we will cover:


  • The origin story of Human Design and Ra’s mystical experience with “The Voice.”
  • Approaching Human Design through the lens of Astrology.
  • Where does the Body Graph chart come from?
  • The Rave Mandala – Hexagrams, Astrology Signs, Gates, Energy Centers oh my!
  • So you’re a Generator/Projector/Manifestor/Reflector – but what does that mean exactly?
  • Aura Mechanics for all the Types.
  • Strategy & Authority – how you make decisions as your True Self.
  • All about the Energy Centers – what does it mean if they are defined or undefined?  How to recognize your Not Self trying to run your life.
  • Channels & Circuitry – using Keynotes to build your (self) recognition of your gifts.
  • Hexagram structure & The 12 Profiles (2/4, 3/5, 5/1, etc)
  • Variables: How to nourish your body, Your ideal environment, Your correct Perspective & Motivation (I know this is technically Advanced HD, but so many people are talking about it, and I know you’ll have questions).
  • Woven throughout will be an emphasis on using Source based correct HD language and Keynoting.


  • An 8-week journey to help you understand & apply the system of Human Design in practical & easy ways.
  • Eight 2-3 hour LIVE classes with time for questions/sharing.
    • Classes begin on Wednesday, July 17th at 9 am HST (Please note, classes may begin after the stated time or may be rescheduled, according to my Emotional Authority).
    • Recordings will be posted in our member area less than 24h after each class.
  • An online member area where you can access the material & ask questions.
  • Recommended resources, books, websites & apps to support you on our journey.
  • Forever access to the material.






“The moment that you trust in your Authority, you begin to see that you’re perfectly equipped to live your life.  It’s when you find this true security, and it doesn’t come from anyone else, it’s you…it’s just about being you.” – Ra Uru Hu



Would you like support in navigating & understanding the system of Human Design so that you can make decisions as yourself and live according to your unique Design?

You are most cordially invited…


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Refund Policy: Please make the decision to enroll according to your Authority. If you follow your Authority to make this decision you should not need a refund. That said, if after 1 week from the exact date and time of our first Live class on 7/17/24 if you don’t feel like this is for you, you have until 8am Hawaii time on 7/24/24 to request a refund by sending us an email. After 8am on 7/24/24, no refunds will be offered.

My Journey with Human Design

If you want Human Design to really work for you, you have to be willing to go beyond the “Tourist level.”

When I first learned about Human Design from my mom back in 2012, she told me I was a “Projector” which meant I had to wait to be invited to do everything – I was a hard NO.  I told her, “I receive my invitations from the Universe!” and went on my merry way.

Years later, I went to Burning Man with Erin Claire Jones, and that was around the time that she was getting into Human Design.  In the coming years, I watched her business grow and started to become a little more curious about this whole Human Design thing.  Finally, I had my first reading with Erin in 2019, and I resonated with the way she explained “The Invitation” and that it was actually a safety mechanism for us as Projectors because we can see so much when it comes to others.  So I started to dig deeper. I had Erin do a group reading for everyone on my team & how we all function together, at my retreat I assigned cabins according to everyone’s Human Design, and had all of my friends & family’s profiles on my phone.

I even had a few other readings with other people, but I still didn’t really get it.  I knew I was a Projector, and I kind of knew how that worked – but I had no idea why I was a Projector, where that came from, and how it made me different.

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to figure everything out on my own through books & apps, and took the time to invest in a Live Course on Human Design with Amy Lea (specifically for Projectors), that everything FINALLY started to make sense!

Since then, I’ve gone deeper and deeper.  I stopped studying “Pop Human Design” and started studying Source Material (material directly from Ra).  I took more Live classes from other people who were Source Based Human Design educators and actively living their Designs.  I  decided to hardline my Strategy & Authority, and started making radical changes in all areas of my life to live according to my Design.  It has been more difficult than I ever could have imagined, but also I’ve seen more Success & ease than I ever thought possible.  I couldn’t be more grateful. 


Q:  Are the Human Design Foundations Classes held online or in-person?
A:  These classes are held entirely online!  You can join from anywhere in the world!

Q: When is the enrollment period open?
A:  Enrollment is open now and doors will close on July 15th at 6pm HST.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A:  Yes, you can choose between a 2-month payment plan of $442 + tax or a 4-month payment plan of $243 + tax. Upon checkout, the mandatory 4.712% Hawaii sales tax will be added. See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you.

Q:  When are the classes?
A:  This is an 8-week journey, with classes starting at 9am HST on Wednesdays. Our classes begin on July 17th (please confirm your corresponding time zone here). Please note that while we are reserving these specific times for the classes, Rakai’el may make schedule changes according to her Emotional Authority, which could push the schedule back. We recommend blocking off extra weeks in your calendar at the same time to accommodate any adjustments.

Q:  I can’t make the live, will they be recorded?

A: Absolutely! ALL our classes will be recorded for your convenience. While we encourage participation, we understand if you can’t make it live.

Q:  I signed up for Human Design Foundations! How long will I have access to the information?
A:  You will have forever access to the replays.

Q:  What if I decide I don’t want to take the course after I sign up?  What is your refund policy?
A:  Please make the decision to enroll according to your Authority (Sacral, Emotional, Splenic, etc). If you follow your Authority to make this decision you should not need a refund. That said, if after 1 week from the exact date and time of our first Live class on 7/17/24 if you don’t feel like this is for you, you have until 8am Hawaii time on 7/24/24 to request a refund by sending us an email. After 8am on 7/24/24, no refunds will be offered. If you are not certain if this course is for you, please email us HERE with any questions you may have.  

Q:  I don’t understand Human Design AT ALL, can I still participate in the experience?

A:  100% YES! I’m going to explain the Human Design system in a way that even beginners can understand.

Q:  Are there any requirements for this class?
A: Yes:  You are required to obtain a written copy (physical book or Kindle) of Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu book.  You will also receive a list of additional resources inside our Member Area.  These additional resources are not required, but I may strongly recommend some over others.

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